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* [[ScienceMarchesOn Evolution Marches On]]: The asari have been largely successful as a spacefaring race, but eventually they have to realize that parthenogenesis ''is an evolutionary dead-end.'' It's theorized that within 5,000 years - that's only ''five generations'' for the species - the asari civilization will completely collapse from cultural stagnation. Cue Lina Vasir, daughter of Tela Vasir whose genetic mutation made her the first documented asari to exhibit sexual dimorphism (read: a ''male'' asari). Too bad 'she' was also a [[OutWithABang Ardat]]-[[AxCrazy Yakshi]].
** [[spoiler: Fortunately, they found another male Asari later who was still in childhood and spirited him away, unofficially adopting him into the Spectre Clan after his mother died from the Batarians' SyntheticPlague.]] This led to a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming with Dempsey, and later confused the crap out of Madison [[spoiler: when 'she' went to the boy's restroom.]]
* UncannyValley: Practically a staple of the Spectre Base's residents is to be so used to strange things happening that almost nothing is too weird for them for more than a few minutes, before they accept as a normal occurence.
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