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11th Apr '18 2:51:32 AM Cifer
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[[WMG: Rainbow Dash is a [[{{Transsexual}} trans mare]].]]


[[WMG: Rainbow Dash is a [[{{Transsexual}} [[{{Transgender}} trans mare]].]]
7th Apr '18 8:49:27 AM Wixelt
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[[WMG: Zephyr Breeze's "delusion" that Rainbow has a crush on him actually has some truth in it, as RD very briefly had a crush on him when she was a filly, or at least when she was younger, before she really got to know him.]]
The pair have very clearly known each other for a long time, probably starting when Rainbow and Fluttershy first knew each other, so it would make sense. It'd also explain why Fluttershy and Zephyr's parents seem to think Rainbow has a crush on him too.
4th Nov '17 11:35:49 PM Theriocephalus
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->[[WMG/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicPillarsofEquestria Pillars of Equestria Guesses go here]]
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[[folder:Starlight Glimmer]]
[[WMG:Starlight Glimmer is DrivenByEnvy]]
From her name and color scheme, Starlight is meant to be an EvilCounterpart to Twilight Sparkle, who already has a {{foil}} in the ex-villain Sunset Shimmer. They differ because Twilight is a humble bookworm, while Sunset was ambitious with a sense of entitlement. If Starlight is a second foil to Twilight, then her reasons for her cruel actions are the alternate extreme to Sunset Shimmer: a pony with crippling low self-esteem. She does not make everypony [[spoiler:(aside from herself)]] the same to be equal, but to make herself superior.

Like Twilight and Sunset, Starlight was a student of magic, (though not under Celestia I imagine,) but her talents always seemed to be second-best in her eyes. She tried to make friends, but finding ponies who could do amazing things that she either struggled with or couldn’t do at all made for one bitter little unicorn. So in her town, there is no-one who could show her up again.

[[WMG: Starlight intended to use the Equal Ponies' Cutie Marks for herself]]
Twilight's skill in magic means that she can replicate any spell performed by other unicorns, such as when we see her use (and amplify) Rarity's gem-finding spell way back in season 1. Starlight ''also'' acquires the skills of others...but by literally removing them from the original owners in the form of their cutie marks.

It's unclear what Starlight's true intentions were, but her dialogue about Twilight's cutie mark being useful would suggest it either isn't 'equality across Equestria' or wasn't actually going to stop there. Perhaps she intends to use the acquired cutie marks for herself. And as she escaped at the end of 'Cutie Map', maybe she still can…

[[WMG: If and when Starlight returns, Twilight will give her a taste of ShutUpHannibal as an IronicEcho to her ShutUpKirk moment from "The Cutie Map pt. 2".]]
For no other reason than to give Twilight a CrowningMomentOfAwesome.

In addition, she might try to outperform herself when she returns. Meaning she might try a spell to equallize all of Equestria at once. And for good measure she might even try to absorb all the aquired cutie marks [[OneWingedAngel into herself]], only to realise after [[AGodIAm dominating]] and [[DrunkOnTheDarkSide gloating]] over the Mane 6 for a short while (4-5 minutes), that there is something [[ClippedWingAngel deeply wrong]] [[SuperpowerMeltdown within her]].

[[WMG: Starlight Glimmer's special talent is soul magic.]]
Since we don't know what her Cutie Mark is, this could be a distinct possibility.

Maybe in her past, she was shunned for her special talent and fascination with soul magic (which is hypothetically illegal), even when she has proven to be a very magically potent Unicorn. This would lead to her resenting the idea of special talents as a whole, and founded the town as a way to try to do away with them altogether. As Magical Mystery Cure as well as Cutie Map has shown, Cutie Marks have at least some connection to a pony's soul. Maybe the Cutie Mark removing spell that Starlight cast was a spell that she had developed as part of her talent in soul magic.

[[WMG: Starlight Glimmer had access to Starswirl's unfinished spell at some moment.]]
In both cases, the spell in question substitutes the original cutie mark with a fake cutie mark, that forces the pony with the switched cutie mark to use their new "talent", despite not giving them any skill. And she is Twilight's EvilCounterpart, after all.

[[WMG: Starlight Glimmer experienced some traumatic event in the past that led to her adopting her current philosophy.]]
Perhaps when she was just a filly, she saw her friends or parents arguing because they had differences of opinion, or because some of them were better at certain things than others, causing jealousy between them. She was so shaken by seeing them fight that she decided that making them equal would be the only solution to make them stop fighting. This would later become the philosophy she would adopt, which led to her leading the equal town far into the future.

[[WMG: Starlight will return in the season 5 finale.]]
Since the premiere didn't really that far into Starlight's story, or why she thinks the way she does. Also, her name seems to be very similar to Twilight's, which may be a sign that she was somehow related to Princess Celestia, and will thus be expanded upon in the future.
* [[http://www.equestriadaily.com/2015/07/season-finale-animatic-from-sdcc-pony.html Confirmed.]]

