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[[WMG: Turbo gained his hacking skills by experimenting on ''Fix-It Felix Jr.'']]
The key to this idea is Felix's statement that Ralph "probably fell asleep in the washroom at Tappers '''again'''". This wasn't the first time Ralph went missing during game hours. [[AesopAmnesia You'd think they'd have figured out the error of their ways after the first time]]. They must've been programmed to hate Ralph no matter what. It would make sense that this game would've been Turbo's guinea pig for hacking, as a way of venting his anger about the game outlasting his own, and maybe even get it unplugged in revenge.




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[[WMG: The FinalBoss of Hero's Duty is Cy-Bug!Calhoun.]]
In the cutscene leading up to the fight with the last Cy-Bug, Calhoun tries to use her most powerful weapon against it, but the Cy-Bug proves too quick for her and swallows her--and the weapon in question--alive, assimilating both and transforming Calhoun into a Cy-Bug hybrid that specializes in the kind of weapons she intended to use on the Cy-Bug. Once Cy-Bug!Calhoun is defeated, it triggers the death of all the other Cy-Bugs' deaths, and the player is awarded the Medal of Heroes by General Hologram.
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* Maybe it's what happens just past the edges of the CandyLand board.


* Maybe it's what happens just past the edges of the CandyLand ''{{TabletopGame/CandyLand}}'' board.
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[[WMG: Turbo is also [[VideoGame/{{F-Zero}} The Skull]] in disguise.]]


[[WMG: Turbo is also [[VideoGame/{{F-Zero}} [[VideoGame/FZero The Skull]] in disguise.]]

[[WMG:[[VideoGame/{{F-Zero}} Captain Falcon]] will make a cameo in the sequel.]]


[[WMG:[[VideoGame/{{F-Zero}} [[WMG:[[VideoGame/FZero Captain Falcon]] will make a cameo in the sequel.]]
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Examples are not organized in chronological order. Sequel predictions have been moved to WMG/RalphBreaksTheInternetWreckItRalph2


Examples are not organized in chronological order. Sequel predictions have been moved to WMG/RalphBreaksTheInternetWreckItRalph2
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Examples are not organized in chronological order.


Examples are not organized in chronological order.
order. Sequel predictions have been moved to WMG/RalphBreaksTheInternetWreckItRalph2

[[folder: Sequel predictions]]
[[WMG: Ralph will get a girlfriend]]
It's customary for every sequel to ship the main character. Why should Ralph be any exception?

[[WMG: Mario will be a God of sorts]]
The directors said that they cannot come up with a role for the legendary mascot, but considering he is THE most famous and iconic video game caracther ever, it would be cool if he never appears, but is mentioned as a benevolent force of legend.

[[WMG: Surge Protector will have a big role in the sequel.]]

[[WMG: There will be a crossover between ''Wreck-It Ralph'' and ''WesternAnimation/MonstersInc'']]
''Monsters Inc.'' had door-portals that led practically anywhere in the Universe. It wouldn't be too far-fetched to assume that they had at least ONE door that led into a video game within Litwak's arcade... which would essentially be a portal to the outside world, or at least, if the video game characters can't leave their world, for creatures from outside to visit in...

[[WMG: Ralph and his friends will be able to travel via [=WiFi=]]]
I mean, it could be sorta like traveling through power cords, am I right?
* That would be already a given. As seen there is a Grand Central Station having a Grand Central Airline (or whatever they would like to call it). Possibly a [[DistaffCounterpart female]] counterpart to the Surge Protector should be stewardess.

[[WMG: The sequel will be centered on online games...]]
...and [[LeeroyJenkins Leeroy]] [[Main/WorldOfWarcraft Jenkins]] will have a cameo.
* Actually pretty possible. Hypothetical plot: a revolutionary new video game comes out with some form of online capability. Every arcade that installs this new game basically provides a portal for characters from that arcade to go to any other arcade that has this game installed and connected. Naturally, Litwak's Arcade is among those that adopt the new game. The villain is a Ralph from a different arcade who, like our Ralph, is tired of being a bad guy treated like garbage but, unlike our Ralph, decides that the best way to fix all that is to take over the new game and, by proxy, all of the arcades it's connected to. At first, this Ralph will succeed, so it'll be up to our Ralph and co. to dive into the game and depose the tyrannical dictatorship Alt!Ralph has established and fix right what he has set wrong.
* Ralph and a few other characters will end up in a blatant ''World Of Warcraft'' analogue, and then they'll be showered with (grammatically incorrect) questions on how they got so much unique gear.

