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* FridgeLogic: The Rifters are given compressed gas guns ("billies") to use against the freakishly huge deep sea fish that live near the Channer Vent. When Lenie Clarke tries out her billy on land she finds it makes a three meter crater in the (sandy) ground; it was designed to function in the high pressure depths of the ocean, and on land it's seriously overpowered. Wait. How does the recoil from that not break her arm or send the billy flying out of her hand? Does it balance the recoil by expelling gas at both ends?
** The same way she survives 20 thousand atmospheres of pressure: Rifters have bionic implants.
* TheWoobie: Lenie Clark. A lot of rifters would probably qualify too if we knew more about their [[DarkAndTroubledPast backstories]].
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