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* CompleteMonster: [[BigBad Antoine Sartain]] is a {{greed}}y record producer and the [[CorruptCorporateExecutive owner of Sartain Records]]. When one of his acts Klepto discovers Sartain is stealing the money made from his music and puts him in jail, Sartain orders Klepto to be shot in the streets. When rap group [=H2OKlick=] discovers Sartain doing the same thing to them and try to follow suit, he sends two armed gunmen into a crowded nightclub they're performing in and has them killed too. He later has Leroy Wasley kill the two gunman so as to not have to pay them and to cover his tracks. He also has Joe Gavilan, K.C. Calden and witness K-Ro shot at in a drive-by. Later on, he shoots at Joe when Joe publicly chases him, threatens bystanders at gunpoint who get in his way and then tries to kill Joe in a fight when he won't let Sartain escape.
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