Content Violation Reports

PornNot Porn
17th OctLiterature/Chakona Space
Reason:Apparently highly NSFW, features incest, sex slavery, and general furry horrors.
22nd DecFanFic/Deserving
Reason:Pretty explicitly a pornographic fic. The page quote itself certifies this.
2nd NovVisualNovel/D Nd Poisoned
Reason:Hello, So I have been playing this game for awhile now. It is in fact an HGame, but it is PornWithPlot - the two main characters are assigned to work on a project together. From what I have read, there is only one ending that has porn in it. Now, the major worry here is that the two main characters are 12-13 years old in-game, hence my concern that it could be pedo-pandering material. They both look rather young as well. I honestly love this game for the romance and plot, but I won't complain if it gets cut. I understand that it may violate the Content Policy. Thank you!
1st OctMain/Erotic Film
Reason:What is this? An index? UsefulNotes? Should it even exist? Lots of (intentional) red links on its "works list"...
19th JanWebOriginal/Fluffy Pony
Reason:Collection of works with highly disturbing TVTropes page that were apparently banned from /mlp/ (yes, a 4chan board) for being way too creepy. May be tough to make a call on due to fragmented, DependingOnTheWriter nature of the work, but what we have on it isn't encouraging.