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[[WMG: Meta Knight is secretly [[VideoGame/MetroidPrime Metroid Prime, aka. Dark Samus]].]]

After [[MetroidPrime Corruption]], Dark Samus WAS able to condense with the Supernova explosion of Phaaze into a dense (but weak) version of itself. However, it could not exist for long... until a star warrior from the Kirbyverse strolled by. The star warrior took pity upon the dying creature, so he inhaled it into his being. With this process, the star warrior and Metroid Prime live in tandem now, as the star warrior gives Prime fencing powers, and in exchange colors him blue and [[ImplausibleFencingPowers enhance his sword skills beyond comprehension with the power of Phazon.]] With [[TheVirus Phazon,]] however, there needs to be some protection. Why not make a mask to symbolize the glory days? As long as he keeps on the mask, the Popstar population will be spared from the power of [[MikeNelsonDestroyerOfWorlds Samus]], [[KarmaHoudini and the people of Popstar will never know they house a fugitive]] of EldritchAbomination proportions...


[[WMG: Meta Knight is secretly [[VideoGame/MetroidPrime [[VideoGame/MetroidPrimeTrilogy Metroid Prime, aka. Dark Samus]].]]

After [[MetroidPrime [[VideoGame/MetroidPrime3Corruption Corruption]], Dark Samus WAS able to condense with the Supernova explosion of Phaaze into a dense (but weak) version of itself. However, it could not exist for long... until a star warrior from the Kirbyverse strolled by. The star warrior took pity upon the dying creature, so he inhaled it into his being. With this process, the star warrior and Metroid Prime live in tandem now, as the star warrior gives Prime fencing powers, and in exchange colors him blue and [[ImplausibleFencingPowers enhance his sword skills beyond comprehension with the power of Phazon.]] With [[TheVirus Phazon,]] however, there needs to be some protection. Why not make a mask to symbolize the glory days? As long as he keeps on the mask, the Popstar population will be spared from the power of [[MikeNelsonDestroyerOfWorlds Samus]], [[KarmaHoudini and the people of Popstar will never know they house a fugitive]] of EldritchAbomination proportions...
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''VideoGame/KirbysAdventure'' has its own WMG page [[WMG/KirbysAdventure here]], as do ''VideoGame/KirbysReturnToDreamLand'' ([[WMG/KirbysReturnToDreamLand here]]), ''VideoGame/KirbyTripleDeluxe'' ([[WMG/KirbyTripleDeluxe here]]), ''VideoGame/KirbyAndTheRainbowCurse'' ([[WMG/KirbyAndTheRainbowCurse here]]), ''VideoGame/KirbyPlanetRobobot'' ([[WMG/KirbyPlanetRobobot here]]), and ''VideoGame/KirbyStarAllies'' ([[WMG/KirbyStarAllies here]]).//


''VideoGame/KirbysAdventure'' has its own WMG page [[WMG/KirbysAdventure here]], as do ''VideoGame/KirbysReturnToDreamLand'' ([[WMG/KirbysReturnToDreamLand here]]), ''VideoGame/KirbyTripleDeluxe'' ([[WMG/KirbyTripleDeluxe here]]), ''VideoGame/KirbyAndTheRainbowCurse'' ([[WMG/KirbyAndTheRainbowCurse here]]), ''VideoGame/KirbyPlanetRobobot'' ([[WMG/KirbyPlanetRobobot here]]), and ''VideoGame/KirbyStarAllies'' ([[WMG/KirbyStarAllies here]]).//
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And with 'kirbies', I'm referring to the species in general. There is something going on with Kirby and Meta Knight's species similar to the purple dragons in SpyroTheDragon; however, instead of purple, the favored color is pink in this case. Pink puffballs are extremely uncommon and unlikely to come about, but when they DO pop up, they're the stuff of legends. This explains why of all the available colors for Kirby in multiplayer games, the pink one is always the hero, and how there's no other pink recurring characters except for Galacta Knight, who is also an example; his powers were so great he eventually had to be locked away by NOVA.


And with 'kirbies', I'm referring to the species in general. There is something going on with Kirby and Meta Knight's species similar to the purple dragons in SpyroTheDragon; ''Franchise/SpyroTheDragon''; however, instead of purple, the favored color is pink in this case. Pink puffballs are extremely uncommon and unlikely to come about, but when they DO pop up, they're the stuff of legends. This explains why of all the available colors for Kirby in multiplayer games, the pink one is always the hero, and how there's no other pink recurring characters except for Galacta Knight, who is also an example; his powers were so great he eventually had to be locked away by NOVA.
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Added DiffLines:

[[WMG:The [[VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiBowsersInsideStory Dark Star]] is an artifact of the Ancients]]

Considering an image of it appears on [[spoiler:the Lor Starcutter's sail during the fight with it and Magolor]] in ''VideoGame/KirbysReturnToDreamLand'' and that it carries the star motif (albeit in the ''Mario'' style) and is so hugely powerful like so many other Ancients-linked artifacts, it seems plausible the Dark Star originally crash-landed in the Mushroom Kingdom from ''Kirby'' territory.
16th Sep '17 4:33:30 AM Luigifan
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''VideoGame/KirbysAdventure'' has its own WMG page [[WMG/KirbysAdventure here]], as do ''VideoGame/KirbysReturnToDreamLand'' ([[WMG/KirbysReturnToDreamLand here]]), ''VideoGame/KirbyTripleDeluxe'' ([[WMG/KirbyTripleDeluxe here]]), ''VideoGame/KirbyAndTheRainbowCurse'' ([[WMG/KirbyAndTheRainbowCurse here]]) and ''VideoGame/KirbyPlanetRobobot'' ([[WMG/KirbyPlanetRobobot here]]).


''VideoGame/KirbysAdventure'' has its own WMG page [[WMG/KirbysAdventure here]], as do ''VideoGame/KirbysReturnToDreamLand'' ([[WMG/KirbysReturnToDreamLand here]]), ''VideoGame/KirbyTripleDeluxe'' ([[WMG/KirbyTripleDeluxe here]]), ''VideoGame/KirbyAndTheRainbowCurse'' ([[WMG/KirbyAndTheRainbowCurse here]]) and here]]), ''VideoGame/KirbyPlanetRobobot'' ([[WMG/KirbyPlanetRobobot here]]). here]]), and ''VideoGame/KirbyStarAllies'' ([[WMG/KirbyStarAllies here]]).//
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[[WMG:Zero Two is [[{{Eversion}} Zee Tee]].]]


[[WMG:Zero Two is [[{{Eversion}} [[VideoGame/{{Eversion}} Zee Tee]].]]
17th Jun '17 12:17:02 AM Rorosilky5
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** Again, that webcomic isn't canon. In ''Planet Robobot'', he has yellow eyes, but what does that mean?


* ''Brawl in the Family'' isn't canon. Either that, or maybe that it's [[spoiler:TheStinger of the Extra Game in ''VideoGame/KirbysDreamLand''.]]

[[WMG: Kirby is actually [[spoiler: a piece of Dark Matter]].]]


[[WMG: Kirby is actually [[spoiler: a [[spoiler:a piece of Dark Matter]].]]

''Triple Deluxe'': Kirby meets Dedede for the first time in this game, and has not yet come into conflict with him. He sees an innocent life, and wants to protect it because he's such a friendly guy. Later, King Dedede returns to explore Floarald and accidentally meets Dark Meta Knight, who was not actually destroyed at the end of ''Amazing Mirror''. Since Dark Mind was defeated in ''Amazing Mirror'', the evil was purged from the Mirror World, so Dark Meta Knight decided to conquer Dream Land instead, but is defeated. Since Dark Meta Knight was badly injured in ''Amazing Mirror'', he is bloody in this game. Additionally, Dedede destroys the mirror at the end, permanently cutting off contact with the Mirror World.


