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29th Aug '17 3:36:46 AM ClintEastwood
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* TastesLikeDiabetes: Parodied. Connie is going out with Professor Wagstaff, in an attempt to steal some football signals for a rival college. She adopts an extremely cutesy and high pitched voice and says "If Big-Stwong-Man don't let Icky-Baby see the football signals, Icky-Baby gonna cwy!" To which Groucho somehow manages an even more cloying voice and responds "If Icky-Baby don't stop talking like that, Big-Strong-Man gonna kick all her teeth wight down her thwoat!"
* ValuesDissonance: Professor Wagstaff tells a female student that she must stay behind after class. When she protests that she didn't do anything, he replies, "I know, but there's no fun keeping him ([Pinkie) behind after school". Such a joke would never fly today.
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