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23rd Jul '14 7:25:32 AM Morgenthaler
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* TearJerker: In "What If She's Lying", Hopper rushes to the hospital after an armed stand-off gone wrong, but is too late to [[spoiler:prevent his sister's death.]] He then flashes back to their difficult relationship and all the people who died during the loops as a result of his direct actions. The first thing he does when the next day comes is to drive over to her house and hold her.
21st Jun '13 7:44:29 AM PancticeSquadCutterback
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* TooGoodToLast - 13 episodes, 7 didn't air.
28th Sep '11 4:33:56 AM TheOneWhoTropes
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* BetterThanItSounds - Groundhog Day with guns. When you say it out loud...
25th Jan '11 9:47:12 PM djbj
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* HeyItsThatGuy - [[{{Equilibrium}} Brandt]] is a badass cop, [[{{Terminator}} Blair Williams]] is his girlfriend, [[MutantX Shalimar Fox]] is his partner, [[{{Firefly}} Jayne]] is his girlfriend's ex, and [[TheXFiles AD Skinner]] is the detective who's chasing him down.
** [[{{Supernatural}} Bobby Singer]] is Uncle Nick!
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