''Triple Deluxe'': Kirby meets Dedede for the first time in this game, and has not yet come into conflict with him. He sees an innocent life, and wants to protect it because he's such a friendly guy. Later, King Dedede returns to explore Floarald Floralia and accidentally meets Dark Meta Knight, who was not actually destroyed at the end of ''Amazing Mirror''. Since Dark Mind was defeated in ''Amazing Mirror'', the evil was purged from the Mirror World, so Dark Meta Knight decided to conquer Dream Land instead, but is defeated. Since Dark Meta Knight was badly injured in ''Amazing Mirror'', he is bloody in this game. Additionally, Dedede destroys the mirror at the end, permanently cutting off contact with the Mirror World.


*** What about ''Planet Robobot''? Where does it take place in the timeline? Maybe after ''64''?
16th Jun '17 9:25:22 AM Rorosilky5
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* Although... we are getting a [[VideoGame/KirbyAndTheRainbowCurse sculptress who can make clay objects come to life]]. [[spoiler:Though she's actually being possessed by a huge, multicolored clay monster. May that guy is TheDragon of Craft?]]


* Although... we are getting a [[VideoGame/KirbyAndTheRainbowCurse sculptress who can make clay objects come to life]]. [[spoiler:Though she's actually being possessed by a huge, multicolored clay monster. May Maybe that guy is TheDragon of Craft?]]
16th Jun '17 9:22:23 AM Rorosilky5
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Also, if you pay attention to Kirby to when Kirby lands, he always produces a star on impact. The stars the bosses produce when stomping around and


Also, if you pay attention to Kirby to when Kirby lands, he always produces a star on impact. The stars the bosses produce when stomping around andand various other actions? ''Solid force'', either they do not realize they are doing it or simply cannot help it. Kirby weaponizes it regardless. The warp stars might be akin to the natural flow of energy through the universe which can be manipulated for a traveler's benefit at points. How he calls warp stars with a ''cellphone'' might also suggest the universe itself is alive on some level and Kirby has learned to speak to and influence certain channels of it.

[[WMG: The bosses of Kirby Super Star each have specific origins (using Anime as basis).]]
'''My guesses:'''

Whispy Woods: The ruler of the Whispy Woods. The first tree in the forest is Acore, who is Whispy Woods's best friend. King Dedede seeks to cut down Whispy Woods and turn his Whispy Woods into a golf course.

Lololo and Lalala: Two monsters created from one (Lola).

Kracko: The original was a monster from [[Anime/KirbyRightBackAtYa NME]]. After his death, Dedede had Escargoon brew up some monster formula and the steam became a new Kracko.

Dedede: A 300 year old penguin king of Dreamland.

Kawasaki: Bad chef...

Bonkers: Escaped ape from a zoo. Fan of Kirby.

Bugzzy: Monster created by Nightmare. He made multiple.

Mr. Frosty: Monster created by Nightmare. Sent to Dreamland while Meta Knight was blowing up Nightmare's fortress (same class as Mekkai).

Poppy Bros. Sr.: Originally a Poppy Bros. Jr. sent to Dreamland by Nightmare. It was injected with Escargoon's monster serum making it bigger.

Iron Mam: ???

Dyna Blade: Ancient bird who's protective of her chicks.

Fatty Whale: A fat blue whale that lives in a lake underneath Dreamland.

Computer Virus: A set of computer windows featuring an RPG.

Chameleo Arm: A light colored creature that can change colors. It can mimic the surrounding area through its color change.

Wham Bam Rock: A brown stone idol.

Whispy Woods: Same as before.

Twin Woods: The angry trees of Whispy Woods seeking vengance on Kirby for defeating their master twice.

Main Cannon 2: One of the two main cannons of the Halberd.

Heavy Lobster: Replica of the robotic monster sent by Nightmare against the first Halberd.

Reactor: Reactor to the Halberd. Runs on Wheelies.

Meta Knights: Sir Meta Knight's elite gaurd.

Sir Meta Knight: Member of Kirby's species... May have been split off from the monster that rebelled against Nightmare by Slice and Splice.

Twin Woods: Brown leafed rulers of Floria.

Fatty Whale: A fat red whale that rules Aquarius.

Kracko: One of Nightmare's monsters. Of the exact same blue colored breed of Kracko that once attacked Dreamland on Nightmare's orders (as opposed to the whiter variant accidentally created by Escargoon).

Chameleo Arm: A darker variant of the previous Chameleo Arm. Gaurds the star on Hotbeat.

Wham Bam Rock: A reddish stone idol. Gaurds the star on Cavius.

Heavy Lobster Mk II: Advanced titanium variant on Nightmare's normal golden Heavy Lobsters. Found guarding the Heavy Lobster manufacturing plant on Nightmare's second golden fortress Mekkai.

Computer Virus: Another set of computer windows featuring an RPG.

Galactic Nova Nucleus: Core of the wish granting comet Nova.

Marx: Powerful sorcerer. Tricked the sun and moon to fight each other then used Kirby to summon Nova to get it to conquer Dreamland.

Phan Phan: Rogue monster that escaped from Nightmare; it initially moved to Whispy Woods only to be drawn to Poison Plants and tamed by Dedede.

Whispy Woods Revenge: Was most likely an apple from the Whispy Woods injected with Escargoon's monster serum.

Fire Lion: An illusion created by the Illusion Isles.

Lololo and Lalala's Revenge: Dark Meta Knight most likely split Lololo and Lalala individually into two during one of his visits resulting in two Lololos (a blue one and a purple one) and two Lalalas (a pink one and an orange one). Dedede most likely shipped the two extra ones to the Illusion Isles for later use.

Kracko's Revenge: Remnants of Nightmare's own Kracko most likely were injected with Escargoon's monster serum creating an even stronger Kracko than the one that the monster serum created from steam.

Kabula: A powerful blimp created by Escargoon.

Tick Tock: Robot created by Escargoon.

Grand Wheelie: Once a Wheelie created by Nightmare, it was found by Dedede and injected with Escargoon's monster serum.

Twin Fire Lions: Created from either dumping monster serum into a fire or by injecting a cat with monster serum or both in an attempt to recreate [[Anime/KirbyRightBackAtYa NME]]'s own Fire Lion.

Masked Dedede: King Dedede wants revenge against Kirby. He gets kicked out of the castle and moves to the Dark Castle where he'll inevitably be possessed by Dark Matter.

Galacta Knight: Is likely the monster that rebelled against Nightmare. He most likely was sealed away and weakened by having Slice and Splice split off Meta Knight and later Kirby from him.

Wham Bam Jewel: King of the civilization that created the Wham Bam Rocks.

Marx Soul: Marx absorbed pieces of Nova before Meta Knight repaired it and became Marx Soul.

[[WMG:All of the Kirby games fit into one coherent timeline.]]
After seeing a few videos about what the Mario timeline could be, I started wondering if Kirby could be put into one timeline, and I think I’ve done just that. Be warned: This is a long one, and there are spoilers. Also, I've skipped over most of the spin-offs, Arena modes, and minigames, since they don't usually have much of a story.

Kirby’s Dream Land is obviously the first in the timeline. It was the first time someone stood up to King Dedede, it was Kirby’s first adventure, and most importantly, Kirby couldn’t use Copy Abilities yet. As you’ll see, Kirby’s Copy Ability will continue to be important throughout this timeline.

Anyway, moving on to Kirby’s Dream Land 2, which is the first game in the Dark Matter Trilogy. It’s also Kirby’s first time using Copy Abilities, so as you’d expect, he has a limited amount of them to choose from. However, teaming up with his new animal friends changes what his Copy Abilities do, which helps to diversify his attacks.

Naturally, Kirby’s Dream Land 3 is next, and it's the second game in the Dark Matter Trilogy. This time around, the main antagonist is 0, the leader and source of all Dark Matter. Of course, Kirby defeats him, but like the previous game, he didn’t do it alone. Not only did he have Gooey and the same three animal friends from Dream Land 2, but he also met even more animal friends, giving him more options with his Copy Abilities. This gives Kirby an idea: If he can combine his ability with someone else's, can he combine two of his abilities?

This leads to the events of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, which marks the end of the Dark Matter Trilogy. At the end of this game, Kirby fights the resurrection of 0, now known as 02. Kirby defeats him again, this time for good. There’s also a Waddle Dee that helps Kirby throughout this adventure who would become the blue-bandana-wearing, spear-wielding Waddle Dee we see in later games.

