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25th Jun '17 4:31:02 PM Scraggle
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* MarySue: Ben Raines is beloved by everyone except his enemies, he's a chick magnet, he's a super-soldier in his late middle ages...Mary Sue.
** The Rebels as a whole are an example of a Mary Sue organization. They suffer TWO MAJOR LOSSES in the first 39 volumes. In a 40 volume series
** Actually, the series is 34 volumes long; 35 if you count From The Ashes: America Reborn, which is essentially a summary of the first 24 books along with a fictionalized interview between Ben Raines and a young reporter named WWJ -- who, of course, admires every single thing Ben Raines and the SUSA have ever done and who ends up deciding to move there by the end of the book.
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