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4th AugMain/Endless World
Reason:EndlessWorld, one of the work pages in main, says it is a BL manga and has shotacon on the trope list. Needs checking, especially with that there - TheOneWhoTropes.
27th AugMain/Ryona
Reason:It\'s a page describing what is essentially a very violent form of DIY fetish porn. I have heard that the term is sometimes used fairly broadly to encompass catfight videos and the like, but apparently the true definition literally just refers to videos of female characters dying horribly framed in a sexualised fashion, and that is what the article describes. Why is this still on the wiki?
23rd SepDarthWiki/Mythology 101 Cycle
Reason:I suppose it is impossible to judge this since it is in Darth and all that, but the page makes it sound like straight porn w/ excuse plot so IDK. I thought it ought to be looked at.
1st OctMain/Erotic Film
Reason:What is this? An index? UsefulNotes? Should it even exist? Lots of (intentional) red links on its \"works list\"...
12th OctFanficRecs/Team Fortress 2
Reason:There\'s several fics on this page that are probably toeing the line of porn if not outright crossing it. I\'m in the process of reading the one\'s that look iffy, but thought I\'d bring it up here in case there was a faster way of doing it. It\'s worth mentioning that nearly all the fics that look iffy were recommended by the same person, fruitstripegum). Ones I\'ve already read that might qualify are \'\'[[ Smut With a Story]]\'\' and \'\'[[ Two Worlds]]\'\'.
17th OctLiterature/Chakona Space
Reason:Apparently highly NSFW, features incest, sex slavery, and general furry horrors.
10th NovFanFic/Raccoon
Reason:So, this is just a snuff fan fiction. It is about Sly Cooper getting murdered. Why is it on this website? For extra fun, check out the trope list.
13th DecFanfic/Oneiroi Series
Reason:Haven\'t read it, but some of the tropes look...iffy.