After Kirby 64, Kirby decides to ditch the idea of combining abilities and just focus on improving single abilities. Also, after finding out that his Cutter ability had gone from conjuring a blade to throwing his own face, Kirby decided to have a hat that came with a blade on top for Cutter. While he was at it, he gave nearly every other Copy Ability a hat too. This leads to Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. As of this game, Kirby has uncovered 17 more Copy Abilities to use, but most of them are still only relegated to a single attack. Also noteworthy is that this is Meta Knight’s first appearance, and he’ll continue to be a prominent character from this point forward.

The power of Kirby’s Copy Ability continues to grow, as we see in Kirby Super Star. He’s still finding new Copy Abilities, and the ones he already had gain new skills, reaching a whole new level of complexity. On top of that, Kirby starts temporarily recruiting enemies he’s defeated to help him fight, which he won’t do again for some time. Super Star was split into various sub-games, but we can assume most of them happened around the same time because Kirby’s Copy Abilities do the same things in all of them. In fact, they take place in this exact order: Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight, & Milky Way Wishes. I’ll explain how I know this later. For now, let’s move on to the next game:

Kirby Mass Attack. This is one of the games where Kirby is unable to use his Copy Ability, which is because he’s been split into 10 tiny versions of himself. By the time Kirby uses his Copy Abilities again, they’ll have noticeably regressed due to lack of use. This is also why he lost the ability to automatically switch to his various forms after Milky Way Wishes. You might be asking yourself “Shouldn’t this take place after Kirby: Squeak Squad, since Daroach from that game appears in this one and he’s no longer an enemy?” Actually, Daroach never mentions the events of Squeak Squad, and he even introduces himself to the Kirbys in this game. This implies that this is the first time they’ve met.

Next up, we have Kirby: Canvas Curse, which is the only game in this timeline where the gameplay is radically different from regular Kirby games, yet he can still use Copy Abilities. Since Mass Attack caused his skills to regress, though, he’s at a level that’s similar, but not the same as Dream Land 2. He has a limited selection of Copy Abilities that can only do one kind of attack, but the abilities Kirby has to choose from are mostly different.

Thanks to having access to his Copy Abilities during Canvas Curse, Kirby is more powerful during his next adventure, Kirby: Squeak Squad. In this game, Kirby’s former friend Daroach becomes his newest enemy, and Meta Knight rebuilds the Halberd after it was destroyed in the events of Revenge of Meta Knight. By the end of Squeak Squad, the Halberd is still fully intact, which will be important later on.

Afterwards, Kirby & the Amazing Mirror takes place, which has Dark Meta Knight, Meta Knight’s Mirror World counterpart, split Kirby into four. He was more powerful than in Squeak Squad before the split, but now his Copy Ability is at about the same level again. After the events of Amazing Mirror, Kirby became whole again. Since all four Kirbys had been using Copy Abilities throughout Amazing Mirror, Kirby becomes even stronger when reunited.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe is the next game. This is one of two points in the timeline where Kirby’s Copy Ability is at the height of its power. In this game, Kirby’s house and King Dedede’s castle are lifted into the sky by the Dreamstalk, an enormous plant dropped by the people of Floralia. The reason it was dropped was to get the attention of a hero to save them from their ruler: Queen Sectonia, the game’s main antagonist. Meanwhile, Queen Sectonia has her henchman Taranza kidnap the hero, which he mistakes King Dedede for. Towards the end, he realizes his mistake and has Dedede don a mask and a high-tech hammer to fight Kirby. Also note that the Waddle Dee from Kirby 64 has started sporting that bandana, but he’s not shown using a spear yet.

After Triple Deluxe comes Kirby’s Epic Yarn, where we see that, like Mass Attack, Kirby’s Copy Ability has regressed from not being used. However, since Epic Yarn has Kirby constantly changing and turning into different objects, he doesn’t regress nearly as much this time. He’s down to Super Star level by the end of it, rather than a pseudo-Dream Land 2 level. Another important thing to note is that Meta Knight still has the rebuilt Halberd from Squeak Squad.

After Epic Yarn, Meta Knight decides to go on a quest of his own. He’s been beaten many times by Kirby, once by Dark Meta Knight, and now he’s been under the control of Epic Yarn’s antagonist, Yin-Yarn. He needed reassurance that he was a strong warrior, and that reassurance came in the form of the Kirby Super Star Ultra sub-game Meta Knightmare Ultra. He went through all the same levels, enemies, and bosses that Kirby did during the events of Super Star, even going as far as to sink the Halberd again, just to prove his strength. He even does it all in the same order as Kirby: Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight, & Milky Way Wishes.

Of course, this means that Meta Knight would have to fight King Dedede as well. This has Dedede feeling even worse than Meta Knight. He’s been beaten by Kirby, Taranza, Yin-Yarn, and now Meta Knight. This also gives him a strong desire to prove his worth, which leads to Kirby: Triple Deluxe’s secondary campaign, Dededetour. Dedede hears that Queen Sectonia and her minions have been resurrected, now stronger than ever. He uses this as an opportunity to not only prove his strength, but to take over Floralia and gain access to more troops and resources. After defeating Sectonia, Dark Meta Knight makes a surprise return, seeking revenge. Dedede defeats him, and this victory gives him newfound confidence.

This confidence leads him to recreate that mask and high-tech hammer he used when he was under Taranza’s control, rebuild his army, and challenge Kirby to one last fight. This kicks off the events of the other sub-game introduced in Super Star Ultra, Revenge of the King. Kirby knows that fighting Dedede will be a lot more difficult this time, so he once again resorts to recruiting defeated enemies. Near the end of it, Bandana Waddle Dee is forced to fight Kirby, and realizes how weak he is when Kirby effortlessly wins. Kirby also wins in his fight against Masked Dedede directly after.

The next game in the timeline is Kirby’s Return to Dream Land. Kirby’s once again at the height of his power, King Dedede decides that if you can’t beat them, join them, Meta Knight has a newfound love of adventuring, and Bandana Waddle Dee has trained himself to fight with a spear. The game’s plot kicks off when Magolor, a wizard from another planet named Halcandra, crash-lands his ship into Dream Land and asks Kirby, Dedede, Meta Knight, and Waddle Dee to help him find the missing pieces. Towards the end, Magolor obtains the Master Crown and reveals himself as the game’s main antagonist. Kirby and friends destroy him before he can fulfill his evil scheme.

Next up is Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, a game in which, unlike Canvas Curse, Kirby cannot use his Copy Ability. This makes it yet another regression, but like Epic Yarn, being able to transform allows him to stay at Super Star level. After that game, Kirby decides to train himself back to his prime, and Magolor, back from the dead and now on friendlier terms with Kirby, helps him with that. He builds a set of various obstacle courses. The first three are made for his Super Star skill level. Magolor has King Dedede challenge Kirby to see who can eat the most food and reach the goal first, setting into motion the only remaining sub-game from Kirby Super Star, Gourmet Race. The remaining 13 obstacle courses are to maintain Kirby’s power once it’s at its highest point, and Kirby’s racing rival is Magolor himself this time. Thus, the timeline concludes at Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition’s New Challenge Stages.

To recap:
* Kirby’s Dream Land
* Kirby’s Dream Land 2
* Kirby’s Dream Land 3
* Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
* Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
* Spring Breeze (Kirby Super Star)
* Dyna Blade (Kirby Super Star)
* The Great Cave Offensive (Kirby Super Star)
* Revenge of Meta Knight (Kirby Super Star)
* Milky Way Wishes (Kirby Super Star)
* Kirby Mass Attack
* Kirby: Canvas Curse
* Kirby: Squeak Squad
* Kirby & the Amazing Mirror
* Story Mode (Kirby: Triple Deluxe)
* Kirby’s Epic Yarn
* Meta Knightmare Ultra (Kirby Super Star Ultra)
* Dededetour (Kirby: Triple Deluxe)
* Revenge of the King (Kirby Super Star Ultra)
* Kirby’s Return to Dream Land
* Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
* Gourmet Race (Kirby Super Star)
* New Challenge Stages (Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition)

I’ll refrain from placing Kirby: Planet Robobot until the full game is out and I know all about it, but for now, it seems to take place after New Challenge Stages. Kirby is at full power, and still finding new Copy Abilities. His new mech can use his Copy Abilities in a functionally different way, which is pretty similar to the Animal Friends. This seems to hint that Kirby is once again starting to experiment with how his Copy Abilities work. Meta Knightmare Returns probably takes place soon after.

