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* NamesTheSame: Throughout the film, Fredric March's character is referred to as "Bothwell," as his surname, Hepburn (and he was, indeed, distantly related to Katherine) might have proved distracting, while his given name, James, would have broken the OneSteveLimit. Also, the Earl of Moray is named [[Creator/JimmyStewart James Stewart]], though that is ''not'' particularly avoided, as the actor had not yet come to prominence.
* {{Narm}}: In a film packed with it, a stand-out moment is when Bothwell enters the great hall, bellows, "Hullo, Darnley, still hangin' about?" at the effete Lord, and then lifts his kilt to warm his backside at the hearth.
* NarmCharm: As corny as it all is, the viewer may be surprised to find himself with a lump in his throat when Mary mounts the scaffold, to become luminous as she hears the ghostly sound of Bothwell's pipers, as her "dark star" falls and the lightning blazes overhead.
* TheWoobie: Rizzio; Bothwell (in prison); Mary herself after her condemnation.
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