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''[[http://madhair60.deviantart.com/gallery/592276 Omakii]]'' is a fantasy comedy both drawn and written by Stuart Gipp, though the characters are mostly cribbed from Katziinated, a comic created by Leanne Coote. The comic ran from September 2005 through to January 2009, updating on an [[ScheduleSlip erratic schedule]]. It is currently [[SeriesHiatus on hiatus]], but will return in the future. Omakii began as a small undertaking, with comics of only one or two pages. In time, however, it grew in scope and came to encompass a fairly consistent internal logic. Most of the comic's events take place in the house, with very little venturing to other locations. Newer comics tend to single out [[FetishFuel common online fetishes]] for parody. Omakii Z, a spin-off with a [[DarkerAndEdgier more serious tone]] [[TimeSkip that takes place a year or so]] after the original comic, has reached its fourth chapter as of this writing. ---- !!This comic provides examples of: * ArtEvolution - While not massively improved, the comic's art becomes a lot slicker and more expressive. * AuthorAvatar - Stubert, [[InNameOnly in name only]]. * ChristmasSpecial - Also an example of [[DownerEnding downer ending]]. * DarkAndTroubledPast - Stubert, again, though his exact circumstances are [[MysteriousPast yet to be revealed]]. * FanService - Good lord, constantly. * GuestStrip - Various fanworks. * HoYay - Stubert and Noobert, briefly. * KillItWithFire - the house, in "Status Quo". * LesYay - Katzii and Zimmette. Duh. * MsFanservice - Zimmette. * OddCouple - Katzii's relationship with Zimmette can be quite testing, with Zimm's constant exuberance. * RefugeInAudacity - A few of the later issues, such as "Maternal Affairs". * RuleOfCool - SHADES. * RunningGag - Plenty - Zimm's lust, Stubert and the Yuriboobs, Cosby's hiding around the house, Leanne's being a bitch... * SnarkyNonhumanSidekick - Stubert! * WithFriendsLikeThese - All of the cast have pulled this on each other, but Yuri is the embodiment of this trope. ----
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