[[WMG: Starlight Glimmer's spell uses the pony's Cutie Mark as a medium to rob them of their special talents.]]
Trying to reconcile the "a cutie mark doesn't change who you are" and the "losing/changing your cutie mark messes with what makes you special" theories that have both been shown on the show - cutie marks reflect what was already there, so they don't change you, but they can be used as a medium to get to your talent/destiny and be used to change you that way. So Starlight's spell doesn't just change a pony's cutie mark, it sucks out all their individuality along with the mark.

[[WMG: Starlight's FreudianExcuse is that her signature spell/talent is something most ponies would not want or see as useful.]]
She spent years studying magic to find her talent, and when she finally discovered that it was manipulating cutie marks and other pony's talents, she was rejected by her peers because who would want to change who they are? Maybe she used it on somepony and they freaked out and got everyone else to turn on her. Seeing that her talent was something no pony liked while all these other ponies had talents that were appreciated was her StartOfDarkness.

[[WMG: Starlight Glimmer is a victim of TallPoppySyndrome and Cutie Mark Failure Insanity Syndrome.]]
Starlight Glimmer is a very powerful magic user and she knows that. Before meeting Twilight, she probably never meet somepony more powerful than herself (and Twilight even said the main difference between the two of them was that Starlight never opened herself to the magic of friendship).

But, if her philosophy is any indication, Starlight thinks other ponies will never really befriend with her if she don't give up all of that talent.

It sounds very similar to the situation that Twilight faced back in [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS1E6BoastBusters "Boast Busters"]], when she was afraid her friends would hate her if she displayed her real power. Maybe Starlight's talent did indeed alienate her from her peers. Maybe she was snubbed or even bullied over her accomplishments and decided to start hiding her gift.

The rejection of her talent caused Starlight to suffer from Cutie Mark Failure Insanity Syndrome and she decided that if she had give up her talent, then other ponies should give up their talents too, wanting or not. She created a spell that can remove Cutie Marks and block talents, but since she never removed her own Cutie Mark, she never actually stopped suffering CMFIS.

[[WMG: Starlight will be set up as an evil counterpart to the Cutie Mark Crusaders]]
Given that they finally got their marks, what better way to emphasize it by showing Starlight go through her own version of the 'blank flank' mockery, only without friends and family with her.
* This sort of works given that Starlight turned out to be a victim of [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS5E4BloomAndGloom one of the things Apple Bloom was afraid of]] - that her friends getting their cutie mark would separate them somehow.

[[WMG: Starlight had other friends besides Sun Burst. All ended in disaster.]]
After Sun Burst moved away, Starlight made friends with Blue Moon, a unicorn of unpromising magic skills and a bit behind academically. Starlight often offered to help her with her homework, only to find herself doing it outright. Blue Moon's family was also of more modest means than Starlight's, but Starlight was always happy to share with a friend. She would often lend things to Blue Moon without asking for their return. When Blue Moon asked for something special to Starlight that made her finally say no, Blue Moon cried, called Starlight "mean and stingy" and said she didn't want to be friends anymore.

Starlight then decided to try her luck with pegasi, since that meant no magic at all to compete over. She made friends with Tumble Free, a bold and charismatic pegasus who was very much into aerobatics. Starlight loved watching Tumble Free perform and would always cheer her on. However, Tumble Free always degraded magic whenever Starlight brought it up, calling it a "lame cheat". Starlight tried to keep from doing magic or bringing it up around her friend. When Tumble Free was set to be in an aerobatics competition, Starlight decided to surprise her friend by casting a spell to give herself wings so she could attend the event. Instead of being flattered, Tumble Free insulted Starlight's wings (she was secretly jealous) and told Starlight off for using magic to give herself wings she didn't really deserve. Starlight flew home without even seeing the event.

Starlight made friends with another pegasus called Prism Dart who was a quick flier, but not as good at aerobatics and not nearly as arrogant as Tumble Free. Prism Dart was actually impressed by magic and would often cheer Starlight on. Everything might've been great if Prism hadn't met Tumble Free. Tumble Free convinced Prism Dart that she should only be friends with other pegasi and ditch the unicorn. She offered to teach Prism better aerobatics, on the condition that she stopped being friends with Starlight. Prism Dart avoided Starlight soon after. The friendship was over before Starlight even realized it.

Starlight thought earth ponies might be more down to earth. So, she made friends with a filly named Peanut Brittle. Peanut seemed nice and was a lot of fun. However, Starlight started to notice that random items would go missing whenever Peanut visited her home. Peanut would claim she had no idea what happened. When Starlight found missing items at Peanut's home, Peanut would claim it fell into her saddle bag by mistake and give it back. When Starlight caught Peanut shoplifting, she told Peanut's mother who grounded the filly, gave back everything she stole and apologized for her daughter. Even after the grounding was up, Peanut had to go to after school therapy sessions. This caused Peanut Brittle to resent Starlight and no longer be her friend.

