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PornNot Porn
3rd MarLiterature/Mills College Anime Club
Reason:This page was just cutlisted with the reason \"This just offensive LGBT fetish softcore porn with a cast consisting of only insulting stereotypes.\" While I cannot find much supporting evidence on the proposed cut reason, the \"softcore porn\" accusation seems like something for you to review. ~Septimus Heap
27th MarWebcomic/Chugworth Academy
Reason:Several characters, including the main character, are constantly engaging in sexual hijinks, sometimes with younger boys under 18, sometimes with adults including men who look to be thirty years old or older. These girls are no older than 16. The author, David Cheung, also has drawn pornography of underage girls in the past.
28th MarMain/Koibito Play
Reason:Besides the fact this page is a stub work in Main/, it is explicitely described as an H-Manga with S&M overtones. I don\'t think it fits within the content policy.