[[WMG: [[spoiler:Felix and Calhoun will have a son.]]]]
Who grows up to become Construct-It Conagher, aka [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 the Engineer]].
* Alas, it's [=TF2=] canon that Engy's dad is the Engineer from ''VideoGame/TeamFortressClassic''. Which is a shame since this makes ''far too much scary sense''.
** It could be that Felix got the TFC Engineer suit from Calhoun as a birthday gift. As for Radigan, Fix-It Felix Sr. might have gone Turbo and changed his name.
** I can't see Felix being a cigar-chomping hired killer, he's too nice. They've gotta be related, though.
*** Maybe some of Calhoun rubs off on him.
*** Or maybe he IS the classic engineer thus making him the engineer's father.

[[WMG: Alternatively, if [[VideoGame/TombRaider Lara]] ever shows up, she'll be Ralph's love interest.]]
Because...I dunno, why not?

[[WMG: Sequel prediction: Minty Sakura will either be RetGone or a CanonImmigrant.]]
* The former is more likely. [[CulturalTranslation Despite being Zaki's replacement in the Japanese version of the film]], she only appears in the Random Roster Race entry scene and the race itself. All other scenes have Zaki in place. And if they seriously RetGone her, [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter they would waste a wonderful characterization opportunity]].

[[WMG: Sequel prediction: AdaptationExpansion for the Sugar Rush cast]]

[[WMG: In the sequel, Ganondorf will be the BigBad, or at least a major villain.]]
* With the former possibility, Ganon could try to convince Ralph to embrace his villainous position. In the latter case, he'll do everything he can to ensure the plot is HijackedByGanon.

[[WMG: The sequel will have a sequence that shows Tamora and Felix as a BattleCouple, using their abilities together in tandem teamwork.]]

[[WMG: The sequel will have a slightly [[DarkerandEdgier darker tone]].]]
To elaborate, the BigBad in the sequel will be much more menacing and an even bigger threat than [[spoiler:King Candy/Turbo]]. The dangers of Game Jumping will be explored more. And, the Big Bad will not only be a threat to the Video Game World, but the Real World as well.
* And said BigBad will be none other than ''[[BitchInSheepsClothing the Surge Protector]]''.
** Alternatively, The Big Bad will be an {{expy}} of both [[{{Tron}} The MCP]] and [[Anime/SummerWars Love Machine]].
** Also, if Disney is feeling creative, The Big Bad will be worse than [[spoiler:King Candy/Turbo]]. But only if they're feeling really creative.

[[WMG: ''Wreck-it Ralph 2'''s villain will be... Wreck-it Ralph... from the future.]]
* Basically, in the present day and age, Ralph will have a new game that stars him. The problem? In the new game, Ralph is the hero, but he's DarkerAndEdgier, paralleling the practice of current-day developers in reviving old franchises in a similar way. Eventually he meets Past!Ralph and tries to turn him just as bad as his programming suggests he should be. Of course, Ralph being pretty much the embodiment of the NiceGuy trope, [[FutureMeScaresMe he's pretty much creeped out by the idea.]] Future!Ralph will then attempt to do what Turbo did on a much larger scale and try to take over ''the whole arcade'', putting the risks on a much larger scale, and allowing for other more recognizable characters to get their own little sequences.

[[WMG: The sequel will be primarily focused on the Internet.]]
The arcade is going out of business, but fortunately it has [=WiFi=], so Ralph and his friends can escape by finding a passageway to the Internet. There, they explore the enormous World-Wide Web and the four of them each get separated, and are now trying to find each other. It could also reference a lot of Internet memes, such as...
* The four finding [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic ponified]] versions of themselves.
* Ralph and Felix finding out that they once had a cartoon series...that is a prime source for parody in WebAnimation/YoutubePoop (probably called "[[WritingAroundTrademarks MyTube Crud]]" or something similar), a reference to how the WesternAnimation/SuperMarioBros cartoons get similar treatment.
* Vanellope ending up on Website/DeviantArt and finding a drawing of an [[SelfFanservice older, sexier version of herself.]] And [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar becoming attracted to it.]]
And the BigBad is none other than [[TakeThat SOPA]] (or a CaptainErsatz of SOPA), [[{{Demonization}} which is depicted as an]] EldritchAbomination [[OmnicidalManiac bent on destroying everything on the web.]]

