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[[MemeticMutation/StarWarsRebels Memetic Mutation]]\\

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* MemeticMutation:
** From the moment it was announced that Creator/GregWeisman was involved in the series, it was treated as [[ScrewedByTheNetwork a preemptive cancellation notice]], due to the tendency [[WesternAnimation/{{WITCH}} for]] [[WesternAnimation/TheSpectacularSpiderMan his]] [[WesternAnimation/YoungJustice shows]] to last only two seasons (and in the case of ''Gargoyles'', Greg is enforcing CanonDiscontinuity on everything post-Season 2). As it turned out, he left the production team after they finished work on Season 1, and then the meme became that Greg left the team to keep the "Weisman Curse" from catching up to the show after the second season.
*** Became a bit of a FunnyAneurysmMoment for those who read ''Kanan'': the series was originally planned as a five issue limited series, but after the success of "Spark of Rebellion" it was given an extended run... only to be cancelled after the conclusion of its ''second'' {{story arc}}.
** Kallus's sideburns are a constant fountain of jokes, ranging from them being the [[MemeticBadass most]] [[BadassBeard badass]] thing in the entire series, to them getting an entire series of spin-off ''movies''.
--->'''TFN Forum Comment:''' Episode 1: The Sideburn Menace, Episode 2: Attack of the Sideburns, Episode 3: Revenge of the Sideburns, Episode 4: A New Sideburn, Episode 5: The Sideburns Strike Back, Episode 6: Return of the Sideburns, Episode 7: The Sideburns Awaken.
*** And now we can add Episode 8: The Last Sideburn.
*** The crew behind ''Rebels'' is behind it [[https://twitter.com/stevenmelching/status/754859220936241152 too.]] ''Absolutely Everything You Need To Know'' even has an info box that acknowledges his muttonchops.
*** Some fans even worried that Season 3 would have him either grow them into an actual beard or cut them for whatever reason, due to worrying if the news that the main characters would get updated looks would also apply to Kallus. Luckily, he still has the same appearance from Season 2.
*** ...and now, as of the Season 3 finale, it comes with a lock of hair. Scoll down this entry for more information.
** When a preview for "Fire Across the Galaxy" appeared showing the Grand Inquisitor getting [[FoeYay awfully and creepily close to Kanan's face]] had edits making its way through Twitter, from [[WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants Patrick liking Kanan like how he did in "Smoking Peanuts"]], an Film/{{Alien}}, to just having a tongue edited to lick all over Kanan's face.
** The amount of [[spoiler:eye-]]jokes after Kanan gets [[spoiler:blinded]] was inevitable.
--->[[spoiler:"Kanan didn't ''see'' that coming."]]\\
[[spoiler:"Is he a [[VideoGame/JediKnightDarkForcesII Miraluka]] now?"]]\\
[[spoiler:"Ezra is sure getting dark in these. Kanan needs to keep a better eye on him."]]
*** And of course, it happens in-universe, where Hondo accidentally drops some [[spoiler:eye]] jokes that are treated as DudeNotFunny by the others and just annoys Kanan even further. Though it's worth noting they only get mad when Hondo realizes he just dropped an [[spoiler:eye]] joke, since they're everyday phrases and either Hondo's over-sensitivity was just [[NotHelpingYourCase making it seem like the contrary]] or Hondo was [[{{Troll}} screwing with him]].
** A joke that Thrawn has a tic for overanalyzing simple things is gaining some tract.
** Similarly, Kalani's variation on NeverTellMeTheOdds ('X has Y'd, as they do n% of the time.') is a bit of a joke.
** The ending to the midseason trailer for Season 3 showing a scene from "Twin Suns" with [[spoiler:Obi-Wan at a campfire and being confronted by Maul]] quickly got into jokes about how they're instead just going to roast hot-dogs and marshmallows over the fire before the latter gets into a petty reason to fight the former, or literally just hang out by the campfire and nothing more.
** As of Season 3, you will occasionally find a user on /r/starwarsrebels that will call an obviously important episode or moment as '{{filler}}' in what hopefully is [[SarcasmMode sarcasm]], in response to the numerous complaints throughout the Internet that the show is chalk full of [[YouKeepUsingThatWord 'filler']].
** "Kallus Simulator 2017"/"Kallus's VR Experience", 'Kallus has a [=GoPro=]', and so forth for Rebels Recon's preview for the intro of "Through Imperial Eyes", which basically shows Kallus waking up and rinsing his face after being informed of an attack on his ship. The [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight manner]] in which he doesn't react to the situation and remains quiet for the entire sequence is reminiscent of how gamers tend to play [[HeroicMime silent protagonists]] that digress from the situation by doing mundane things that are irrelevant to it.
** "Those aren't pens?!"[[labelnote:Explanation]]"Through Imperial Eyes" answered the age-old question of what the code cylinders in the shirt pockets of Imperial officers are, often jokingly referred to as pens; they're like keycards, and are used if an astromech isn't available to plug in and unlock something for you.[[/labelnote]]
** David Oyelowo's vocal range as Agent Kallus whenever Kallus has a NotSoStoic moment like in "The Honorable Ones" and "Through Imperial Eyes", due to the agent being a BadassBaritone and being one of the last people you'd expect to suffer from InopportuneVoiceCracking (and this is not out of malice, just poking fun at the agent's surprising ability to [[NotSoAboveItAll not be stoic]]).
** The Imperial specialists in "Double Agent Droid", due to apparently being like the IT department/security in work places and wearing the rarely seen NerdGlasses in ''Star Wars'', are noted as having resemblance to [[VideoGame/HalfLife Gordon Freeman]], being Apple Store employees, and so forth.
** "KENOBIIIAUGHAUGHAGHHAGH", for Maul crying out Obi-Wan's name in "Twin Suns".
** Kallus's single lock of hair from when his hair got tussled after getting beat up by Thrawn and his Death Troopers in "Zero Hour", similar to Obi-Wan in the last Mandalorian arc released from ''The Clone Wars''. It also ended up being a source of {{Fanservice}} towards his fans, and this was [[MemeAcknowledgment acknowledged]] by Filoni and the crew at Lucasfilm (and at least ''some'' of the staff [[OneOfUs thought it was attractive too]]).
*** Likewise, Kallus's smirk as the door closes before his [[OffscreenMomentOfAwesome offscreen]] ElevatorActionSequence in the same episode, which ''also'' made some fans [[{{Fanservice}} happy]].
** [[WordOfGod Filoni]] revealing Kallus's first name is [[spoiler:[[TomTheDarkLord Alexander, or "Alex"]] for short]] immediately became a source of laughs out of both HolyShitQuotient and NarmCharm. Tracy Cannobeo later clarifying that the spelling is [[spoiler:Alexsandr]] immediately prompted jokes about calling him [[GenderBlenderName "Sasha"]][[note]]The Russian nickname for [[spoiler:Aleksandr]]'s and variants, derived from the "-ksa"/"-xsa" sound produced.[[/note]], how Anakin hates [[{{Pun}} sand]], Theatre/{{Hamilton}} jokes, and that Kallus has a name shared by many a ''Star Wars'' fan.