Starlight then decided to make friends with Key Lime, a pony who was sort of the class clown. The two loved hanging out and laughing together and trading secrets. Then, Starlight found out Key Lime was telling other ponies her secrets and making fun of her behind her back. Starlight got sick of the teasing real quick and decided this was it, no more friends. What's more, she realized that many of her friendships ended over inequality.

The two ponies she's most likely to rekindle a friendship with are Sun Burst and Peanut Brittle. Sun Burst is now a professor at Canterlot University and occasionally wonders about the filly he used to know. Peanut Brittle now realizes she had a problem and really needed professional help. She now lives on a peanut farm where she makes honest money and now wishes she could both thank and apologize to Starlight Glimmer. As for the others: Blue Moon married a wealthy stallion and has two foals who are practically raised by a nanny. Blue Moon is a bored house mare with a small group of "friends" who are just as shallow and self-centered as her. Tumble Free is a professional aerialist who would rather have fans than friends. Prism Dart is Tumble Free's valet and personal lackey, not knowing how to be anything else. Key Lime is currently in hiding due to a string of firecrackers laid beneath the chair of the Prince of Yakastonia, whereabouts unknown.

[[WMG: Starlight didn't get her cutie mark until she was an adult.]]
She was delusional and insecure to begin with, and never getting her cutie mark strengthened this. The main reason for her not making any friends was that she felt that she, a blank-flank, had no right to socialize with regular ponies. As it became increasingly clear that she was an extremely late bloomer, Starlight became obsessed with cutie marks. Her insecurity shifted into resentment, and she began to hate ponies with special talents. On her sixteenth birthday, she ran away alone into the desert and built herself a house. Soon after, she encountered Double Diamond, who had broken his leg in a skiing accident. She brought the injured skier into her house, offering him food and a place to rest. As he slept, Starlight found herself staring angrily at his cutie mark. Her resentment activated the cutie-demarking spell for the first time, draining him of his individuality and earning Starlight her cutie mark. When Double Diamond woke up and asked what had happened, Starlight smiled, picked up a nearby piece of wood, and improvised the lore that became her town's philosophy.

[[WMG: Starlight is a direct descendant of Starswirl the Bearded]]
Both of their names the begin with the word "star",both of them created a spell that can swap cutie marks and are very powerful even by unicorn standards. Her inheriting the magical genes of the most powerful unicorn of Equestrian history would explain how Starlight was able to [[UpToEleven upgrade]] his Time Travel spell, and even rival [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/FriendshipIsMagicTwilightSparkle the Queen of Magic herself]].

[[WMG: Starlight is a reincarnated version of Starswirl the Bearded]]
Add everything already mentioned above about being a descendant, and add in the not-so-subtle allusion from "A Hearth's Warming Tail" that Starlight (well, Snowfall but close enough) rivals Starswirl in magic ability. It may be some event in the future will wake up the Starswirl personality but if this is the case, she's clearly unaware of how important she is. This may be a Long Game that Starswirl was playing to bring himself into the future

Does that mean Starlight is a ...[[LiveActionTelevision/DoctorWho TIME LORD?!?]]

[[WMG:Starlight is now the most powerful pony in Equestria]]
Since Twilight has already ascended to [[EnlightenmentSuperpower alicornhood]] and that we don't know the [[PosthumousCharacter current status]] of Starswirl the Bearded, Starlight is currently the most powerful unicorn in all of Equestria .

[[WMG: Starlight will put her Equalization spell to use for a good cause...]]
As a jailer. It would be a way to punish and neutralize extremely dangerous criminals by making them too weak to break out, and a way to brand them if they somehow do escape. Then when their sentence is served, they get their Mark back.

17th Sep '17 9:33:35 AM nombretomado
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* There's a guess above that says that Twilight has AspergerSyndrome, which is a ball I'll roll with. I'm gonna rate her a 1, since she hasn't done anything that could hurt somepony. Also gonna say she has no trigger.


* There's a guess above that says that Twilight has AspergerSyndrome, UsefulNotes/AspergerSyndrome, which is a ball I'll roll with. I'm gonna rate her a 1, since she hasn't done anything that could hurt somepony. Also gonna say she has no trigger.
10th Sep '17 7:02:24 AM salamidelemi
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** Confirmed. It's "I'll Fly" from Season 5's "Tanks for the Memories".
2nd Sep '17 11:00:04 AM nombretomado
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** So wait, the Mane Cast are {{Alphas}}? Best theory ever.


** So wait, the Mane Cast are {{Alphas}}? Series/{{Alphas}}? Best theory ever.
27th Aug '17 3:35:39 PM Theriocephalus
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* [[WMG/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicPinkiePie Pinkie Pie Guesses go here]]

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[[WMG:If/when ''The Cutie Map'' is dubbed into a language where the stock country dialect retains grammatical inflections lost from the standard dialect, the equalization spell will prevent Applejack from using them.]]
Can't have anypony using more complex grammar in our town.
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