** This is good, but there are some [[CriticalResearchFailure errors]] regarding this theory:
--> 1. Daroache's theme in Mass Attack is called "Daroache Reunion," meaning that he has already met Kirby (or in this case the Kirbies) before. At no point does Daroache get to introduce himself in Squeak Squad, so if he was starting over, this would be the best time to "properly" introduce himself.
--> 2. Aren't Spring Breeze and the first game practically the one and the same? Both of them involve Dedede stealing all the food in Dream Land.
--> 3. One of Stone Kirby's transformations in Triple Deluxe is a statue of both Marx ''and'' Magolor. So how could Kirby turn into a statue of the two of them, if he never knew the second? So I would probably restructure it like this:

* Kirby’s Dream Land / Spring Breeze (Kirby Super Star)
* Kirby’s Dream Land 2
* Kirby’s Dream Land 3
* Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
* Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
* Dyna Blade (Kirby Super Star)
* The Great Cave Offensive (Kirby Super Star)
* Revenge of Meta Knight (Kirby Super Star)
* Milky Way Wishes (Kirby Super Star)
* Kirby: Squeak Squad
* Kirby: Canvas Curse
* Kirby Mass Attack
* Meta Knightmare Ultra (Kirby Super Star Ultra)
* Kirby’s Return to Dream Land
* Kirby & the Amazing Mirror
* Story Mode (Kirby: Triple Deluxe)
* Kirby’s Epic Yarn
* Dededetour (Kirby: Triple Deluxe)
* Revenge of the King (Kirby Super Star Ultra)
* Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
* Gourmet Race (Kirby Super Star)
* New Challenge Stages (Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition)
* Kirby Planet Robobot


[[folder:Grand Unifying Guesses]]

[[WMG:Dark Matter is the/a Major Villain in all Nintendo Games.]]
Hopefully this is in the right place, perhaps it goes in Grand Unifying Guesses? At any rate.

In Kirby's Super Star, the Great Cave Offensive, Kirby comes across items from various Nintendo worlds. For example, he finds Captain Falcon's Helmet, the Screw Attack, a Mister Saturn, and a piece of the Triforce. This could mean that the Kirby World is connected to all of these worlds, and most likely ALL Nintendo worlds.

And why shouldn't it be? It's Dream Land after all, it's literally the land of dreams. And Nightmares. It's not impossible that Dreamland is the world that connects all other Nintendo worlds together. What one character could dream about could easily be what is actually happening in another world. Say a kid, Ness perhaps, dreams that he's some kind of legendary hero who has to claim a legendary sword to destroy a monstrous evil, while in the Zelda world, Link dreams he has a loving family and friends and none of the typical nightmare fuel that he has to deal with on a daily basis.

Now, granted, the above example is a little wonky; after all, Ness is a legendary hero who has to destroy a monstrous evil, but who's to say he didn't have that dream before his adventure began? And in many cases Link does have a family, but there are a few instances where they seem a tad absent.

Moving back to the point, Dark Matter is the Source of ALL evils in the world of Nintendo, taking on different forms depending on the universe that it ends up inhabiting, in order to make the best use of its powers and sow whatever havoc and evil that it can before it is destroyed, sealed, or temporarily removed, whatever the case may be. Some Probable Dark Matter Suspects from across the universes:

Metroid: Phazon

Mario: Darkstar, Shadow Queen, Dimentio
** Ultimate evil of Mario? Really? Bowser would like a word with you.
*** Except that Bowser opposed both the Dark Star and Dimentio on the grounds that they wanted to wreck the entire world, and likely would have opposed the Shadow Queen for the same reason had he known about her. He wants to ''rule'' the world, not see it destroyed! (Except in ''Yoshi's Island DS'', where he wanted to destroy the universe and then rebuild it as his galactic empire, but that was probably undone because it involved time travel.)

Pokemon: Missingno, Dark Rust

Custom Robo: Rahu

Mother Series: Giygas

Kirby: Marx, Zero, Nightmare
* Zero's not being manipulated by Dark Matter. Zero's essentially Dark Matter's brain.

Zelda: Majora. Vaati also applies after he gets his powers (presumably after a deal with Dark Matter). It also helps that he ends up looking a lot like Dark Matter in both of his OneWingedAngel forms and remains looking like that in his further appearances.
* You forgot Dark Link. If he could make Dark Metaknight, couldn't he make Dark LINK??

So... On the Whole, he leans towards Eldritch Abominations. Fun Times.

* Eh, not Dimentio. Dimentio is probably affiliated with him, though.
** Dark Matter would be closer to the Chaos Heart, not Dimentio.


[[WMG:Kirby is the Strongest Character in Nintendo Canon]]
Basically related to all those "Kirby is an Eldritch Abomination" turned good guesses up there, but it's less Turned Good as it is Born Good. Kirby is Dark Matter's equal and opposite number ([[strike:Miracle]] Bright Matter?), and as such works against him whenever he pops up.

Now, as to Kirby being an idiot if he's the equal and opposite? He's not so much idiotic as he is extremely childish, with all the good and bad that can entail.
** If he is the strongest character, then let's see him take on Giygas.
*** He'd probably win, actually.
*** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ts-6BMCusCY Please don't suggest that.]]
*** You cannot grasp the true form of Kirby's attack!

[[WMG:Dark Matter is the very source of ''all'' {{Eldritch Abomination}}s in Video Games]]
In addition to traveling through space, it can travel through dimensions, taking on various forms and turning into all of [[EldritchAbomination/VideoGames these guys]].

[[WMG:Zero Two is [[{{Eversion}} Zee Tee]].]]
Well, Zee Tee is, phonetically, ZT, which can stand for Zero Two, which seems to be a more canonical spelling than Zero Squared, even though the NUMBER is written as Zero Squared. Zero Two is likely what happens when you Evert to X-9.
* Wouldn't that mean that the final levels in the Kirby games are in X-9? Come to think of it, what if Kirby everts using warp stars, and every world in each game is an eversion level that we don't see in Eversion? And then wouldn't that imply that Dark Matter is actually the result of the alternate-universe shadows from X-9 of normal people and things from X-1 traveling through the multiverse to make every world the same as X-9?

[[WMG:Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright are the origins of Lunatone and Solrock.]]
Is there any better explanation?
* Specifically, Solrock and Lunatone are fragments of Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright rained down onto Dream Land when they fought in Milky Way Wishes. This makes Pop Star the Pokémon world in the distant past.
* And Dittos are evolutions of Kirby?

[[WMG: Kirby is related to the [[ShadowRaiders Beast Planet]].]]
It's hinted in the anime that Kirby may contain a black hole or alternate dimension inside of him, and everything he inhales goes there. This sounds familiar...

[[WMG:Galacta Knight -- the FinalBoss of Meta Knight's story mode in KSSU -- is an Angel from Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion.]]
* First, he has a blatant core: his body.
* Second, if you look closely, you can see a cross on his shield, and his visor is a cross. Keeping in mind the symbolism factor...
* Third, NOVA summoned the "most powerful warrior in the galaxy". As we all know, each of the Angels is "TheJuggernaut", among other things.
* Therefore, Galacta Knight must be a member of the Kirby-verse's race of Angels. The difference between them and NGE's? The Kirby-verse ''beat them''.