** "VideoGame/{{Metal Gear}} Duchess"/A weapon to surpass The Death Star [[labelnote:Explanation]]The modified AT-ST for using Sabine's weapon looks like a cross between Gekko and Metal Gear Rex.[[/labelnote]]

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[[HolyShitQuotient/StarWarsRebels Holy Shit Quotient]]\\

* HolyShitQuotient:
** With the release of the final Season 2 trailer, we see [[VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublicIITheSithLords a Sith holocron and temple]], another Inquisitor, the return of Vader, Anakin in a Force vision and holorecording, Yoda showing up in person to some extent, the Empire discovering the Lothal Jedi Temple, at least a couple of Lasats, [[WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars Cham Syndulla and another Twi'lek suspected to be Numa]], Zeb and Kallus interaction, [[Film/TheForceAwakens a green crossguard lightsaber]], [[WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars Jedi Temple Guards]], Ahsoka vs. Vader, and [[spoiler:Darth Maul]] returning and teaching Ezra.
** "Twilight of the Apprentice" has [[spoiler:the return of Maul, who gives the Seventh Sister a [[HalfTheManHeUsedToBe brutal death]] and the Fifth Brother an impaling, as well as managing to corrupt Ezra enough that the boy can open a Sith holocron by ''himself'', '''and''' ''[[EyeScream blinding Kanan]]''. And not only that, but we finally get the fight we've all been waiting nearly a decade for; Ahsoka vs. Vader. In the end, it's ambiguous as to whether or not Ahsoka died or once again embarked on a road not taken, but this is the end of her story.]]
** The Season 3 trailer from Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016, full stop. We get to see [[spoiler:the promise of [[DefectorFromDecadence Imperial defectors to the Rebellion]], including ''Wedge Antilles'']] with the help of a new Fulcrum, the [[TheGhost first onscreen appearance]] of Governor Pryce, the crew of the ''Ghost'' working with Azmorigan and ''[[EnsembleDarkhorse Hondo Ohnaka]]'', Mandalorians on both sides of the conflict, a creature called the [[MythologyGag Bendu]] voiced by none other than Creator/TomBaker, more Cham Syndulla, Darth Maul training Ezra in the dark side, Nightsister Magik somehow possessing Kanan and using him to fight Maul, Rex, Kanan and Ezra taking on an army of battle droids, Sabine getting a jetpack and the ''flipping'' '''[[ImpossiblyCoolWeapon Darksaber]]''', [[VideoGame/DarkForces Dark Trooper]] droids, what appears to be the ''[[Literature/ShadowsOfTheEmpire Outrider]]'', [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Ezra's new haircut]]... and '''[[MagnificentBastard GRAND.]] [[CanonImmigrant ADMIRAL.]] [[Literature/TheThrawnTrilogy THRAWN.]]'''
*** The second Rebel Beat commercial reveals that [[spoiler:both ''Ezra and Sabine'' get possessed by the Nightsister Magik, and Ezra finds that the Darksaber was ''kept'' by someone (who may just be using it as some decoration or to pay respects to rather than actually use it) rather than simply lost at some point]]. And we already know from another teaser that [[spoiler:Maul gets possessed as well]].
** The midseason trailer for Season 3:
*** [[{{Foreshadowing}} As mentioned in the]] [[AllThereInTheManual Visual Guide]] for ''Film/RogueOne'', Mothma and Saw appear as the former has become a public enemy number 1 due to publicly calling out Palpatine (but on the bright side, this means she has more time to focus on personally helping the Rebellion become the Rebel Alliance) and the latter conducting an investigation on Geonosis about the Death Star (and will inevitably be poisoned).
*** Thrawn [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking being surprisingly good at combat]] against [[EliteMooks the Dark Troopers]] from "The Wynkahthu Job", going to Geonosis backed by Death Troopers, as well as implicitly saying he is going after Mothma and the growing Rebel fleet (and he's '''already found Atollon'''... but for some reason, the base is protected by possibly the Bendu's powers); the rebels are too late to stop the production of TIE Defenders.
*** We return to Lothal, where it seems we're going to get more CharacterDevelopment from Kallus as time gets closer to his cover being blown, as well as him going to [[TheBusCameBack Ezra's tower]] seemingly alone for an unknown reason.
*** Zeb (who is finally using his bo-rifle in staff mode again), Chopper, and AP teaming up to fight the Warhead; a possible Yularen appearance; the return of Wedge; Sabine gaining more devices and becoming more skilled (with the help of Kanan and Rau) so that she can rally her people with the Darksaber, eventually gaining the support of a splinter group possibly led by her mother, as well as somehow ''losing'' the Darksaber to Saxon but taking up Kanan's saber to fight him, and of course, Ezra and Chopper journeying to Tatooine, where '''Maul and Obi-Wan finally face off'''.
** The last scene of "Twin Suns": [[spoiler:Obi-Wan watching the Lars homestead from a distance, and Beru is heard calling for Luke -- and then we see him, from a distance, running home. It's not an action scene, but with who's in it and where it takes place, it most definitely qualifies.]]
** "Zero Hour". [[spoiler:Sato, Konstantine, and the ''Phoenix Home/Nest'' die; Kallus and Thrawn engage in single combat, and the former loses and is tortured by him and Death Troopers as well as [[NiceJobBreakingItHero his cover as Fulcrum leading to the campaign on Chopper Base]]; the Bendu turns against Kanan and the rebels, flies into the sky and controls a ''thunderstorm'' that creams Thrawn's forces, is ''shot down'' by Thrawn, and foretells the grand admiral's defeat before vanishing. [[SequelHook Oh, and Clan Wren is in the middle of a Mandalorian civil war, and the survivors of Chopper Base are now joining up with the rebels at Yavin]].]]
*** By the way, the Season 4 teaser in Rebels Recon showed [[spoiler:the helmets of Clan Wren, a Nite Owl, and a Protector, lying around like it's a makeshift graveyard or a pile of skulls in a post-apocalyptic wasteland]]. What fun.
** The revelations at Star Wars Celebration 2017 that [[spoiler: Warwick Davis is voicing Rukh, Thrawn's bodyguard (and later his assassin) from Franchise/StarWarsLegends. Soon followed by Filoni breaking the news that the fourth season will be the last. And ''then'' the trailer, with Hera's narration hinting at an ominous end to the Rebels' story, Ezra riding a huge wolf with an unconscious Sabine, the new base on Yavin 4, explosions, [[ShipTease Hera and Kanan looking as if they're about to kiss,]] Saw Gerrera, Bo Katan, Hera entering hyperspace ''through an Imperial hangar bay,'' [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Kallus' new look,]] epic battles, Hera in X-Wing gear, Bo Katan ''wielding the Darksaber,'' and the implication from Kanan's narration that he and Ezra might not survive.]]
