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* @/{{HowlingSnail}} as a lurker.
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* @/{{ToaofGallifrey}} as Toa of Gallifrey, definitely a lurker and posting very rarely.
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[[http://gallifreybase.com/forum/ Gallifrey Base]] was created following the decision to close down [[Website/OutpostGallifrey The Doctor Who Forum]] in June 2009, when members of the community there decided to start an officially approved successor.

The site opened on 13 June 2009 and is a "fresh start"- while many of the sections have been copied over, they do not have the old posts and have been renamed ("Enlightenment", the weekly analysis section of a classic-era story, is now "Timelash", while the 18+ section formerly called "The Leisure Hive" is now "Inferno"). Those banned from the old forum can join this one.

[[folder:Tropers who hang around here:]]
* @/SilentHunter
* RJTAYLER from July 2009
* @/SilurianKing as Space Lizard
* @/SctFn
* @/{{Nightsky}}
* @/AmayirotAkago
* @/ZeiqThePyro under the pseudonym 'Cybermancer'
* @/{{Inkblot}}
* @/KrimsonGray
* @/{{Grimace}}...under the pseudonym "[[ShapedLikeItself Grimace]]"
* @/{{Shadowless}} as julinee - although more of a lurker
* @/{{Chalcedony}} as Onyx, also more of a lurker
* cantanstrophe
* @/{{Mhririx}} going by elysium
* @/{{Rebochan}} lurks in the shadows and posts once in a blue moon.
* AndStarring @/{{Pastylover2}} as [[=MadmaninaChair=]]
* PrimeEvil, going by Sharaz Destler
* @/{{Yowuza}} is known as Veyneru.
* La_Ninje, lurking as toquette
* UNIT Grunt

The main home for the notoriously awful [[TheBenChathamAdventures adventures of Ben Chatham]].

!! This website contains examples of:

* [[BrianBlessed BRIAN BLESSED]]: The "swear filter" automatically renders his name as all-caps.
* MemeticMutation
* RunningGag: Mostly from the screencaps threads:
** Amy Pond's legs go on forever
** [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lobby_Lud You are X and I claim my £5.]]
** I fail to understand! / I begin to see!
** Jon Pertwee's big brown hands
** "Shooting off into outer space"
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