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4th AugMain/Endless World
Reason:EndlessWorld, one of the work pages in main, says it is a BL manga and has shotacon on the trope list. Needs checking, especially with that there - TheOneWhoTropes.
8th AugFanFic/Travels Of The Trifecta
Reason:This is a page for a fanfic that includes one scene that involves implied rape of a 13-year old boy by an adult woman. I posted the page for this fanfic without knowing about the rule that fanfic recommendations can\'t have sexual content involving characters who are 16 or younger. I don\'t know if the work itself is explicit enough to warrant being deleted from the wiki because of that one scene, as it is rated T on but their standards may be different than here.
19th AugMain/The Manga Guide To Psychosomatic Illnesses
Reason:This isn\'t going to pass, not in present state, and I\'d like to see the other chapters. Plus, we\'re now on DSM-V, so there may be a more recent version. This was made by a paedo-panderer, and not by someone who really cared about any of the other content. If translated, or page made by a Japanese troper, it would be fine, as we\'d have other content to trope.
27th AugMain/Ryona
Reason:It\'s a page describing what is essentially a very violent form of DIY fetish porn. I have heard that the term is sometimes used fairly broadly to encompass catfight videos and the like, but apparently the true definition literally just refers to videos of female characters dying horribly framed in a sexualised fashion, and that is what the article describes. Why is this still on the wiki?