*** The September trailer showed [[spoiler:Lothal taking a toll from the Empire's environmental abuse and being further ravaged by the battle between the Alliance & the Empire there (with a shot of the ''Ghost'' crew watching what appears to be missiles falling towards Capital City), Hera leading X-Wings against the Lothal blockade and [[GoodOldFisticuffs personally fighting Rukh]], growing tensions between Saw and Mothma, members of Clan Wren being ''disintegrated'' by what is likely Sabine's superweapon on a [[BossMook chicken walker]], Bo-Katan and her Nite Owls turning against Sabine and co. due to losing faith, numerous Mandalorian clans (including one that bears a similar palette to Boba's own armor) bowing to Bo-Katan wielding the Darksaber, Tarkin telling Thrawn that his TIE Defender project is at odds against [[Film/RogueOne Krennic's "Stardust" project]], the return of the [[ChekhovsGunman white lothcat]] atop the white lothwolf and a CerebusRetcon of the eeny-meeny-miney-mo poem from Season 1, Ezra meeting a pack of lothwolves and [[InnocuouslyImportantEpisode his eyes looking like hyperspace like they did with the purrgil]], [[WillTheyOrWontThey Kanan and Hera finally coming to terms about their relationship]], and Ezra [[CallBack calling back]] to what Yoda said about how they choose to fight; [[WhamLine maybe they're choosing the wrong way.]]]]
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[[EnsembleDarkhorse/StarWarsRebels Ensemble Darkhorse]]\\

* EnsembleDarkhorse:
** Kitwarr, the Wookiee child Ezra saves in the pilot.
** Zare Leonis, the ReverseMole Stormtrooper-in-training.
** Baron Valen Rudor, likely for being a {{Mook|s}} with personality and being a ButtMonkey. In fact, he's one of the first characters introduced, having been a main character in the Ezra's promotional short, "Property of Ezra Bridger".
** Lando Calrissian is fairly popular for being a smooth ConMan and being voiced by his original actor, Billy Dee Williams. Part of his popularity stems from his absence from ''Film/TheForceAwakens'' and the fact that he won't be able to return until ''Film/TheLastJedi'' at the earliest, which holds fans over for the time being.
** Wilhuff Tarkin, for being a [[NoNonsenseNemesis no-nonsense villain]] and [[KnightOfCerebus serving as proof that the series could actually go into dark places]].
** Ahsoka Tano qualifies by virtue of being a fan-favorite character from ''The Clone Wars'' and returning as a supporting character in this series. Ironic, considering she began as a BaseBreakingCharacter before earning her love from the fanbase.
** Hondo Ohnaka and the Clone Troopers also retain their EnsembleDarkhorse status from the previous series.
** The Seventh Sister, for her creepy interaction with Ezra. She gets talked about far more often than her male counterpart, the Fifth Brother. As the season went on however, many found that she suffered from VillainDecay and felt that she didn't deliver as much as they expected.
** Rex and the other retired Clone Troopers. Especially since Rex ended up doing the FandomSpecificPlot of being disloyal to the Empire and teaming up with the Rebels and Ahsoka.
** Lt. Yogar Lyste got some respect when he came back in "A Princess on Lothal" as being one of the most competent Imperials shown onscreen, [[CrazyPrepared clearly wanting to do his job as well as he can]] despite any possible misgivings he has of anything, in comparison to most of the other officers that lost usually due to [[UnderestimatingBadassery ego]].
** The "Old Master" quickly gained popularity after being teased in one of the trailers. It's to be expected, considering that he's actually [[spoiler:Darth Maul]].
** The Bendu is a fan-favorite due his amazing voice acting by Creator/TomBaker and mysterious past.
** Kalani did not have this status back in ''The Clone Wars'', but seems to be building up as one by virtue of being the super tactical droid leader of a Separatist holdout, Separatist droids and holdouts having been long awaited to see in the Rebel-Imperial Era.
** Minister Tua had this status back in Season 1 (especially on Tumblr, for some reason, probably due to {{Moe}}; 4chan apparently thinks she's hot), and despite the short amount of screentime she had, her Wook page is actually considering nominating her page as a featured article and her [[Creator/KathSoucie voice actor]] was nominated for Best Female Vocal Performance in a Television Series in a Supporting Role -– Action/Drama on IMDb.
** When she was first seen in the preview for "Iron Squadron", many fell in love with Gooti's design, especially since she was the TokenNonHuman in the group. Though after the episode aired, [[TheScrappy she seems to have fallen out of favor]], though some agree her design is still great. Being a ShoutOut to Andi, the lovable host of Rebels Recon, certainly gives her brownie points as well.
** Azmorigan, apparently. Out of ''all'' the villains in ''Rebels'', '''Azmorigan''' won the best villain poll on the Star Wars website. He's become a sort of a MemeticBadass or enjoyable joke character for some, though [[SeriousBusiness for the part of the fanbase that has little tolerance for the shenanigans in the show]], however, he's one of [[TheScrappy the Scrappies]].
** Imperial Captain Brunson in "Ghost of Geonosis". Fans who mistaken her as Rae Sloane at first glance were not disappointed to learn that there was another visible Imperial woman of color given some prominence, notably the first one on-screen. Her professional rookie quirks helps.
** Fenn Rau became one in Season 3 for his Mandalorian badassery and basically being Sabine's new space-uncle.
** As of Season 3, more people have become invested in Agent Kallus' arc as [[spoiler:[[TheMole Fulcrum]] and his [[HeelFaceTurn redemption arc]]]] than they have in previous seasons, to the point that some are hoping that he survives the season to continue his arc with Zeb and dealing with other morally grey/questionable rebels/individuals like possibly the Lasat Mercenary or Saw.
*** And yes, he ''did'' survive.
** Lothwolves have been this ''long'' before the trailer reveal that they would appear in ''Rebels'', [[ChekhovsGunman ever since Ezra mentioned them in a throwaway line]]. That combined with [[AuthorAppeal Filoni's love for wolves]] and him throwing it some references about wolves in regards to Ahsoka and the MysteriousPast of Lothal further raised their appeal.
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[[BrokenBase/StarWarsRebels Broken Base]]\\

* BrokenBase:
** A lot of fans of ''VideoGame/TheForceUnleashed'' dislike that the show is overriding it from the canon, even though the creators have stated that the show won't be about the foundation of the Rebel Alliance so much as how it gained support.[[note]]The opposite happened in ''Force Unleashed'', which only showed how the original leaders of the Rebel Alliance came together under a unified banner.[[/note]] A particularly odd note, and part of the reason that fans of the game are confused, is that George Lucas was involved with the project; his involvement in anything related to ''Star Wars'' is typically treated as canonical even after the ''Legends'' decision canned most of the Expanded Universe.
