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4th AugMain/Endless World
Reason:EndlessWorld, one of the work pages in main, says it is a BL manga and has shotacon on the trope list. Needs checking, especially with that there - TheOneWhoTropes.
8th AugFilm/The Lord Of The G Strings
Reason:Requesting re-review, as the unrated version is softcore porn, and censored releases of porn were cut in prior decisions. [[ Refer to 5P thread in forums for details.]]
8th AugFanFic/Travels Of The Trifecta
Reason:This is a page for a fanfic that includes one scene that involves implied rape of a 13-year old boy by an adult woman. I posted the page for this fanfic without knowing about the rule that fanfic recommendations can\'t have sexual content involving characters who are 16 or younger. I don\'t know if the work itself is explicit enough to warrant being deleted from the wiki because of that one scene, as it is rated T on but their standards may be different than here.
8th AugFanfic/Time Braid
Reason:I posted this in the P5 forum two-three months ago, and have not received any response. Therefore, I\'m posting it here, in the hopes it will be seen. I\'d like to request that the page for \"Time Braid\" by Shaper V be restored. There was a small amount of argument that took place before it\'s first removal; basically, the arguments on one side were that it was a time loop fic(ergo, \'13\' year old character is actually much older) and that physical age increasing magic(jutsu) was used to solve physical complaints(involving a scene between the main character and a 21 year old ninja). Ultimately, the physical increase in age was ignored when considering the removal of the page, which I believe resulted in an unfair verdict. To Sum Up: Remove Argument / Keep Argument 12 year old+21 year old sex / 12 year old is mentally significantly older due to the time loop 12 year old body+21 year old body sex / 12 year old is physically older due to age increasing magic. Ultimately the magic detail was ignored. Furthermore, the \'sex scenes\' are not explicit whatsoever(total of ~140 words/100000+, with no explicit language besides some mention of boobs/breasts) and not at all the focus of the fic, not tittilating, etc. Therefore, I\'d like to request the restoration of the page.
10th AugFanFic/Little Miss Mary
Reason:The fic may be SnarkBait, but that doesn\'t excuse the creepy sexual fetishism that pervades it.
14th AugVideoGame/Demonophobia
Reason:It\'s a page about a game which once had a page on Main.Demonophobia but which was cut during the initial purge in 2012. Since I didn\'t find a resolution for Demonophobia I\'ll flag straightaway. The page is also a stub, but that\'s properly a concern for the YKTTW Crash Rescue. I do not see any indication at all that it was a deliberate repost. Septimus Heap
18th AugMain/Its Always Time
Reason:From the description alone - \"Not Safe For Work is putting things very, very mildly.\" Can\'t find a decision in P5 voting tool, so hasn\'t been decided on - TheOneWhoTropes.
19th AugMain/The Manga Guide To Psychosomatic Illnesses
Reason:This isn\'t going to pass, not in present state, and I\'d like to see the other chapters. Plus, we\'re now on DSM-V, so there may be a more recent version. This was made by a paedo-panderer, and not by someone who really cared about any of the other content. If translated, or page made by a Japanese troper, it would be fine, as we\'d have other content to trope.
20th AugMain/Observe The Viewing Globe
Reason:I\'m sorry for sending lots of work your way, but this page seems to be about porn parody Fanfics of PowerRangers. The trope list seems a bit... off, and it looks like it may breach guidelines - TheOneWhoTropes