Content Violation Reports

PornNot Porn
17th JanFilm/Caligula
Reason:Petitioning for the restoration of this page, on the grounds that Wal-Mart stocks an R-rated cut of the movie-therefore, it falls under the "higher pay grade than ours" exemption.
17th OctLiterature/Chakona Space
Reason:Apparently highly NSFW, features incest, sex slavery, and general furry horrors.
23rd FebVisualNovel/Eiyuu Senki
Reason:Requesting unlock because a BleachedUnderpants version of the game exists (at the time the page was cutlisted, it didn't). Citation: (under the releases tab) Sexually explicit CGs and references towards it are replaced with SFW event CGs. ClothingDamage toned down. US Release of the game coming this Summer.
1st OctMain/Erotic Film
Reason:What is this? An index? UsefulNotes? Should it even exist? Lots of (intentional) red links on its "works list"...
19th JanWebOriginal/Fluffy Pony
Reason:Collection of works with highly disturbing TVTropes page that were apparently banned from /mlp/ (yes, a 4chan board) for being way too creepy. May be tough to make a call on due to fragmented, DependingOnTheWriter nature of the work, but what we have on it isn't encouraging.
8th JanWebcomic/Niels
Reason:It's not sexually explicit, but you might want to take a look at this page. The tone seems kind of positive, but the comic described portrays rape, and the enslavement of an ostensibly straight black couple by the white title character for sexual purposes, as though these things are funny, sexy and cute.