** The status of the Clone Troopers and Stormtroopers in this series is cause for constant disputes among fans. There are those who are worried that after doing well building up the troopers in ''The Clone Wars'' instead of having them be mere CannonFodder, this series is simply going to diminish all of that by doing exactly that. This was lessened somewhat by Dave Filoni stating the Clones were retired from duty and the Stormtroopers seen in the show are recruits with significantly less training. But then there are also people who ''wanted'' to see how certain Clone characters would adapt to being Stormtroopers in the Imperial Regime. As former works of the Expanded Universe did feature Stormtroopers being comprised of Clones up to a certain point in Imperial history before recruits were enlisted, and though significantly lessened in number they did continue to serve alongside recruits until the time of the Original Trilogy. Thus, these people are of the mind that by explicitly stating that none of the Stormtroopers are Clones the series is throwing away too much of the Expanded Universe. Though since the Expanded Universe was rebooted by Disney, this show has priority over older lore unless the writers want to use the latter through BroadStrokes.
** A number of people dislike that the Stormtroopers seem to be more incompetent than usual, while others claim that [[ImperialStormtrooperMarksmanshipAcademy they weren't too threatening in the movies]] and that their portrayal on the show isn't too far-removed from previous works. Though it can be really hard to take when the crew is standing still, fully out in the open, and are not even grazed. [[MST3KMantra Still, an unnamed mook killing a main character rarely, if ever, happens.]]
** Ahsoka's AmbiguousSituation at the end of Season Two. [[spoiler:Some feel that by leaving her fate unresolved, but by and large as good as dead, was a disservice to the character, as well as taking it as a sign that [[LikeYouWouldReallyDoIt the writers didn't have the guts to kill her off]] due to a possible case of CreatorsPet. Others are optimistic that this now leaves her open to be used by other creators of the ''Star Wars'' canon universe, maybe in a starring role, and that maybe she will even show up again in ''Rebels'' further down the road.]]
** The Season Three trailer showed that Rebels would be taking a lot of ideas and even characters from the old EU; while many fans are ecstatic about this, there are a good number who wish that the creators would leave the EU alone, either as [[ItsTheSameSoItSucks a desire to see new things in the Star Wars canon]], or [[AnimationAgeGhetto not wanting to see a Disney-fied or "kiddy" version]] [[LighterAndSofter of their favorite]] [[TookALevelInDumbass people and things]].
** Come "Visions and Voices", [[spoiler:It's been confirmed that Obi-Wan and Darth Maul will have a rematch]]. Now, people either find this suffering from ArcFatigue, because Maul had already dealt with this issue in ''The Clone Wars'' and seemingly closed it by [[spoiler:RevengeByProxy on Satine to hurt Obi-Wan]], or are ready for the likely final showdown between the two that will happen on [[spoiler:Tatooine, WhereItAllBegan]], near the season finale.
** Complaints and detractors have claimed that the lack of communication between Lucasfilm and the fanbase is what's making the fanbase continuously upset with "filler" episodes like "Iron Squadron". This may be because of ''Rebels'' unique AnimationLeadTime; as the entire show was commissioned by Disney when it was proposed, there is no waiting time between the creation of seasons. For example, as Season 1 began to air, Season 2 was already being recorded (and thus very much past the writing process for Season 2 already). So any complaints in one season likely won't be addressed until two seasons later, meaning that problems from episodes could continue to happen for a year or two. This is likely the reason for the first half of Season 3's similar format to Season 2 with disconnected episodes, due to no feedback or reception on Season 2's episodes at the time of Season 3's writing (which would be during the airing of Season 1).
*** In addition, Hidalgo revealed on Twitter that the reason why ''Rebels'' won't be bumped up from its Y7-rating on Disney XD is out of fear of being [[ScrewedByTheNetwork screwed by ratings]], due to ''The Clone Wars'' being canned before the Disney buyout, as there was not enough viewership (who were becoming turned off from [[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids the maturity]] and [[ContinuityLockout being easy to be lost if you miss an episode or an entire arc that contributes to the entire show's plot]]) as time went on for Warner Bros. to keep greenlighting more content. This ended up further raising the question of who ''Rebels'' should really be aimed towards and [[{{Misblamed}} Disney's competence with the IP]], and if the supposed reason for why ''Rebels'' seems to be holding back is well-founded or weak and wimpy.
** Whether or not [[spoiler: Maul's death in "Twin Suns" actually works. Some fans believe it was a fitting end for the character, dying in the arms of his old foe while believing that "the Chosen One" would avenge everything that the Sith had done to him and those he loved -- and possibly what had been done to Obi-Wan, finally making some sort of peace with him. Others felt that his death was a waste and a cop out, making most of his inclusion in ''Rebels,'' or at least its' third season, pretty pointless. Still others accept that Maul dying was clearly foreshadowed and inevitable, but wish that he could have gone out with more of a bang than a duel ''that only lasted a few seconds'', especially when his final confrontation with Obi-Wan had been hyped up so much in the marketing. There are also quite a few fans who originally didn't like the battle due to its brevity, but began to appreciate it more after understanding the symbolism and FridgeBrilliance behind it.]]
** In Season 4, many long-time fans of ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars'' were outraged when [[spoiler:Sabine handed leadership of Mandalore to Bo-Katan, who declared that she would be leading Mandalore "for her sister", [[WideEyedIdealist Satine Kryze]]. While this may not be much of an issue to those who have only seen Rebels, the fact that Bo-Katan not only undermined her sister's rule through terrorism as a member of Death Watch, slandered her in public, and eventually aided the men who would eventually capture and murder Satine makes Bo-Katan's new position feel like an insult to Satine's legacy more than an honor of her memory.]]
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[[BaseBreakingCharacter/StarWarsRebels Base Breaking Character]]\\

* BaseBreakingCharacter:
** Sabine. Some like that she's a Asian graffiti-artist, Mandalorian ActionGirl [[TomboyWithAGirlyStreak who likes]] [[PinkHeroine the color pink]], while others dislike her for these exact same reasons. And of course there are those who cringe at the mere thought of a [[PinkIsFeminine Mandalorian wearing pink armor]], or, [[WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars similar to the New Mandalorians in the previous series]], contradicting anything [[Literature/StarWarsExpandedUniverse established about Mandalorian culture]]. Her voice actress has since said the character will have HiddenDepths, and so far she's wonderfully lived up to the previously established traditional Mandalorian culture, so it seems like time will tell how well the character is executed.
*** With two episodes to herself in Season 2, there have been complaints that her struggles did not invoke enough CharacterDevelopment for her in comparison to the rest of the crew. However, writers and voice actors regarding Season 3 have said that it will be more centric to Sabine (namely that Fenn Rau will return and more Mandalorians), with enough coverage that rivals Ezra in plot-importance (with implications in Season 2 that Hera is training her to be a leader). So once again, time will tell if she'll move out of this trope.