[[WMG: In the sequel, there'll be a joke about {{Rule 34}}]]
I don't know how, I don't know why, but if the internet's involved I doubt it won't be involved. (Perhaps it'd pertain to [[spoiler: Felix and Calhoun's honeymoon.]])
* Considering that the movie is rated PG, I doubt that, but it would be fun if they referenced it very subtly. After all, Felix has a ''golden hammer''.

[[WMG: In the sequel, Music/MichaelJackson will appear.]]
Not THE MJ, of course, but his Moonwalker game persona, now if Disney can get the copyrights for the movie...

[[WMG: Sour Bill will get a girlfriend if there's a sequel.]]
Because that would be adorable.

[[WMG: Taffyta will become a villain in the sequel.]]
During the scene where Wynchell asks Vanellope who will be ruler, look closely at Taffyta, specifically, her hand. Notice that her hand clenched when Vanellope said "me". This would imply that there would be friction between her and Vanellope in the future.

[[WMG: The sequel will utilize OhCrapThereAreFanficsOfUs]]
Supposedly it'll involve the Internet. Where else can you find massive archives of fanfic and find that you're the subject? And, of course, there will probably be characters out there. Maybe [[CharacterDerailment ridiculously inaccurate]] [[{{Expy}} Expies]] of themselves...
* Naturally, it will be hilarious and awkward when they find out about such gems as [[NoYay Ralph/Vanellope]] and [[spoiler:Turbo]]'s DracoInLeatherPants status.
** Ralph is going to ''love'' seeing that the guy who almost killed Vanellope has a fandom, and that Vanellope and Felix have hatedoms. He'll probably start wrecking something.

[[WMG: If ''[[WhatCouldHaveBeen Extreme E-Z Livin' 2]]'' makes it into the sequel, it'll be how video game characters into the arcade get to the Internet]]
You know, assuming it has Internet access (which I assume it should, being a [[Franchise/TheSims Sims-styled]] game.

[[WMG: Rancis ''will'' be Vanellope's boyfriend/love interest in the sequel.]]
Because, why would they write a book about him and Vanellope? Also, if you look closely in the background when Vanellope starts talking about being a president, he appears to be checking out Vanellope several times.

[[WMG: The sequel will start out with Litwak plugging in a computer or gaming console into Game Central Station.]]
In [[@/AussieEvil my]] interpretation, the power cord is kinda the only way the arcade machine characters can move around. Since most electronic gaming devices need to be plugged in at one point or another, it brings a perfect beginning point to Ralph & co. discovering this new world.

[[WMG: Missingno. will be TheDragon/BigBad of the sequel.]]
Keep in mind that Missingno isn't technically owned by Nintendo, and if they could have cameos of actual Nintendo characters, copyright shouldn't be an issue. Now, you're saying, since when can a glitch leave its game? Well, you can trade Missingno over to Red, Blue, Yellow and Pokemon Stadium (though Stadium turns it into the Substitute doll, though I can imagine Missingno using that as a disguise). Depending on whether they want a twist of TheDragon being the less sympathetic or not, Missingno will be a TragicVillian who's attacking/serving the BigBad because [[EldritchAbomination his mere existence is detrimental to his world]] (especially if its Pokemon Yellow), and as such will be [[FantasticRacism constantly shunned]] by others.
* Already done on WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Nintendo if they did that would be basically plagiarizing Linkara. And personally they couldn't do it better than him, in which [[spoiler: Linkara made Missingno, an all powerful Lovecraftian God. Who destroys everyone and everything. And being really effectively terrifying throughout.]]

[[WMG: Dr. Brad Scott will come BackFromTheDead]]
The fangirls could have demanded his return [[MrFanservice because of his looks]] or perhaps because TrueLoveIsBoring. Brad will try to get [[TriangRelations Calhoun back]] much to Felix's chagrin. But once he sees how in love Calhoun and Felix are [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy he'll back off]].
** Or, he could try to get Calhoun back, but once he sees how she and him are in love, he'll let them be, and help them fight the Big Bad. WITH SCIENCE!

