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** Sonic and Metal Sonic race one another in sports cars - a possible nod to ''SonicDrift''.


** Sonic and Metal Sonic race one another in sports cars - a possible nod to ''SonicDrift''.''VideoGame/SonicDrift''.
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* BattleDiscretionShot: Used whenever major violence occurs.

* BreadEggsMilkSquick: When Sonic, Knuckles and Amy are planning their party, Shadow ends the conversation with "...and I'll bring the axes."

* TheCameo: Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, Rouge the Bat, [[BackFromTheDead Maria Robotnik]], Big the Cat, Mighty the Armadillo, and a couple of echidnas from [[ComicBook/ArchieComicsSonicTheHedgehog Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog]].
* DarkAndTroubledPast: Shadow's past - which is completely different from his origins in ''Sonic Adventure 2''.

* IntoxicationEnsues: In ''Sonic Uncut 2'', Tails gets drunk and makes a deal with a shady gangster, and Shadow gets stoned on a cigarette.


* IntoxicationEnsues: In ''Sonic Uncut 2'', Tails gets drunk and makes a deal with a [[AnonymousBenefactor shady gangster, gangster]], and Shadow gets stoned on a cigarette.

* MoodWhiplash: The talk between Cream and Shadow. First, Shadow explains his tragic childhood, only to reveal how he got bloody vengeance on his tormentors, and then cutting back to a more somber atmosphere where he and Cream bond. Only for Sonic to call Shadow down to try out Tails' racing cars and Shadow runs off, leaving a confused Cream behind.
* MythologyGag: Sonic is stopped at a metal detector in the airport, and pulls out a Power Ring.
** Sonic and Metal Sonic race one another in sports cars - a possible nod to ''SonicDrift''.

* TheRival: Metal Sonic to Sonic.

* VacationEpisode


* VacationEpisodeVacationEpisode: ''Sonic Uncut 2''.
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Added DiffLines:

The ''Sonic Uncut'' series is a trio of [[WebAnimation web animations]] made by [=HyperactiveYouth=] and [=Overbite6014=], found on {{Newgrounds}}.

They parody SonicTheHedgehog and his friends, lampooning elements of the series and putting the characters in adult-themed situations (e.g. Tails getting drunk.) The first film, ''Sonic Uncut'', shows Sonic trying to have a normal day at home but has to deal with Tails' {{Angst}}, and the sudden visit of Knuckles the Echidna and a very violent Shadow the Hedgehog.

''Sonic Uncut 2'' involves Sonic winning a vacation to {{Mexico}} thanks to Dr. Eggman's sudden kindness and generosity. He takes Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose and Shadow with him, the group find their vacation isn't all that pleasant with Tails' poor treatment at the airport, the racial stereotypes, Knuckles getting his hands on a paintball gun, and the following night at a local bar.

''Sonic Uncut 3'' introduces Cream the Rabbit and Metal Sonic, along with numerous cameos of other characters. Tails builds three flashy cars for Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow, and after beating Metal Sonic in a drag race, Sonic decides to throw a celebration party. Tails once again becomes the ButtMonkey of the piece as the other characters start to makeout with one another. The shorts and other works by their creator can be found [[http://hyperactiveyouth.newgrounds.com/flash/ here]].

* {{Angst}}: Tails become angsty in ''Sonic Uncut'' after Sonic repeatedly insults.
* ArmsDealer: Tails gets drunk and awakens to find himself making a deal with a shady dealer who sounds like PeterLorre.
* AssassinOutclassin: Shadow's attempt to assassinate Sonic in the second short is foiled by Tails.
* AxCrazy: Shadow. In ''Sonic Uncut'', Shadow reveals he killed a bellboy in France and plots to murder Sonic, eventually knocking him out with a phone and then punching his kidneys in offscreen.
** In ''Sonic Uncut 3'', whilst talking to Cream, Shadow reveals his DarkAndTroubledPast (completely different from the one in [[SonicAdventureSeries Sonic Adventure 2]]) and then goes into a monologue about he very violently killed some bullies, much to Cream's horror.
* BodyHorror: What Shadow's does to his victims. He snapped a bellboy's neck, and butchered some bullies in his past, dropping their bodies off the top of a building and put their heads on spikes.
* ButtMonkey: Tails is treated like this in all three shorts. In ''Sonic Uncut 2'', Tails is drugged by a guard to go in the cargo bay, mauled offscreen by dogs, and then thrown in a luggage compartment by another guard just as the plane goes through a "very turbulent cloud".
* DepravedDwarf: Pablo, a Mexican midget who lives in the floor of the Mexican hotel room which the heroes stay in, but is actually a slave. He becomes quite aggressive in ''Sonic Uncut 3''.
* EmoTeen: Tails declares to Sonic he's going to be a jerk, wearing a black t-shirt, and threatening to get his nose pierced and buy a motorcycle.
* ExtendedDisarming: Shadow at the airport. He shoots the guy offscreen.
* FishOutOfWater: Sonic seems fascinated by the little gadgets on the airplane.
* GratuitousSpanish: Amy tries to speak Spanish to the annoyed hotel manager.
* HeelFaceTurn: Eggman has apparently taken one since he's nice enough to give Sonic a free vacation to Mexico, all expenses paid.
* HellHotel: The Mexican hotel is quite fancy but has a poorly dressed manager, and there's a midget living in the floor as a slave.
* InnerMonologue: Sonic does this throughout most of the first short.
* IntoxicationEnsues: In ''Sonic Uncut 2'', Tails gets drunk and makes a deal with a shady gangster, and Shadow gets stoned on a cigarette.
* JerkAss: Sonic seems to be this at times. He verbally insults Tails, and leaves Shadow to get beaten up by an angry airport guard in ''Sonic Uncut 2''.
** Knuckles acts like this to Pablo.
** Shadow is also a bit of a jerk at times.
* LadderPhysics: Sonic falls off a ladder thanks to Shadow's botched assassination attempt.
* LampshadeHanging: Most notably the romantic pairings in the games, the Chao, and Shadow's violence.
* MagnificentMoustachesOfMexico: Several are seen.
* MetalDetectorCheckpoint: The airport security scene in ''Sonic Uncut 2''. Sonic manages to bamboozle the checkpoint guard by holding up a power ring (from the games), but Shadow drops a heap of weapons in front of the guard and is promptly beaten up offscreen.
* {{Newgrounds}}: Part of the SonicTheHedgehog parody collection.
* OverreactingAirportSecurity: Oh boy, yeah. Tails and Shadow suffer a lot. Although given the ''assload'' of weapons Shadow dropped, ''his'' beating wasn't as much of an overreaction.
* RoomFullOfCrazy: With Sonic going crazy, and Shadow wanting to kill him, and Tails acting like an emo, Knuckles is the only character in the first short to get out sane.
* SouthOfTheBorder: All the characters in Mexico are stereotypes. It is lampshaded by the hotel manager who calls the heroes "racist American bastards."
* {{Spexico}}
* VacationEpisode
* WebAnimation
* WindowPain: Tails can be heard being thrown out of a window in ''Sonic Uncut 3''.
** Shadow leaps out of a window at the end of ''Sonic Uncut 2''.
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