[[WMG:The planned Wii Kirby game that became VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Brawl would have been a remake of/sequel to Kirby Super Star]]
The Halberd is such a major presence in the Subspace Emissary, and we all know that the general level design is pretty Kirby-ish. (Just look at the Wheelies -- um, Roaders). Finally, there's the upgraded cutscenes in Kirby Super Star Ultra, probably originally planned for the Wii version. We did get our Kirby game after all!
* If your partner goes too far off-screen, they return to you just like the partners in Kirby Super Star. And Sakurai created both Brawl and Kirby.
* One more: The first [[Franchise/{{Metroid}} Ridley]] fight is an ''extremely blatant'' Dynablade reskin.
** How is Ridley a Dynablade reskin? The only attack he has that is even similar to one of Dynablade's is the one where he flies up and rushes towards the screen, and that was already sort of used in ''Super Metroid'', except it didn't do damage in that game.
* Confirmed: We got ''Videogame/KirbysReturnToDreamland'' instead in 2011.

[[WMG:Meta Knight is a [[KingdomHearts nobody.]]]]
This Meta Knight, however, is well-intentioned; he is the one you see trying to help the player. The Meta Knight you see doing evil things is actually his Heartless.
* You got the right evidence to the wrong theory. This evidence proves Meta Knight is actually Riku, and Kirby is Sora.

[[WMG:Zero is a [[Franchise/MassEffect Reaper]].]]
Think about it. He assumes control of Dark Matter as its benefactor, seemingly coming from Dark Space which itself possesses various inhabitants and life forms from Pop Star and "augments" them to suit its needs (as in the case of King Dedede). This is proven in Kirby 64, where they processed living animals in the Shiver Star factory to create Miracle Matter (who also acts as another form of Dark Matter, and consequently Zero), similar to how the Collectors were harvesting humans to create a [[EldritchAbomination Human-Reaper]]. The Heart Rod and Power Crystal are seen as a threat to them, as they are the only artifacts that can effectively purge Dark Matter from living organisms without harming them. Also, Gooey is of the same kind as Dark Matter, but much like the Geth, Gooey is perhaps able to resist the "indoctrination" of his kind.
* Then who's acting as Commander Shepard?
** Kirby.
** Nago.
** [[MemeticMutation Kirby]].
*** Both Kirby and Commander Shepard like to dance!
* Oddly enough, King Dedede shares the same administrative functions as Ambassador Udina in ''Franchise/MassEffect'' in that he only acts as a figurehead, and is also misunderstood in terms of motive at times. Yet, he doesn't seem to have a Council to answer to, and nobody seems to care what he does...
** He's getting there. They've only met the Queen Fairy of Ripple Star, whose fairy denizens are pretty much the [[AmazonBrigade Asari]] in Kirby.
* Warp Stars have their own natural occurring [[MinovskyPhysics Element Zero]] properties, which explains how Kirby is able to hop from star to star in ''Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards'' without a need of a Mass Relay. This also explains why Kirby prefers using Warps Stars to various fastidious [[CoolStarship Cool Starship]]s in ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Brawl''.
* Zero's [[http://kirby.wikia.com/wiki/File:Kirby%27s_Dream_Land_3_%28U%29005.png final form]] in ''Dreamland 3'' is enticement of the [[http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Oculus Oculus]] in ''VideoGame/MassEffect2''.

[[WMG:Dark Matter is a Homonculus, aka, [[Manga/FullmetalAlchemist Father]], and the entire Kirby story takes place beyond someone's gate.]]
Look at the two, and tell me they aren't similar.

[[WMG: Galacta Knight is a [[Franchise/{{Digimon}} Jogress]] between a [[KnightInShiningArmor Dukemon/Gallantmon]] and an AU Kirby.]]
In an alternate universe, Kirby was fighting the computer virus when it suddenly glitched up and sucked Kirby in. Kirby landed in the Digital World and the first thing he met is a Dukemon who asked Kirby who he is and where he came from. Kirby responded with the standard suck and [[PowerCopying Mega Man]] solution, but instead of borrowing Dukemon's powers, he [[FusionDance Jogressed]] with him. The result is Galacta Knight, who wears white armor thanks to Dukemon's overly white color scheme, a hot pink body thanks to a mixture of Kirby's pink and Dukemon's red, Dukemon's set of weapons and a few of his abilities, horns due to Dukemon's originally dragon nature, and a pair of wings that were somehow taken from Dukemon's Crimson Mode. Since Kirby is the base, Galacta Knight is not a Digimon, but since the result was from a Jogress, Kirby cannot spit the powers out either. With his newfound power, Galacta Knight ripped a hole through the space-time continuum and ended up back in his world, or so he thought. Before Galacta Knight could even realize he was in an alternate version of his world, he was sealed for his tremendous power, only to eventually be challenged by Meta Knight.

[[WMG: Kirby is from the ''TheMrMenShow''.]]
I guess he is Mr. Hungry or Mr. Copycat.

[[WMG: Dark Matter is [[LordOfTheRings Sauron]].]]
At the end of the Third Age, Sauron lost his physical form, and the ability to produce one. But, through strange eons, even death may die; and so, millions of years after the War of the Ring, Sauron returns to "life", but as a new creature. This body is now made of Dark Matter, and while his MindControl powers and [[NightOfTheLivingMooks his ability to raise the dead]] are intact, he gains some [[DarkIsEdgy sweet]] [[BodyHorror new]] [[BloodyMurder powers]] on the side.
** Assuming that Dark Mind is a form of Dark Matter, this is further supported by the fact that his final form looks like Sauron's eye.

[[WMG: The entire Kirby universe is a depiction of what happens "when the stars are right" in the CthulhuMythos]]
From ''The Call of Cthulhu'': "They were not composed altogether of flesh and blood. They had shape...but that shape was not made of matter. When the stars were right, They could plunge from world to world through the sky..." The Kirby universe takes place during one of these time periods, and the Warp Stars represent the incomprehensible means by which eldritch entities move from world to world.

This theory implies that nearly every creature in the Kirby universe that are not limited to living on a single planet, from the lowliest Waddle Dee to Dark Matter itself, is in fact a monster that would reduce the human mind to gibbering madness if we were to ever behold their true forms; fortunately, the games greatly reduce their complexity in order to be playable by mere humans. Some of the bosses that only appear in one game and in one location, however, might be mundane, physical beings capable of [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu punching out]] {{eldritch abomination}}s, which is why, unlike most creatures in the Kirby universe, they ''stay dead'' after they are killed (for the rest, the phrase "through strange eons, even death may die" comes to mind).

This would nicely explain why the planets in the "Pop Star System" vary from game to game: ''there is no Pop Star System''. Whenever we see a collection of planets Kirby can fly to (as in ''VideoGame/KirbySuperstar'' and ''VideoGame/Kirby64TheCrystalShards''), this is merely a two- or three-dimensional simplification of the worlds he is capable of reaching based on the current position of the stars, which may be millions of light years apart in physical space, and, more likely than not, do not even exist in the same universe (which would explain why many of these planets take on bizarre shapes that could not exist in our reality). As the stars are constantly in motion, this set of planets regularly shifts. Notably, this collection of planets once included [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bf_eumWpMM a post-apocalyptic frozen Earth in which robots had taken over]].

[[WMG: Meta Knight is secretly [[VideoGame/MetroidPrime Metroid Prime, aka. Dark Samus]].]]

After [[MetroidPrime Corruption]], Dark Samus WAS able to condense with the Supernova explosion of Phaaze into a dense (but weak) version of itself. However, it could not exist for long... until a star warrior from the Kirbyverse strolled by. The star warrior took pity upon the dying creature, so he inhaled it into his being. With this process, the star warrior and Metroid Prime live in tandem now, as the star warrior gives Prime fencing powers, and in exchange colors him blue and [[ImplausibleFencingPowers enhance his sword skills beyond comprehension with the power of Phazon.]] With [[TheVirus Phazon,]] however, there needs to be some protection. Why not make a mask to symbolize the glory days? As long as he keeps on the mask, the Popstar population will be spared from the power of [[MikeNelsonDestroyerOfWorlds Samus]], [[KarmaHoudini and the people of Popstar will never know they house a fugitive]] of EldritchAbomination proportions...

[[WMG: Kirby is a Furling]]

Kirby's species needs a name.

The '[[Series/StargateSG1 Furling]]' name needs a species.