*** In Season 3, opinions on her taking up the Darksaber and a possible path to becoming leader of Mandalore, as well as the reveal that she was involved in the making of an Imperial pseudo-superweapon as a part of her DarkAndTroubledPast, were divisive. Some feel that too much is going on for her character without any major consequences in the present day, while others feel like this makes her solid and helps redeem the Mandalorian plot thread from ''The Clone Wars''. Complaints that Sabine did nothing to earn the Darksaber and may not be fit for leader (at least not yet) were actually addressed in the show, the justifications being that she's the only Mandalorian personally trained by Jedi to handle a lightsaber and that she's holding on to it so she can give it to who she believes is the best fit leader for Mandalore, though none of this completely ends the criticism. Some of her detractors were moved by "Trials of the Darksaber", particularly her catharsis scene at the end, however.
** Chopper. There are plenty of people who love his role as TheGadfly, but there are also people who think he goes too far and endangers the crew. "Out of Darkness" is a particularly bad example, as one of Chopper's pranks nearly kills Hera and Sabine. One other such example is the opening sequence of "Rise of the Old Masters", in which he [[KickTheDog playfully mocks Ezra after nearly killing him while helping Kanan train him]] (granted, Zeb was just as responsible, but he at least looked uncomfortable about the incident). Kevin Johnson of AV Club cited this scene as the reason why the episode did not receive a solid A from him.
** Kallus, starting from "The Honorable Ones", regarding his HeelRealization and setting up for a possible HeelFaceTurn [[RedemptionQuest arc]] in the future. Does he deserve one, after his actions that showed him as more of a cold-blooded fascist? And then others point out that the episode showed that Kallus is not good, but still human, as well as that the possibility of him being [[spoiler:Fulcrum II means that he isn't going against the Empire because ''one'' Rebel cell [[BecauseYouWereNiceToMe was nicer to him]], but because he sees the Empire as no better than the worst of the Rebels he has met]].
*** As of the Season 3 trailer, [[spoiler:if Kallus is Fulcrum II, then should the title of Fulcrum just be dropped, because Ahsoka is the one and only holder of the title and associating it with Kallus would ruin the IncorruptiblePurePureness of everything she's been associated with, or is it [[ChekhovsBoomerang a good use of an old plot]], used cleverly to tie in with his redemption arc and leading his story down an interesting path?]]
*** In the eve of "Through Imperial Eyes", should Kallus live to continue his CharacterDevelopment and becoming a member of the Rebellion, or die so that Thrawn's credibility as a villain can be drilled in by showing that he can change the status quo by killing off a main character? Especially because Thrawn had already shown foresight in Kallus' shift and not doing anything about it would cause severe VillainDecay, but then there's the fact that Kallus had hardly done anything since the season started besides showing signs that [[spoiler:he is Fulcrum]] and could use more coverage. However, the airing of the episode as well as pre-release images and footage of "Zero Hour" has somewhat lightened the concerns of Kallus' lack of activity, with the implication that [[spoiler:due to Kallus staying behind in the Empire to continue his operations as Fulcrum, this ends up causing problems in the finale when Thrawn attacks Chopper Base due to [[FeedTheMole using him as a tool]]]], though people are still torn about whether he should survive the season or not. In addition, the previous episode had involved the status quo changing death of [[spoiler:Saxon]] in the middle of the season, which means that ''Rebels'' isn't afraid to get rid of rather major characters that aren't Force-users.
*** A large majority of fans after watching "Zero Hour" have said that despite being very certain that [[spoiler:Kallus was going to die]], they're happy that Kallus [[spoiler:survived and is joining the Rebel Alliance]], mainly because the entire episode managed to preserve Thrawn's credibility in spite of everything in the episode including the situation with Kallus being a PyrrhicVictory for the Empire, as well as people being glad that they didn't have to deal with a [[spoiler:GutPunch from seeing Kallus meet a DownerEnding after struggling throughout the entire season to redeem himself for his actions while under immense stress]].
** As Season 3 goes on Ezra is starting to turn into this, as viewers are getting tired of his arrogance and insistence that he's right, while never really seeming to learn anything. A big factor was “The Wynkahthu Job”, where he spends much of the episode sulking, aiming snide jabs at Zeb -- [[KickTheDog particularly calling him "captain", which he knows full well Zeb doesn't like]] -- and generally acting very unprofessionally. And all this because Zeb was made the leader of a mission instead of him. He's also upset that the crew doesn't trust him because of his past reckless behavior -- and yet does nothing to remedy that by bringing them once more into contact with '''Hondo''', who has screwed them over multiple times and who they all understandably hate, while Ezra just keeps making weak excuses for his behavior. At one point Zeb gets captured and Ezra snarks that it might be the last time he's put in charge for a while, ''never mind the fact'' [[{{Hypocrite}} that Ezra's been captured three times already this season]].
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* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot:
** "Rebel Resolve" sets up Mustafar as being the planet where Jedi go to die... But in "Fire Across the Galaxy," nobody sets foot on the planet, and all of the action of the episode takes place in its orbit. As with the case of Liresan and Ryloth, the production crew likely didn't have enough money in the budget to show the planet's surface. Of course, given what ''Film/RogueOne'' shows us about what (or rather, ''who'') is on Mustafar, there are '''very''' good reasons not to go down there.
** Promotional videos for "The Siege of Lothal" showed Vader attempting to force Ezra to decapitate himself with his own [[{{Gunblade}} lightsaber]], and the blaster part of it seemed to be aimed perfectly towards Vader in the camera shot, suggesting it was to emphasize that Ezra was going to get out of it by surprising Vader by switching into blaster mode and stunning him, causing [[{{Pun}} shocking]] results. Instead, Kanan jumps back into the fight and distracts Vader like in a normal fight.
** [[LeonineContract The favor Ezra owed to Vizago at the end of Season One.]] The writers could have had Vizago ask Ezra for anything, from help smuggling something with that could be used or used by someone with heavily morally ambiguous intent to assassinating a rival (with lots of moral issues in between for Ezra). Instead, they had him use that favor to have Ezra free him from being locked in a closet after his ship was hijacked by Hondo. Hardly the best use of a favor from a Jedi.
** The ''Ghost'' and the rest of Phoenix Squadron having to escape the Empire in "Legacy" is completely ignored to focus on Kanan and Ezra getting to Lothal.
** One of the trailers for Season 2 stated that Ezra's parents had escaped from prison and followed up with Ezra telling Kanan and Hera that he has to look for them, implying that the season's conflict would be [[TheNeedsOfTheMany Ezra being torn between staying with the Rebellion or searching for his parents]]. Turns out it was a case of TrailersAlwaysLie, because the line was edited to that from the revelation of [[spoiler:their deaths in attempting to escape]], but many have agreed that what the trailer suggested would have been a better and interesting alternative.
** Similar to the Mustafar case, after the struggle of trying to get to Lirasan in "The Legends of the Lasat," we don't actually get to see Lirasan in all its glory and we are instead told by Zeb of its state. This may be somewhat [[JustifiedTrope justified]] however, given that the show has a limited budget (compared to ''[[WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars The Clone Wars]]'', which, according to WordOfGod, cost several million dollars to animate per season), the most likely reason is that the production team simply couldn't afford to animate a brand new planet that would only show up for one scene.