[[WMG: The sequel will involve another form of FantasticRacism]]
Or rather Fantastic ''Ageism'', since arcades are more-or-less obsolete these days. If the group travels to the console world, a console game characters will look down arcade characters as outdated. Or call them [[FantasticSlur "Obsoletes"]].

[[WMG: The Konami Code will play an important role in the sequel.]]
In the first film, [[spoiler: Turbo/King Candy]] used the Konami code to hack into Sugar Rush. It is shown that he had the Code written on a napkin. Which means that someone told him about the Konami code and how it works. My guess is that the BigBad in the sequel is giving the code to rogue programs to mess with computer systems and video games. The big bad's ultimate goal is to use the Konami Code to Take over the Computer/Video game world and the real world.

[[WMG: ''Wreck-it Ralph'' will soon have a TV special(s)]]
Animated movie franchises (such as ''WesternAnimation/{{Shrek}}'', ''WesternAnimation/{{Madagascar}}'', ''WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda'', ''WesternAnimation/MonstersVsAliens'', ''WesternAnimation/IceAge'', and more recently ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory'') have aired at least one TV special on channels like Creator/{{ABC}}. As soon as after the sequel, the same may happen to Wreck-It Ralph.
* If so, there will be a Christmas special named ''Wreck the Halls''.
** Sorta - there's a Disney Christmas Storybook Collection with a Ralph and Vanellope-centric story named ''Wreck the Halls''.

[[WMG: In the sequel, Felix and Calhoun will become a BattleCouple and/or Calhoun will display ViolentlyProtectiveGirlfriend tendencies.]]

[[WMG: The sequel, if there'll be one, will feature a Presidential Election at Sugar Rush and Vanellope's main (if not only) opponent will play on the voter's fears Vanellope might execute them for real]]
Or the opponent might also fear that.

[[WMG: The BigBad in the sequel will be a genuinely nice hero-turned-villain.]]Originating from a NintendoHard game, he became quite broken over dying repeatedly in his very own game. Believing the villains to have an easier life than the heroes, he left his own game in an attempt to become a villain. While he fails at actually being evil, he ends up causing massive trouble anyhow. He ends up pulling off a HeelFaceTurn after a MyGodWhatHaveIDone moment when he inevitably causes a serious catastrophe.
* So basically Mario?

[[WMG: If Franchise/{{Pokemon}} appear in the sequel, they will use PokemonSpeak.]]
Same reason why they do in ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros''. ''Wreck-it Ralph'' actually ''does'' share part of its target audience with the [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Pokémon anime]], and since Disney already has SelfDemonstrating/{{Groot}} they can probably find some way to play it [[PlayedForLaughs for laughs]].

[[WMG: The sequel will focus on {{MassivelyMultiplayerOnlineRolePlayingGame}}s]]
Through one way or another, the heroes [[TrappedInTVLand get sucked into the world wide web]], and get bounced around various {{Expy}}s of famous online games, like WorldOfWarcraft, VideoGame/TeamFortress2, VideoGame/CallOfDuty[=/=]{{Battlefield}}, etc., with Ralph and his crew often going various {{ArtShift}}s with the games ([[UnusuallyUninterestingSight often getting written off as either]] [[VirtualPaperDoll avatars made from in-game customization, or fan-based modding]]). The main conflict will arise with having to deal with players who have cases of {{GIFT}} ([[{{Bowdlerise}} there's no cursing or sexual content, naturally]], but the intent to annoy or bully other players would be at the forefront - some of it PlayedForLaughs {{Troll}}ing, others being [[DarkerAndEdgier considerably more nasty]], [[PoliticallyIncorrectVillain like mocking certain players for being foreign, handicapped, etc.]]), and eventually allying with underdog players who want to stop these {{Troll}}s from ruining their games. An overall BigBad may be an {{Expy}} of Youtube's infamous "[[BigBrotherIsWatching Content ID]]" system, [[GoneHorriblyWrong which goes haywire and starts to tear the very internet apart]], EldritchAbomination style - and since EverythingIsOnline, that doesn't just threaten games, but virtually the entire world!

