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* BaseBreaker: TheReveal of [[spoiler:that Buckley is a real psychic]] at the end of the film. Some think it makes sense and is necessary to the plot, while other think it is a wrong AssPull which destroys the spirit of the film. * LoveItOrHateIt
5th Apr '13 8:49:55 PM Belucre
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* FridgeLogic: [[spoiler: So wait: if ''Buckley'' is really psychic, does that mean ''he's'' the one who called Dr. Matheson and caused her spoon to bend? Was it really Silver on the line when the dead bird hit the window (which is later revealed to be from Buckley's powers at work)? Or rather, since his powers seem to affect technology, did he cause the call to Matheson by thinking about her, thus bending the spoon while the other one was simple harassment? Also, it's revealed that Silver is not really blind. His eyes do appear blind though-I guess he could have been wearing special contacts. Wouldn't it be a bit hard to keep up a blind act for thirty years though? The staring woman Buckley witnesses twice outside Silver's office could have been a shill as well, or caused by Buckley's own powers without knowing it. However, when the SPRC is testing Silver, he produces what are called psychic photographs that have "no scientific explanation"-though Dr. Shackleton is probably not the best witness for that. All in all though, there are some unanswered questions at the end]].
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