** [[spoiler:Darth Maul vs. Darth Vader]] was highly speculated once the former debuted in a Season 2 trailer, and Dave Filoni himself teased the idea. In the second season finale, however, [[spoiler:Maul admits he's no match for Vader alone and the two never cross blades]]. However, [[spoiler:Maul's survival might leave an opening for this idea beyond Season 3]].
*** [[spoiler:Not anymore, now that Maul is dead by Obi-Wan's blade.]]
** For those who are unaware of the ''Literature/ServantsOfTheEmpire'' books, [[HeroOfAnotherStory Zare's plotline]] from "Breaking Ranks" can come off as this. And for those who ''have'', they may find TheReveal that [[spoiler:Dhara did ''not'' become an Inquisitor, but rather was enduring torture in an attempt to turn her into one]] somewhat weak.
** The power struggle within the Inquisitorius is more touched upon out-of-universe than in-universe, and is never mentioned again after "Always Two There Are" aside from the Inquisitors' bickering for the rest of the season.
** In "The Antilles Extraction," Sabine is sent to infiltrate an Imperial Academy to help Wedge and Hobbie defect. This would've been the perfect opportunity to reveal what caused Sabine to defect or at least give us some more insight to her past, but it receives nothing more than an indirect mention that was nothing more than a throwaway line.
** Past "The Holocrons of Fate," it has been noted that little time has been devoted to exploring how Kanan's blindness affect the missions and his dynamic with the crew and thus is not really a dignified approach to disability. Other than having a few subtle gestures of an accurately vision-impaired person, Kanan virtually gets around like an able-bodied person and is even seen manning the Ghost's guns with no development to how he re-exercised this ability. Fans argued that "he got stronger in the Force" is a cheap HandWave and shortcut.
*** The dynamics of Kanan's blindness is revisited in "Ghosts of Geonosis", specifically when Kanan has to completely rely on the Force so that he can keep a falling bridge up long enough for Saw and Rex to walk across, as well as a minor TearJerker moment where Sabine uses her JetPack and has a CurbStompBattle against the Rocket Troopers, as Kanan isn't able to cheer on for her alongside the others since he doesn't know what she's doing. It's also the first time a character, Saw, outside of the ''Ghost'' crew gives subtle but visible cues of reacting accordingly to Kanan's blindness.
** "Ghosts of Geonosis" was expected to have Saw get poisoned by Geonosian insecticide, [[{{Foreshadowing}} as said]] in the Visual Guide for ''Rogue One''... [[SubvertedTrope which surprisingly doesn't happen]] or the poisoning already happened off-screen. However, FPJ later said that Saw will return, and it's entirely possible we may see him again return to Geonosis and get poisoned ''there''.
** In the same episode, Zeb does not [[WhatTheHellHero confront]] Saw about his brutality and how it affected Kallus. Entirely justified, however, because by the time they share screentime, ''everyone'' was already getting on Saw's case about his issues and they also had the situations of Klik-Klak, the investigation, escaping Geonosis, and avoiding capture by Imperials on their hands, leaving Zeb's confrontation to be inappropriate. In addition, Saw likely [[ButForMeItWasTuesday does not remember]] or was even present when Kallus's unit got executed. Ultimately, a confrontation is better suited for the Mercenary should he appear in the show.
** Fans agreed that they would've liked previous scenes that expanded on Hera teaching Ezra how to pilot in "Secret Cargo."
** Maul only shows up for three episodes in Season 3, with one episode reintroducing the Darksaber and his ties to Mandalore from back in ''The Clone Wars''. When it was revealed that Saxon was with the Empire due to being an OpportunisticBastard, people wondered what would happen, in combination with the Sabine's mother being Rook Kast theory, if Saxon, Kast, and Maul were to meet again, as well as Maul stirring up more trouble on Mandalore, which would also mean that Maul would've been enemy of not just Kanan and Ezra, also Sabine. Ended up not happening, because [[RealityEnsues Maul has moved on from Mandalore after all these years]] [[spoiler:and soon dies]], Kast [[spoiler:is not Sabine's mother and still has an unknown status in this part of the timeline]], and Saxon [[spoiler:dies soon after Sabine returns to Mandalorian Space]].
** Promotional material suggested that Hera and Thrawn would've had a rivalry, and like how Kanan's rivalry was to the Grand Inquisitor, it would've caused character growth for her. This is touched upon in "Hera's Heroes", but is left alone until "Zero Hour", when [[spoiler:Commander Sato dies]] and [[YouAreInCommandNow Hera has to take up the mantle]]. Upon seeing it happen in "Zero Hour", many are hoping that it continues into Season 4 and leads into Hera getting promoted to General as she is in ''Film/RogueOne''.
*** Similarly, the ending to "Iron Squadron" where Thrawn and Sato acknowledge each other sounded like the two had crossed paths in the past and that there would be a rivalry between them, but judging by the lack of further comments on the subject, that moment was nothing more than an exchange of greetings and no rivalry festers between them either.
** Ezra's whole CharacterArc in Season 3 wound up being rather half-baked. After 'The Holocrons of Fate', his temptation towards the Dark Side was mostly concluded, with his growing "moral ambiguity" amounting more to being bratty and stupid (as discussed above in BaseBreaker - leading to his character becoming more widely disliked rather than complex in the fandom's eyes). This was a big cause of the lukewarm reception to 'Twin Suns' - by itself, sections of the fandom agree that the episode would have been a powerful conclusion to Ezra's arc; if only there had been an ''actual arc throughout the season.''
** Thrawn says that he's plan to FeedTheMole upon discovery of a rebel spy [[spoiler:in the Imperial ranks, it being Kallus as he finds out later]]. Due to the rebels expressing mistrust towards the spy after discovering their true identity, some were hoping that Thrawn's FeedTheMole plan would've resulted in the rebels coming to trust Fulcrum during an urgent time, but are instead put in a life-threatening situation due to being given false information and assuming that Fulcrum had double-crossed them, causing the rebels to sever ties with Fulcrum and leading to a GutPunch considering what we've seen Fulcrum gone through the entire season. Instead, [[spoiler:realizing the rebels are about to attack Lothal and needing to find the location of Chopper Base immediately, he [[BluffTheEavesdropper talks to the other Imperials about doing this while Kallus is in hearing range]], [[AllAccordingToPlan causing Kallus to accidentally lead him]] to where he makes his Fulcrum transmissions, allowing Thrawn to trace the signal's path and use that information to find Chopper Base]]. Considering every time he brought up his FeedTheMole plan, [[spoiler:Kallus]] was in earshot, so it's possible that Thrawn used it as a RedHerring.