[[WMG:The InUniverse counterpart of ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros'' will make an appearance in the sequel.]]
It probably would have the parody title of "Tobikomi All-Stars: [[DepartmentofRedundancyDepartment Great Fray Battle Royale"]] (at least in the Japanese release), and, like its real-life counterpart, was a weekend project that had NoBudget before they decided to make it into an actual game. Now, whether it would play a significant role in the plot or if it is just a cameo is still up for guessing.

[[WMG: If there's a sequel, the Angry Birds will cameo.]]
Oh God, there's an arcade game??
* Yep; They have it at Dave and Busters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-gaWc6RVFM

[[WMG: If there is a sequel, the villain (or one of the villains) will be [[spoiler:the unknown person who Turbo shared the Konami Code with or vice versa.]]]]
[[spoiler:Look closely at the scene where Turbo opens the 'code chamber'; the code is scrawled on a napkin from Tapper's. You'd think if Turbo were the original discoverer of the secret, he'd never have written it down anywhere or needed to (it's not like the Konami Code is hard to memorize, and writing down the keys to this kind of power is ''beyond moronic'' if you never have any intention to share it!). No, the fact that the Konami Code was ''written down'' means that at some point someone was teaching it to someone else. So, [[ThePhantomMenace which one was Turbo -- the master, or the apprentice?]]]]
* It's possible that the answer is [[spoiler:[[TakeAThirdOption neither]]]]. [[spoiler:Turbo]] could have been in Tapper's and gotten it out of, or overhead it from, a character who'd had the Code used on their game, so he had to scribble it on the first thing at hand, the napkin. It's possible that the character didn't even know what the Code did, and [[spoiler:Turbo]] only realized its potential because he's old enough/was desperate enough to realize what the other character was talking about, even if the speaker didn't.
* On another note, it's possible that [[spoiler:Turbo hasn't been in the code room]] for some time, maybe even years, and if he's only used a handful of times, it's reasonable that he might have forgotten it. On a semi-related note, it seems ironic that the inside of an arcade game might be one of the few places where memes like the Konami Code do not propagate.
** Which makes sense, considering that it would function as a ''literal'' {{Gamebreaker}}: Even if it didn't have unintended side-effects, it would still allow anyone who had it to mess with the very fabric of reality in any given game-world. Since it also seems that you don't need any technical acumen to use it, something like the Konami Code would be guarded like a weapon of mass destruction!

[[WMG: In the sequel, the BigBad will be Waluigi]]
He's secretly been plotting to take over all video games and was in fact the one to [[spoiler:teach Turbo the Konami Code]]. Ralph, Felix, Vanellope, and Calhoun will have to team up once again to prevent every day from becoming [[Webcomic/BrawlInTheFamily Waluigi Time.]]
* It could be worse. [[VideoGame/{{Earthbound}} Giygas]] [[MindRape could easily fuck with everybody's mind in the station.]] Don't be surprised when you see kids in therapy...
** Giygas isn't exactly an arcade character, though.

[[WMG: Possible games that Ralph and his friends will go to in the sequel.]]
* Here's a rundown of games that might appear.
** The original Fix-It Felix Arcade Game.
** An online RPG game in the vain of ''VideoGame/EverQuest''
** A fighting game that is a cross between ''Franchise/StreetFighter'' and ''Franchise/MortalKombat''
*** Doubt it, as both of those games made a cameo in the first movie.
** A [[Franchise/TheSims Sims]] styled Game.
*** If ''Extreme E-Z Livin' 2'' from the deleted scenes makes it in, it would fill this slot.
** A game that combines the style and gameplay of ''Franchise/{{Starfox}}'' and ''VideoGame/CrimsonSkies'', with a heavy dose of {{Dieselpunk}}.
** A ''Franchise/MassEffect'' game (most likely ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'' so we can have Ralph, Felix, and/or Calhoun [[{{CoolVsAwesome}} take on]] a [[spoiler:Reaper Destroyer]]) or an expy thereof.
** Another racing game similar to ''VideoGame/NeedForSpeed'', ''VideoGame/GranTurismo'', or ''VideoGame/MidtownMadness'' where Vanellope has to drive a full-sized automobile, as opposed to her usual go-kart.

[[WMG: Not only will the sequel involve the original Fix-It Felix, but also later games in the series.]]
If Fix-It Felix is analogous to Mario, then there would have been many more games featuring Felix and Ralph. The versions of Felix and Ralph from other games in the series would be their own characters and possibly come into conflict with the ones we know.

