Content Violation Reports

PornNot Porn
21st MayManga/Alice In Sexland
Reason:It says it's a hentai comic.
17th OctLiterature/Chakona Space
Reason:Apparently highly NSFW, features incest, sex slavery, and general furry horrors.
1st OctMain/Erotic Film
Reason:What is this? An index? UsefulNotes? Should it even exist? Lots of (intentional) red links on its "works list"...
19th JanWebOriginal/Fluffy Pony
Reason:Collection of works with highly disturbing TVTropes page that were apparently banned from /mlp/ (yes, a 4chan board) for being way too creepy. May be tough to make a call on due to fragmented, DependingOnTheWriter nature of the work, but what we have on it isn't encouraging.
2nd AugFanFic/Squad Broken
Reason:"Just going by second-hand info (including a description that was on of the cut Horrible.Fanfic pages), it seems to be about very explicit rape scenes and not much else." by Prfnoff. Sent by Septimus.
20th AugCharacters/The Rock Cocks
Reason:IDK whether or not this comic should have a works page seeing as it's severely NSFW, but Oglaf has one to, and I can see similar logic being applied. Though the images used for the character pages are inappropriate for the site and that's why this report is being sent.