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1st OctMain/Erotic Film
Reason:What is this? An index? UsefulNotes? Should it even exist? Lots of (intentional) red links on its \"works list\"...
19th JanWebOriginal/Fluffy Pony
Reason:Collection of works with highly disturbing TVTropes page that were apparently banned from /mlp/ (yes, a 4chan board) for being way too creepy. May be tough to make a call on due to fragmented, DependingOnTheWriter nature of the work, but what we have on it isn\'t encouraging.
30th DecManga/Gou Dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora
Reason:I\'m somewhat reluctant to put in the flag for this, but it reminds me way too much of Eiken to really let it slide. The whole manga (or what\'s been translated/what I\'ve read - apparently it was so risque that it went through a veritable revolving door of fanwriters, and I can see why) is about a manga character coming to life and forcing sexual situations on the milquetoast male lead, most of which are disturbingly evocative of rape. Every chapter ends with bukkake scenes. Lolicon comes up a lot, and a grown man is naked in front of someone he thinks is underaged. It IS a comedy, and satirical, and I found it very funny. It\'s also very very wrong and could skirt just past what we want on TV Tropes. Also hi it\'s been a long time P5.
12th OctFanficRecs/Team Fortress 2
Reason:There\'s several fics on this page that are probably toeing the line of porn if not outright crossing it. I\'m in the process of reading the one\'s that look iffy, but thought I\'d bring it up here in case there was a faster way of doing it. It\'s worth mentioning that nearly all the fics that look iffy were recommended by the same person, fruitstripegum). Ones I\'ve already read that might qualify are \'\'[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8339772/1/Smut_with_ba_b_bStory_b Smut With a Story]]\'\' and \'\'[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8074727/1/Two_Worlds Two Worlds]]\'\'.