** Some were hoping that Yularen, now a high-ranking Imperial officer involved in Palpatine's conspiracy, would cross paths with his former colleagues Ahsoka and Rex, who are both now high-ranking rebel agents. A possible meeting between Ahsoka and Yularen was rendered impossible as [[spoiler:Ahsoka goes MIA at the end of Season 2]], but Yularen and Rex are ''[[MissedHimByThatMuch within meters of each other]]'' in "Through Imperial Eyes". Though others didn't really mind as it would've taken the spotlight away from Kallus, Yularen was already involved in Kallus's and Thrawn's stories to be involved in another, and it has also been argued that Yularen and Rex might not recognize each other. It also isn't as demanded as a meeting between Rex and a possibly [=Imperial!Cody=].
** Zeb is absent from "Heroes of Mandalore", where it turns out that Sabine [[spoiler:created a disintegration weapon and it ends up killing much if not all of her extended family, similar to how the ion disruptors were used to massacre Zeb's people]], which could've allowed some development/insight on Zeb and Sabine's relationship.
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[[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter/StarWarsRebels They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character]]\\
[[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot/StarWarsRebels They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot]]

* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter:
** The death of [[spoiler:the Grand Inquisitor]] at the end of the first season may come across as this to some, since promotional materials built him up to be an incredible threat and a major character on the show. The fact that there are [[spoiler:''two'' new Inquisitors]] replacing him doesn't help.
** [[spoiler:Maketh Tua]]'s death to some, due to being an AntiVillain, making them a perfectly good candidate for future political plots from [[VillainEpisode the Empire's perspective]].
*** Not helped that [[spoiler:Kallus, who helped ''kill'' her,]] is on the road to a redemption arc that some people wanted to see from [[spoiler:Tua]] instead.
** Many people weren't impressed when WordOfGod confirmed that Wolffe and Gregor stayed behind on Seelos. [[FridgeBrilliance/StarWarsRebels Though given Wolffe's paranoia and Gregor's senility, they probably wouldn't have been much help anyway.]]
** Much like their predecessor, [[spoiler:the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother are killed at the end of the second season]] without much characterization or development, particularly the former who was a major fan favorite. The [[spoiler:Eighth Brother also got this, as he was basically a RedShirt, although considering he fell from about a similar height that Maul survived, it's possible that he survived as well.]]
*** Many expected the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother to be on par with the Grand Inquisitor's prowess and competence, as well as having an active rivalry, due to WordOfGod stating that the entire Inquisition is fighting for the title of Grand Inquisitor. This doesn't continue past their debut episode. Characters in-universe as well as the audience end up treating them [[VillainDecay like a joke and a nuisance than a huge threat by the end of the season]].
*** The Inquisitorius as a whole after the end of Season 2, which ends with [[spoiler:''every'' introduced Inquisitor dead]], given Dave Filoni's statements indicating that the Inquisitors time on ''Rebels'' is up [[note]]with Filoni stating that the Inquisitorius were extinct by the time of ''A New Hope''[[/note]] (though it may be a case of ExactWords, as by "all the Inquisitors are dead," he could easily mean just the ones at Malachor). None of them besides the Grand Inquisitor are fleshed out (and most of the Grand Inquisitor's was done [[spoiler:posthumously]]) and all have little screen time during their tenure.
*** Henry Gilroy at Dragoncon 2016 had stated that the Inquisitors would return in the future and there is indeed a plan for a resolution, and also quietly suggested that they would reappear in the form of the Second and Fourth Inquisitors, so this story is not finished yet.
** At best, Kanan and Ahsoka have an amiable working relationship, but surprisingly they converse very little on their respective backstories which has some overlapping qualities, which included disillusionment with their own Jedi status, when you consider Kanan's backstory in the Marvel comics and ''Literature/ANewDawn''. A more unexamined dynamic is that while Kanan reclaims his Jedi status, Ahsoka explicitly rejects it.
** The Leonis siblings' plot is dropped after Season 1 and never mentioned again, due to branching off into ''Literature/ServantsOfTheEmpire'' and concludes there. Most people were expecting Dhara to be introduced into the show as an Inquisitor, but the events of the books have eliminated that possibility.
** Some believe that members of Phoenix Squadron should have become recurring major characters like how the clones did, so to prevent the RedShirt trope. Not helped that various lookalikes cause subtle instigates to the plot (i.e. In "Wings of the Master," a generic green-suited pilot is Phoenix Leader and dies momentarily, then Hera gets promoted to his position at the end of the episode; "Homecoming" had a generic blue-suited female pilot get shot down right before a jump to hyperspace, making Hera and Sato realize that they need to find a way to substitute manpower when it runs short and to keep whatever they have left a safe place to dock; "Mystery of Chopper Base" had a literal RedShirt be a concern when she fails to report back due to dying).
** The TIE Interceptor leader in "The Antilles Extraction" was expected to be a recanonized Soontir Fel, but it turned out he was just a new random Imperial and didn't do much other than serve as one of Pryce's lackies.
** Many wanted Kalani and his battle droids to join the Rebellion, but at the end of his episode, he instead chooses to go alone to parts unknown with only a few battle droids left accompanying him. [[AllThereInTheManual Rebels Recon]] later suggested that he could become an hired adviser for people like the Hutts in the mean time or that he see that the Rebellion is a cause worth fighting for after the destruction of the first Death Star, so he could always come back later on in the show or in other material.
*** People also wanted Sabine to design the battle droids, like how Jaybo from the Blue Shadow Virus arc from ''The Clone Wars'' did.
*** A WhatCouldHaveBeen idea was one of the battle droids joining the Rebellion, but it was scrapped because it would mean they would have to add Matthew Wood as a recurring cast member for [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters an already growing ensemble of characters and voice actors]] (note AP-5's example above), so it seems like this is also in part to why Kalani did not join either.
** Sabine's mother is [[spoiler:an original character, and not Rook Kast as [[RedHerring we were led to believe]]]]. Especially jarring because ''all'' the clues up to that point seemed to be pointing to the latter and some people feel that this is a ShockingSwerve.
** Gar Saxon. [[spoiler:He surprisingly gets killed in his second appearance]], but other viewers think that this was for the best, as it makes him a DiskOneFinalBoss and prevents him from going through VillainDecay like other villains that some audience members are also getting on the negative end. However his brother Tiber Saxon in the two part season four premier 'Heroes of Mandalore', [[CaptainErsatz was so similar to his brother]] it made people wonder why they didn't [[spoiler:allow him to escape and die in the second part of 'Heroes of Mandalore'.]]
** Ketsu is not brought up during Season 3 besides the FridgeBrilliance that she accidentally worsened Sabine's abandonment issues, but beyond that, we don't learn more about her role in Sabine's DarkAndTroubledPast.
** With an endgame in mind for Kallus at the end of Season 3, there have been complaints that his characterization before "The Honorable Ones" never had any sort of foreshadowing that Kallus' morality was grey and instead quite the contrary in that he seemed to be a completely bad person. Not helped that due to a TimeSkip between "The Honorable Ones" and the next time we see him as an Imperial with faltering loyalty that [[spoiler:has undergone a HeelFaceTurn and is now TheMole]], it means that we'll never see the character development of how Kallus got from the ending of "The Honorable Ones" to where he is in Season 3.
