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* HeartwarmingMoments: The part where Alvin goes to Tenskwa-Tawa and asks him to lift the curse over his kin, which Tenskwa-Tawa placed after they brutally massacred unarmed Red men, women and children (they were manipulated into doing it, but they also knew damn well that they were firing on non-combatants). Tenskwa-Tawa tells Alvin that he foresaw Alvin's coming, so that for the past several days he's been asking his people, both the living and the dead, if they were ready to forgive Alvin's kinsmen. As he tells the story of how he went to each and every one of them, he repeatedly stresses that if so much as a single one of them had said "no," he would not have lifted the curse. And then he gently tells Alvin that the curse is lifted.
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