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16th Mar '16 2:08:21 PM DarkStorm
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* {{Narm}}: "Thank you for the important thing!"


* {{Narm}}: "Thank you for the important thing!"thing!" (Some versions have corrected this to "Thank you for helping us!", but both versions have her say it in a close-up image with the letters appearing very slowly above her)
19th Feb '13 10:10:10 AM FalconPain
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Added DiffLines:

* {{Narm}}: "Thank you for the important thing!"
* PortingDisaster:
** As an arcade game, it was designed to be particularly difficult to complete without continues, forcing the players to insert additional coins. The Genesis and [=TurboGrafx-16=] versions do not allow you to continue (unless you know the codes), and do not make the game any easier to compensate.
** The Genesis version also removes two character classes, leaving only the Fighter and Mage.
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