** Iron Squadron was [[TheScrappy not very well received]] due to having little characterization beyond being {{Expy}}s of Ezra back in Season 1, who was ''also'' received as more of a scrappy back then. Despite WordOfGod already warning people that it wasn't [[Literature/ShadowsOfTheEmpire Dash Rendar]], some people wanted it to be him instead. People who aren't as harsh think that Iron Squadron could've at least gotten better characterization and appeared more, as it would've also benefited Sato (who was also pushed more to the sidelines that season) due to Mart's familial ties with him.
*** Of the several TheBusCameBack characters in "Zero Hour", Iron Squadron is surprisingly ''not'' at the Battle of Atollon, and ''have been absent for the entire season without explanation''. Some agree their absence could at least been remedied throughout the season by [[TheCameo cameos]] or namedrops to show that they were still actively working with Phoenix Squadron, and that Mart could have reacted to [[spoiler:Sato's HeroicSacrifice]] in the finale.
** Numerous ally characters from throughout Season 3 return in the season finale, but due to budget, many don't have beyond a couple of lines and don't do much beyond getting a couple of camera shots during fighting sequences.
** Inverted. There was a surprising amount of backlash towards [[spoiler:Ursa and Tristan]] escaping a deadly attack in "Heroes of Mandalore", many viewers complaining that them not dying suggests [[LikeYouWouldReallyDoIt copouts for future deaths]] for the sake of ShockingSwerve due to PlotArmor and it would've added to Sabine's character. On the other hand, other people feel that it was better they didn't die because the characters had only been introduced recently, viewing them immediately dying as an unnecessary ShockingSwerve & [[StuffedInTheFridge stuffing in the fridge]] and that Sabine doesn't need to go through a redundant TraumaCongaLine. Part of the backlash seems to be due to ArcFatigue with Sabine/the Mandalorian arc.
*** And then there's another party that thinks that [[spoiler:the other Clan Wren members]] should've been more developed beyond a RedShirtArmy so to actually give more gravitas to the situation for the audience while allowing [[spoiler:Ursa and Tristan]]'s survival to feel more acceptable.
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* NeverLiveItDown:
** Some people (Tumblr, predominately) aren't so quick to forgive Kallus after his [[DarkAndTroubledPast char]][[NobleDemon act]][[JustFollowingOrders eriz]][[NothingPersonal ation]] [[HeelRealization in]] "The Honorable Ones," never mind accept a possible redemption arc from him, mostly due to [[spoiler:practically escorting [[HeelFaceDoorSlam Tua]] to her assassination while [[{{Jerkass}} taunting]] [[KickTheDog her]] back in "The Siege of Lothal"]] (also not forgetting that he's burnt down Tarkintown, blockaded Ibaar, etc.). Most of the same people also think that the [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot arc should've]] [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter belonged to Tua]] or someone else that hasn't been already depicted as villainous as Kallus, [[BrokenBase although]] some have pointed out that this trope and arguments will likely be applied and addressed in-universe later on in Kallus's character arc.
** Detractors tend to never get pass Ezra's initial character summary and appearance as "[[SpaceX Space]] Disney/{{Aladdin}}", usually as a jab at the [[AnimationAgeGhetto "Disney-fication"]] of the ''Star Wars'' franchise, even though the series shows that he's much more than Aladdin inserted into the plot of ''Star Wars''. [[ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch It's often because said detractors have never actually watched the show.]]
** Ever asking about the villains in ''Rebels'' may lead to a downhill conversation about the [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands heli-sabers]] used by the Inquisitors in "Twilight of the Apprentice", which was treated [[{{Narm}} completely seriously]] [[MoodWhiplash but clashed with all the other very serious matters in the episode]]. Arguably, for much of the fanbase, it ruined the Inquisitors as a serious threat and turned them into a [[HarmlessVillain joke]] and [[TheScrappy scrappies]]. Even with WordOfGod [[AuthorsSavingThrow explaining]] it only works in Dark Side hotspots like Malachor, fans still see it as a half-ass excuse to write in a ridiculous utilization for an already ridiculous lightsaber design.


* NeverLiveItDown:
** Some people (Tumblr, predominately) aren't so quick to forgive Kallus after his [[DarkAndTroubledPast char]][[NobleDemon act]][[JustFollowingOrders eriz]][[NothingPersonal ation]] [[HeelRealization in]] "The Honorable Ones," never mind accept a possible redemption arc from him, mostly due to [[spoiler:practically escorting [[HeelFaceDoorSlam Tua]] to her assassination while [[{{Jerkass}} taunting]] [[KickTheDog her]] back in "The Siege of Lothal"]] (also not forgetting that he's burnt down Tarkintown, blockaded Ibaar, etc.). Most
NeverLiveItDown: Has its [[NeverLiveItDown/StarWars own page]] shared with the rest of the same people also think that the [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot arc should've]] [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter belonged to Tua]] or someone else that hasn't been already depicted as villainous as Kallus, [[BrokenBase although]] some have pointed out that this trope and arguments will likely be applied and addressed in-universe later on in Kallus's character arc.
** Detractors tend to never get pass Ezra's initial character summary and appearance as "[[SpaceX Space]] Disney/{{Aladdin}}", usually as a jab at the [[AnimationAgeGhetto "Disney-fication"]] of the ''Star Wars'' franchise, even though the series shows that he's much more than Aladdin inserted into the plot of ''Star Wars''. [[ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch It's often because said detractors have never actually watched the show.]]
** Ever asking about the villains in ''Rebels'' may lead to a downhill conversation about the [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands heli-sabers]] used by the Inquisitors in "Twilight of the Apprentice", which was treated [[{{Narm}} completely seriously]] [[MoodWhiplash but clashed with all the other very serious matters in the episode]]. Arguably, for much of the fanbase, it ruined the Inquisitors as a serious threat and turned them into a [[HarmlessVillain joke]] and [[TheScrappy scrappies]]. Even with WordOfGod [[AuthorsSavingThrow explaining]] it only works in Dark Side hotspots like Malachor, fans still see it as a half-ass excuse to write in a ridiculous utilization for an already ridiculous lightsaber design.
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** WordOfGod states that the egg from "Ghosts of Geonosis" [[spoiler:hatches into the sterilized queen from ComicBook/StarWarsDarthVader]]. Most fans agree that this was a bad retcon but disagree on why. There is one camp who cry CanonDiscontinuity because of the ShootTheShaggyDog nature of this story while others point out the holes in the logic, seeing how the queen grew up and learned Basic from a drone who could not speak the language. It got to the point that Pablo Hidalgo had to address both camps in the "Ask Pablo" segment of "Warhead"'s Rebels Recon and give more answers without being given full questions. For the first camp, he has suggested that the extinction of the Geonosians wasn't as inevitable as implied thanks to the presence of the deeper underground tunnels. For the second camp, he stated that the queen learned Basic from the battle droids she came across.
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