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PornNot Porn
27th AugMain/Ryona
Reason:It's a page describing what is essentially a very violent form of DIY fetish porn. I have heard that the term is sometimes used fairly broadly to encompass catfight videos and the like, but apparently the true definition literally just refers to videos of female characters dying horribly framed in a sexualised fashion, and that is what the article describes. Why is this still on the wiki?
13th DecFanfic/Oneiroi Series
Reason:Haven't read it, but some of the tropes look...iffy.
8th JanManga/Acid Town
Reason:Will PROBABLY pass, but the ambiguous ages in the pic and the reference to shotacon means it gets a report and closer look. Seems okay in regard to having a plot, needs to be checked for pedo-pandering.
8th JanManga/Awkward Silence
Reason:Protagonists are high schoolers and drawn "chibi" style. This one depends on how graphic the sex is and what the intended audience is (is it adults, or older teens? If it's adults it probably needs to be removed. If it's aimed at older teen fangirls in Japan, it can probably stay.)
8th JanManga/Breakfast Club
Reason:Set in a boys' dorm at a high school and features a teacher-student romance, and seems to be aimed at older adult women. Nuke from orbit.
8th JanManga/The Carp On The Chopping Block Jumps Twice
Reason:Possibly PornWithoutPlot. Everyone of age, but needs a review to see if it has a plot other than the sex.
8th JanManga/Fish In The Trap
Reason:Screencaps in Google search show that it involves highschoolers having sex, while its genre is aimed at adult women, not other high schoolers. Probably pedo-pandering.
8th JanManga/Hybrid Child
Reason:There's pics of at least one adult having sex with the Hybrid Child on Google Images for it. NUKE FROM FUCKING ORBIT.
8th JanManga/Haru Wo Daiteita
Reason:It's about porn stars, and they have sex and lots of it, but there is a plot and it's basically Slice of Life in the gay porn industry in Japan. I don't know if the "characters are porn stars dealing with the AV industry" pushes it over the edge into P5 banning or not. IMO, it's Porn with Plot about porn, so... reported so we can all discuss whether its plot allows it to stay, or that the whole thing is about porn means it goes.
9th JanLiterature/The Baby Jesus Butt Plug
Reason:First of all, haven't actually read it, so I don't know how explicit it is. Second, it's BizarroFiction. But I thought that a work which had babies used for anal sex might (and it's said to be common in the setting) might need a check just to be sure? I apologize in advance for any unnecessary work, sanity damage or liver damage the evaluation may cause.
18th JanFanFic/Your Human And You
Reason:The story itself involves, mentions repeatedly, and portrays on several occasions what is essentially pseudo-bestiality between sapient ponies and feral humans (who at best display the intelligence of a young child, but more often act about as intelligent as any other animal). Moreover, this is not portrayed negatively by the narrative. The author has been made well aware of the implications, and has disregarded them. While the protagonist himself is intelligent enough to provide consent, somehow I doubt a bestiality fic is what TVT wants to be promoting...
26th MarJustForFun/Bambi Goes Crazy Ape Bonkers With His Drill And Sex
Reason:I get that it's a JustForFun joke, but it seems kind of sketchy given the content policy. If the imaginary work would violate said policy, it needs a cut.
29th MarFanfic/This Boy Belongs To Us
Reason:Putting this up for 5P review, given the claims that it's a plotless torture porn fic; more context in the The Place thread. ~Septimus Heap
10th AprVisualNovel/Baldr Sky
Reason:There's a petition to restore this novel's page, brought up in the P5 thread -
30th AprFanficRecs/Yu Gi Oh
Reason:A fellow named Waitingforthebus says that is nothing but 15 chapters of literal torture and occasional rape. [SeptimusHeap]