[[InsaneTrollLogic Coincedence?]]

[[WMG:Kirby is a [[Series/DoctorWho Time Lord]].]]

Just a very, very strange one.

[[WMG:Bandanna Waddle Dee is a [[Series/DoctorWho Time Lord]].]]
Crazy? Yes. Evidence? Maybe.
In Super Star Ultra, you fight Bandanna Waddle Dee, and kill him. However, he reappears to cheer for Dedede the very next fight. Many use this as evidence of Kirby not killing his foes. But what if there's a different explanation? I can think of two:
* Another Waddle Dee put on a blue bandanna. [[NiceHat It's just an accessory]], after all. ''Any'' waddle dee ''could'' have put one on.
* [[TitleDrop Bandanna Waddle Dee is a Time Lord]]. Now hang on here, [[TimeyWimeyBall this might get confusing]].
** The one Kirby fights [[KilledOffForReal actually dies]]; the one in the crowd is actually from the killed one's past. Crowd Bandanna Dee is actually there; being the version from that time. Heck, he might have even got the [[NiceHat bandanna]] idea right then. [[StableTimeLoop From himself]]!
** The one Kirby kills is from the future - hence he ''knows'' Kirby as a friend and doesn't do anything to harm him (Hey, he would have his spear by that point!). Waddle Dee still being what he is, goes down easily. If he's fought normally, it fits that he's now more durable than other Waddle Dees from having at least one full-scale quest with Kirby. If he's inhaled in this fight... well, that makes anything his size into a OneHitWonder, now doesn't it?
** If so, Kirby also [[NiceJobBreakingItHero unknowingly killed his future friend]] in the past. [[YouHaveGotToBeKiddingMe Whoops!]]

[[WMG: Shiver Star was the result of two things in two separate {{Alternate Universe}}s that created a nuclear winter]]
* [[VideoGame/{{Extermination}} The bacterial virus HO213 broke out in Fort Stewart within Antarctica that spread throughout the world via water and created a ZombieApocalypse while increasing Global Warming.]]
* [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamCharsCounterattack Char Aznable succeeding in dropping Axis onto the Earth for the purpose of forcing the inhabitants to move into space colonies.]]

[[WMG:The "Evil Eye" enemies from the VideoGame/{{Touhou}} series are a form of Dark Matter.]]
Other then a similar outward appearance that normal evil eyes have to dark matter (being black spheres with a single eyeball), the extra boss of Touhou 2, Evil Eye Sigma, bears a significant resemblance to 0 itself, possessing a halo as well as two wings and tentacles at its base, and is fought in a featureless void similar to the Hyper Zone.
* Furthermore, in later games, evil eyes gain four tendrils that strongly resemble the petal-like ones that conventional dark matter possesses.

[[WMG: Dark Matter and other Eldritch abominations are from the [[Literature/{{Discworld}} Dungeon Dimensions]].]]

The laws of physics in the vicinity of Pop Star really seem to more of guidelines. I argue reality is fairly weak in that region due to how much magic is around and how bizarre all the life is. Thus, the manifestation of horrible things from outside of spacetime is simply something to be expected.

[[WMG:[[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Kyubey]] is an incarnation/aspect of Zero.]]
Just look at him! White skin, {{red eyes|TakeWarning}}, bizarre creature in a seemingly cutesy world [[spoiler:that operates under the principles of a HiveMind]]... Maybe Zero thought he'd be more successful if he went from a SugarBowl to a straight-up CrapsaccharineWorld. Or maybe Kyubey is a portion of Zero that went rogue (similar to Gooey in regards to Dark Matter), but hasn't quite been able to entirely stave off Zero's influence, hence [[spoiler:the LackOfEmpathy and [[WellIntentionedExtremist Kyubey's plan on how to save the universe]]]].


[[folder: Misc/Unsorted]]

[[WMG:Galacta Knight is Kirby from the future.]]
Who else would the greatest warrior in the galaxy be? Even as a kid, Kirby's destroyed everything that's dared to get in his way. As he grew older, his power became greater until it was decided that he should be sealed away for fear that he would inadvertently destroy Pop Star.
* How is it possible that Galacta is Kirby from the ''future'' if he was clearly sealed up in the ''past'' before Kirby's time? Unless it involves TimeTravel or some other complex, paradoxical theory...
* [[http://fav.me/d2vucws This]] fanfiction elaborates on this idea [[spoiler: about half-way through]]
* Or Galacta Knight is ''Meta Knight'' from the future, having grown much more powerful (and having taken his WellIntentionedExtremist bent a bit too far). Meta Knight will become the next Galacta Knight as described in a theory below, and TimeTravel will then make him the current Galacta Knight.
** Alternate theory: Galacta Knight is Meta Knight's former Mentor turned evil.
*** Alternate Alternate theory: [[RunningGag Galacta Knight is Meta Knight and Kirby fused together by a Dark Matter-corrupted Scarfy.]]
*** Yet another alternate theory: Galacta Knight is Kirby's Father. Or Meta Knight's father. Or both.
*** Alternate yet another alternate theory: Galacta Knight is Kirby's father and Meta Knight's brother. Or Kirby's mother.
*** Alternatively, when Meta Knight wished to fight the ultimate warrior, Nova took the 'blueprint' of Galacta Knight from Meta Knight himself and created a new being; effectively the current ultimate warrior with some upgrades (which then gets beaten up because you can't improve on perfection).
*** [[SarcasmMode "Galacta Knight is an ashamed Marx who dyed his skin and put on a mask and timetraveled and learned sword-fighting from Meta-Knight in the future who is Kirby grown up."]] -The Ometon

[[WMG:Master Hand and Crazy Hand are the Mirror World alternates of Wham Bam Rock]]
Look at Wham Bam Rock: a sentient religious idol who attacks with his disembodied hands, uses finger lasers when he upgrades into Wham Bam Jewel, and is made out of stone. Master and Crazy Hand ''are'' gods, but they have the same tactics and humanlike hands.

[[WMG:Kirby is a threat to all of Dreamland]]
Semi-related to the "evil SOB" entry above. Note how all the major problems that occur in Dreamland happen because Dedede tries to preemptively handle things, and then Kirby runs in and beats the crap out of him and unleashes some ultimate evil in the process.
* ...but don't forget that he DID save Dreamland from starvation that one time Dedede stole all of the food. Maybe he holds this above everyone's heads if they ever complain to him. Or he just sucks 'em up, I don't know.
** Kirby also manages to stop all of the ultimate evils that he unwittingly unleashes, so maybe he's the universe's way of blowing up all the evil cans before a ''wimpy'' nitwit opens 'em up?
*** You took the words right out of my mind. After all, it's best to destroy them before they hatch into something greater, instead of simply locking them away.

[[WMG:Meta Knight will become the next Galacta Knight]]
Seen on Website/GameFAQs, of all places. When Meta Knight finds Nova, he tells him that his one wish is to become stronger and stronger. Notice how Meta Knight doesn't need to explain WHY he wants to fight the ultimate warrior; all Marx had to do is say "I want to control Pop Star!" and that's it. No questions asked. Obviously, this was meant as exposition for the player. Sometime in the future, Meta Knight will reach a level of power that threatens all of Dream Land, and he may unleash another {{Well Intentioned Extremis|t}}m-fueled rampage. The result will probably end in Meta Knight either dying or being sealed away by Kirby or Dedede's hand, if they haven't been killed by Meta Knight already. [[HereWeGoAgain This will probably happen again and again]] [[StableTimeLoop one way or another.]]

[[WMG: The Waddle Dee species is prone to genetic mutation]]
Hence the existence of Waddle Doos, Kirby, Meta Knight, and Galacta Knight.