[[WMG: Missingno. will be the BigBad in the sequel.]]
* And he will look [[http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs40/f/2009/018/7/c/Wild_Missingno__Appeared_by_warupua.jpg like this]] to the other characters.
* He also has a natural shape-shifting ability.
* Alternativelly, Missingno. will appear, but as one of the heroes (any experienced R/B glitcher will tell you, Missingno. is actually relatively harmlesss and rather useful), 'M and the other glitches (who can actually crash the game) will play the villains.
* Or, Missingno could be the villain or BigBad, but he takes the form of a bird. His true form is a horrific Eldritch Abomination that drives people temporarily insane and enjoys toying with them and turning them on each other. He can also create clones. which would explain the multiple evil Ralphs.

[[WMG: The sequel will involve the gang looking up their origins on the internet]]
* The first movie dealt with Ralph dealing with his identity as an antagonistic character and Venelopy as a glitch, tying into the theme of personal identity and website jumping of the second movie, the cast will become curious about the development and history of their games and sneak through the spark plug into the World Wide Web in a search for rhymes and reasons for their creators creating them

[[WMG: The sequel will center around the threat of closing the arcade.]]
Naturally, that would mean all the games would become unplugged, so the games decide to try and do something about it. Ralph might venture to the internet looking for help.

[[WMG: ''VideoGame/FinalFight''/''Franchise/StreetFighter'''s Poison will be included.]]
To appeal to the LGBT crowd.

[[WMG: Ralph and/or his game will become the subject of a cautionary tale in a similar vein to Turbo.]]
As an example of what can happen if video game sprites don't appreciate the driving force behind their game, i.e. the bad guy of the game.

[[WMG: Advertising/SegataSanshiro will appear in the sequel.]]

[[WMG: The arcade will operate like the Wrestling/{{WWE}} in regards to the "Villain" characters in the sequel]]
Honestly, I'm surprised that the arcade didn't have an equivalent of {{Kayfabe}} in the first film, since it would just make sense to implement this idea given the obvious parallels that the sapient video game characters have to pro wrestlers.

[[WMG: The Mishima family of ''VideoGame/{{Tekken}}'' will appear in the sequel, ''Disney/RalphBreaksTheInternetWreckItRalph2'']]
Instead of being the BigScrewedUpFamily they are in that video game series, they are a very tight-knit family watching over arcade routers and wifi the same way Knuckles watches over the Master Emerald in the ''Sonic'' series.

[[WMG: Yesss will be the HiddenVillain]]
She's only helping Ralph and Vanellope because she wants something from them. Perhaps she's trying to replace Vanellope in Sugar Rush by taking advantage of some sort of exploit that's only possible if the game has been damaged. She could have even been the one who damaged the game in the first place in order to set her plan into motion.

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** Another racing game similar to ''VideoGame/NeedForSpeed'' or ''VideoGame/MidtownMadness'' where Vanellope has to drive a full-sized automobile, as opposed to her usual go-kart.


** Another racing game similar to ''VideoGame/NeedForSpeed'' ''VideoGame/NeedForSpeed'', ''VideoGame/GranTurismo'', or ''VideoGame/MidtownMadness'' where Vanellope has to drive a full-sized automobile, as opposed to her usual go-kart.
13th Sep '17 7:33:37 PM BlinxTTS
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** Another racing game similar to ''VideoGame/NeedForSpeed'' or ''VideoGame/MidtownMadness'' where Vanellope has to drive a full-sized automobile, as opposed to her usual go-kart.
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She's only helping Ralph and Vanellope because she wants something from them. Perhaps she's trying to replace Vanellope in Sugar Rush by taking advantage of some sort of exploit that's only possible if the game has been damaged.


She's only helping Ralph and Vanellope because she wants something from them. Perhaps she's trying to replace Vanellope in Sugar Rush by taking advantage of some sort of exploit that's only possible if the game has been damaged. She could have even been the one who damaged the game in the first place in order to set her plan into motion.
2nd Aug '17 12:03:29 AM ILockedMyselfOut
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[[WMG: Yesss will be the HiddenVillain]]
She's only helping Ralph and Vanellope because she wants something from them. Perhaps she's trying to replace Vanellope in Sugar Rush by taking advantage of some sort of exploit that's only possible if the game has been damaged.
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