History YMMV / FallOfCthulhu

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* CrowningMomentOfAwesome: Cy, after going utterly insane due to the events of the Godwar, losing everyone he loved, and being utterly powerless for much of the story [[spoiler: ends up personally thwarting Nyarlathotep's plans at the cost of his own life, by banishing him back to the court of Azathoth. Even Nodens is impressed by this.]] ** The Harlot also deserves much of the credit, as it was her plan and aid that enabled this
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* NightmareFuel: ** The ultimate price for some of the Harlot's knowledge? You crawl into a box that, willpower utterly destroyed, and stay there, for all eternity, unless the Harlot wants you out. In other words, it's a sensory deprivation tank owned and controlled by an EldritchAbomination. ** Connor's gift to the Old Ones? [[spoiler: Letting his body be used as a vessel for one of them, after his brain and eyes have been plucked out of it.]] Connor's punishment for trying to escape from this fate? [[spoiler: He gets to stare at his disembodied brain and eyes in a mirror until his body is no longer needed. Provided he can stay sane.]]
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