[[WMG:Kirby was somehow fused with a piece of Dark Matter]]
We've already seen a "good" piece of Dark Matter in Gooey, and his powers are suspiciously similar to Kirby's. With the exception of Gooey, Kirby seems to be unique among Dream Landers. Even though Dedede can mimic Kirby's inhalation and floating powers, he hasn't yet been able to duplicate Kirby's PowerCopying. Not only that, but the nearest relatives of Kirby, the Waddle Dees and Meta Knight, also don't share his powers. The obvious conclusion is that Kirby's powers may also come from Dark Matter. This means, of course, that Dark Matter has been continually thwarted by a piece of himself.
* There are enemies Amazing Mirror and Helpers in Kirby Super Star that can copy abilities too. Maybe its just rare?
** The Kirbies in Amazing Mirror are actually mirror copies of Kirby, so it makes sense they would have his powers, and TAC (and low-health Helpers) doesn't copy things the same way Kirby does. But we still have Keeby and the {{Palette Swap}}ped Kirbies from Air Ride and Return To Dream Land.
** Not mirror copies, ''enemies'', the yellow guys who suck out Kirby's power then run off with it.

[[WMG:Meta Knight is incapable of copying powers]]
Similar to the WMG before but in a different view. Notice how members of Kirby's species can suck up enemies and copy their powers? (This is evidenced by Kirby Air Ride, although it may not be considered canon since the game is a spin-off.) We've seen Meta Knight's face enough to conclude that he's the same race as Kirby. Yet his ability to copy powers isn't even mentioned in either the games or the anime. (Though, the anime has a different universe than the games.) My theory? He's an oddball of his race, as he can't copy abilities, much less suck enemies up. To compensate for this, he learned swordfighting. (Which can explain why he's associated with Blade and Sword Knights so much.)

[[WMG:The characters in the Kirby games are human.]]
What the player sees is not reality. This "cute" appearance is done for stylistic reasons; all the characters are human. Kirby doesn't really inhale things; he is a warrior/magician who has the ability to copy powers.
* He's still a child wizard, so [[BadassAdorable it doesn't really make a difference.]]

[[WMG:Kirby is not real.]]
He is only a dream made real by his homeland, very similar to [[spoiler:[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyX Tidus]]]].

[[WMG:Meta Knight CAN copy powers, he just chooses not to.]]
If we accept that Meta Knight is the same race as Kirby, we have yet to see any valid reason for him to be incapable of Kirby's techniques (besides the fact that his mask covers his mouth). But we do know that Meta Knight is not as childlike as Kirby. One interesting possibility is that Meta Knight realized the FridgeLogic inherent in his powers and had a HeelRealization, vowing to never eat another foe (and deciding to use a weapon instead). This casts his relationship with Kirby in a new light: Meta Knight fights Kirby because he believes their powers are too destructive to be in a child's hands, but he knows Kirby isn't intentionally evil. This also provides an alternate reason for Meta Knight to give Kirby a sword whenever they fight: he's trying to nudge Kirby into relying less on his natural powers.

[[WMG:Kirby is not a heartless monster. Just stupid.]]
Kirby only eats/kills things that he thinks have to do with the 'plot.' Most of the creatures that he eats are incapable of communicating with him due to not being sapient, or simply not having a mouth or readily available alternate methods of communication. Anything Kirby lets live has some means to communicate their innocence to him. (Except the second-tier members of the Squeaks. Those were killed each time Kirby fought them, and Daroach brought them back to life each time with the [[strike:Star Rod]] Triple Star.) Any friends Kirby is ever depicted as having made offscreen are ONLY his friends BECAUSE he befriended offscreen, as had he encountered them in a game, they would have most likely been eaten like any other small mute creature that gets in his way. The final bosses COULD communicate with Kirby, but are definitively guilty of whatever reason Kirby is pissed off, so they get to be killed by the awesome might that is the adorable pink gum-ball known as Kirby.
* Explain Waddle Dee in Crystal Shards? He's killed plenty of them before and since. There's no proof that Waddle Dee didn't just go back to normal after that game, so Kirby may have killed the little fellow that helped him! And it might not be canon, but the Waddle Dees in Air Ride - they ''run out of the way'' when they see you coming, if they aren't in a minecart. A cart kind of like the one CS Waddle Dee gives you a ride in, [[FridgeHorror now that I think about it]].
* It is shown in Super Star that there are peaceful versions of the Kirby creatures that he does not fight and enemy versions that he does. He mostly sees the former only in cutscenes but so long as Waddle Dee of Crystal Shards remained in that group Kirby most likely left him alone.

[[WMG:Kirby's devouring of his enemies is not at all harmful to them.]]
When Kirby "eats" a foe, he is not killing them or digesting them in a traditional sense. His actions against them are merely an inconvenience to the poor creature. You see, after Kirby eats a foe, all it takes to make that character respawn is to leave the screen, and return to that spot. The enemy is there, good as new! Rather than being left inside his belly to be digested, these foes are immediately ejected in some unseen process. This troper makes the assumption that Kirby, and all "Kirbies", can either fully digest their intake, or eject it after absorbing whatever special properties they can take away from it. Besides the reappearing enemies, one other thing may corroborate this theory: In the Super Smash Bros games, when Kirby swallows an enemy, this is exactly what happens. The foe is pooted out and regains their full form instantly!
* To add a darker tone to this theory, the soul of the enemy escapes Kirby, and recreates its body when he's far enough.
* In "Revenge of the King", right before you fight King Dedede, you fight a "Boss" Waddle Dee with a bandana who can be killed in one hit by inhaling and swallowing him. Either way, he sits and watches as the only member in the audience while you fight King Dedede.

[[WMG:Dark Matter is a physical manifestation of malice, and Gooey's form was somehow altered.]]
All Dark Matter beings seem to be able to do is either act violent and destructive, or make others act the same way. It causes despair and pain, and turns the closest allies into foes. This troper assumes that, normally, this is all Dark Matter is capable of, and all it is made of. And there is only one strange exception: Gooey. Gooey is made entirely of Dark Matter, yet has no malice. Something either robbed him of it, or corrupted him with some positive quality. Unable to become a benevolent being, this corruption led him instead to lose his mind, hence the gleefully senseless blob we see in the games.
* This troper thinks that Kirby ate him, left him in his mouth for a bit while doing whatever Kirby does between games (eat and be happy I suppose), and Kirby's natural laziness and happiness just passed onto Gooey. Of course, Gooey's a bit crazy because he's still a bit of Dark Matter, and he shouldn't be able to be nice.

[[WMG:Kirby's games are only relatively easy because Kirby is so powerful.]]
This guy can suck up nearly anything and copy its powers, then use those powers against [[EldritchAbomination things that just shouldn't be]]. He's quite clearly an EldritchAbomination, and a very powerful one, after a HeelFaceTurn. For any other being not named [[{{God}} YHVH]], even the most badass of them, a Kirby game would more closely resemble ''VideoGame/IWannaBeTheGuy'', [[UpToEleven but harder]]. Indeed, there's a reason the hero in ''VideoGame/YouHaveToBurnTheRope'' is so Kirby-like: that's Kirby, after swallowing Indiana Jones, going through a "normal" game.
* If he was an eldritch abomination he wouldn't need all the {{Eleventh Hour Superpower}}s he gets and wouldn't have been turned into a ball by Drawcia.

[[WMG:Meta Knight ''can'' swallow enemies.]]
He doesn't use this power because 1.) He would have to take off his mask, and expose his cuteness. 2.) Meta Knight is too cool for that. And [[BreadEggsMilkSquick 3.) Meta Knight is a mutated Kirby]] and when he tries to swallow a foe, he [[NightmareFuel eats their soul instead.]]

[[WMG:Galacta Knight is a higher rank than Meta Knight.]]

In Dream Land, there's a ranking for knights. Meta- and Galacta- just happen to be a ranking. Kirby's is most likely Star.

[[WMG:GIM is a newer model of Heavy Lobster.]]
It'd be one thing if they were both bipedal robots who just happened to share the same Gold/Blue coloring scheme, but in Helper to Hero mode of Kirby Super Star Ultra, they both change their color palettes, and they both get the same new Silver/Red coloring!

[[WMG:Meta Knight is a double-crosser.]]
In the original information on Meta Knight he was a good friend of Dedede. So good a friend, in fact, that Dedede gives MK a piece of the Star Rod to protect. Come a few games later, Meta Knight is out to take control over what Dedede has claimed by using a giant battle ship to destroy all in his way. What a great friend.

