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19th JanWebOriginal/Fluffy Pony
Reason:Collection of works with highly disturbing TVTropes page that were apparently banned from /mlp/ (yes, a 4chan board) for being way too creepy. May be tough to make a call on due to fragmented, DependingOnTheWriter nature of the work, but what we have on it isn\'t encouraging.
10th FebLightNovel/Neko No Fuguri
Reason:I had googled \"Nekono Fuguri\" after having read it myself, and that was how I found that it had a TV Tropes page, which was unexpected. The text of the page is actually rather clean, but the work is definitely something unsuitable for TV Tropes. The splash of the website is upfront about the fact that it isn\'t family friendly. Several pictures in the gallery have the characters performing sexual acts, although the gallery is separate from the story. If the story wasn\'t unsuitable in its own right, the gallery could probably be ignored as part of the work, but it is a macrophilia fantasy story through and through. Although the narrative tone is light, the illustration sexualizes the 11-year-old protagonist Fuguri. (And deuteragonist Manx whose age isn\'t stated but is obviously also prepubescent) Also, in chapter 5, Fuguri\'s genitals are fondled by a monster squid. As the work admits it from the start, there isn\'t even a question whether this is family unfriendly. It would be a little sad for me to personally witness the destruction of a page, but I feel it is my responsibility as a member of this community to make sure of it.
14th FebFanFic/Torment
Reason:Extremely short depiction of a man being graphically gang raped, with no real plot to speak of. Pure porn/gorn.
3rd MarLiterature/Mills College Anime Club
Reason:This page was just cutlisted with the reason \"This just offensive LGBT fetish softcore porn with a cast consisting of only insulting stereotypes.\" While I cannot find much supporting evidence on the proposed cut reason, the \"softcore porn\" accusation seems like something for you to review. ~Septimus Heap
4th MarMain/Naomi Tani
Reason:The page seems entirely dedicated to her work in softcore bondage porn, and unless she is a huge cultural phenomenon (which seems rather unlikely given her [[ seemingly exclusive appearance in bondage-themed pink films]]), I\'m not sure if the wiki needs a page for her. Certainly, none of her filmography is linked or seems to have a page. In essence: pure porn.
14th MarMain/Yoshizilla Rhedosaurus
Reason:About half the works listed here seem to be plotless fart-fetish fanfics with titles like \'Amy Rose\'s Big Butt Farting\'. Some of this guy\'s work may be clean and tropable, but I\'m not going to be the one slogging through it all to find out what\'s site-kosher and what isn\'t.
20th MarBlog/Ask Rarixie And Twombra
Reason:Heavily NSFW and fetishistic pony blog.
27th MarWebcomic/Chugworth Academy
Reason:Several characters, including the main character, are constantly engaging in sexual hijinks, sometimes with younger boys under 18, sometimes with adults including men who look to be thirty years old or older. These girls are no older than 16. The author, David Cheung, also has drawn pornography of underage girls in the past.
28th MarMain/Koibito Play
Reason:Besides the fact this page is a stub work in Main/, it is explicitely described as an H-Manga with S&M overtones. I don\'t think it fits within the content policy.