[[WMG:Meta Knight is blind.]]
Well, he has the MilkyWhiteEyes for it. Maybe the mask helps him see, and ''that's'' why he always flees when he loses it.
* The fanfic FanFic/KnightErrant supports this theory.
* So you are saying that Meta Knight is Geordi from ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration''?

[[WMG:Unifying with the (possibly false) fact that Meta Knight doesn't like to use his powers, Dedede is of Kirby's species.]]
He chose hammer.

[[WMG:There is more than one titular Kirby]]
There's a Kirby that gets hats when he swallows certain enemies (the most current one), a Kirby that doesn't get hats (Dreamland through Crystal Shards) but still gets copy abilities, and a Kirby that can't copy abilities at all. The middle one might actually be two - one that can fuse abilities and one that can't. This would also mean that the name of his species is in fact "kirby", since all of them are referred to as such.

The name is capitalized for individuals simply because they don't have a specific name, so "Kirby" is both the name of the individuals and the species as a whole. They just slightly vary in their ability to copy. This could explain the mysterious lack of his friends in recent games - it's a different kirby, so he doesn't know them.

This could also coincide with the idea of Meta Knight being a member of the species. It is possible that there is a special variant of the species that can choose one ability and make it permanent. That, or it's '''a)''' a given that any member that can copy abilities can choose one to be "permanent" or '''b)''' they actually can learn to use certain things, just like anyone else (i.e. spear waddle dees). It wouldn't effect their powers in the least, just give them an option on whether to use them or not.

[[WMG:Kirby's Copy inhaling doesn't kill its victims.]]
This is best shown in Super Smash Bros. (although I am aware that that's not the real Kirby), although it's always possible to bring back Kirby's enemies by leaving that area of the screen and then returning. Also, if you swallow the Waddle Dee with the blue bandanna in "Revenge of the King," he survives. In fact, you can do ''anything'' to him and he survives. With the exception of final bosses that Kirby kills using their specific weakness, the enemies don't die, they are teleported or something.

[[WMG:Kirby and Meta Knight are NOT of the same species.]]
If you look very carefully, you notice that Kirby has pink flaps for hands, Meta Knight has arms AND hands! This is especially noticeable in [[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Super Smash Brothers Brawl]] and Anime/KirbyOfTheStars!
* But Meta Knight is supposed to be older than Kirby. So maybe as they get older they get arms?
** In the Japanese-only game Kirby's Star Stacker, when Meta Knight is shown without his mask and armor, his limbs and face look ''exactly'' like Kirby's.
** Further supporting the alternative: In earlier games, Meta Knight has limbs that look exactly like Kirby's. In newer games (and the anime), he has thin arms and hands (leading to the FanNickname of "Senor Noodlearms").
** Their bone structure is such that they can rearrange them to make their arms end in nubs or hands. This also allows them to squeeze into tight spaces.
** Or Meta Knight has gloves that are magic like his space bending cape that turns into wings and are actually magical/mechanical and he began using them when he began using his cape.
** Webcomic/BrawlInTheFamily opposes this. Apparently, Meta Knight looked identical to Kirby in Cocoon Academy. [[spoiler:That is, until parts of Dark Matter got mixed with him.]]

[[WMG:Meta Knight is ''extremely'' vain.]]
The Codec calls in ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros'' states that he's "narcassistic", and the fact he's plastered his face on the bow of a warship. Therefore, MK doesn't wear his mask because he's '''GRIMDARK''', he uses it to protect his cute features! As soon as he loses his mask, he fears his looks will be damaged forever in battle, and flees. Still totally badass, though.
** Well, it is implied in VideoGame/KirbysEpicYarn that Meta Knight wears the mask to look mysterious...and undoubtedly cool.

[[WMG:The Kirby series is connected to Final Fantasy IV.]]
Kirby is Cecil, Meta Knight is *obviously* Golbez, Zero is Zemus/Zeromus, Dedede is the reborn (true) King Baron; et cetera. Who is Kain? Prince Fluff of course!
* So that means that... Meta Knight is Kirby's [[spoiler: brother?]]

[[WMG: Meta Knight is Kirby's adult form]]
Think about it.
* In Super Star, Meta Knight could perform Mach Tornado without the aid of a Copy Ability. Mach Tornado is the strongest attack that he has in most games, and in his playable appearance it was the gameplay equivalent of [[NukeEm Crash.]]
* He could shoot fire and lightning from Galaxia in ''Squeak Squad'': Flame and Spark, anyone?
* I don't have to mention Sword, do I?
* He also has super-speed and can use Full Heal on himself as many times as he wants to.
Other unrelated points are:
* He and Kirby are not the only Kirbies in existence, as evidenced by Keeby and all of those other mini-game Kirbies.
* Copying is not a skill unique to the Kirby species: the TAC can also copy.

[[WMG: Kirby caused Dedede to pull a FaceHeelTurn.]]
The proof is in Webcomic/BrawlInTheFamily. The reason Kirby keeps taking down Dedede is for two possible reasons: A. Kirby never lived it down, or B. Kirby thinks DefeatEqualsFriendship.

[[WMG: The Real origin of Kirby, Meta Knight, and Dedede]]
A combination of several WMG s above and it makes a lot of sense.
There was once a peaceful race of odd creatures called the Waddle Dees. Dark Matter had existed for even longer. One day a fragment of Dark Matter drifted down to the pop star and fused with a Waddle Dee. The next thing he knew, he woke up, he could think in a whole new way, and he had a mouth. With that mouth came a crippling hunger that could only be satisfied by the nearest waddle dees. Interestingly, after eating a Waddle Doo, he got the power of it. He practiced his copy power and named himself Dedede. He decided with his superior brain he could rule the Waddle Dee race.

Years later King Dedede had easily taken over the planet. But as he got older, it got harder to use his power. When he hit puberty, he couldn't do it anymore. He made sure he had the hammer power, his favorite, before that happened. Right around that time, another piece of Dark Matter fell upon a Waddle Dee. He eventually realized how different he was and thinking he was a freak, ran away. He passed the lonely days by practicing the sword ability. People who saw glimpses of him called him "Meta Knight"

Soon after Meta Knight hit puberty, keeping the sword ability, King Dedede had expanded his rule across the solar system. And yet another piece of Dark Matter fused with a Waddle Dee. This one was not shy and ate whatever it wanted. King Dedede wanted this "Kirby" (Named by Pop star inhabitants) destroyed and order restored because, being one himself, he knew how powerful that species is.

[[WMG: In relation to a couple of theories above about how Kirby doesn't kill enemies he sucks in,...]]
...this is perfectly true and there is a perfectly good reason for this. As detailed by those theories, when you inhale an enemy and then walk offscreen, it reappears, even if you haven't swallowed them yet, meaning you can take them out and have two of them. This would indicate that what is in Kirby's mouth is not the actual enemy, merely a shell containing their power. Obviously, the moment they are sucked in, they start to re-coalesce, not having been dead for an instant. And the reason for this: it's a dream! It seems to make sense that ''Dream''land would follow ''dream'' logic, and, [[Literature/{{Discworld}} just as there's no death in a child's world]], there's no death in Dreamland, hence why you can kill Kracko or Whispy Woods as many times as you like and they can still come back. At best, Kirby's just mildly inconveniencing them, and getting them out of his way until he can get past them. Oh, and before anyone mentions [[Franchise/ANightmareOnElmStreet Freddy Krueger]], remember that a) the ability to kill people in dreams seems to be a unique ability he possesses, and the above evidence that Kirby doesn't kill his enemies shows he doesn't have this ability, and b) Kirby could kick Freddy's arse. Just trust me on this one.

[[WMG: Kirby and friends/enemies know they're in a video game.]]
That's why no one's particularly fazed at Kirby eating thousands of Waddle Dees/Knuckle Joes/Wheelies/what-have-you, since they know they'll just come back to life after Kirby leaves the screen.

[[WMG: Kirby needs to eat, otherwise he'd die.]]

The anime suggest an alternate dimension, right? However, it also suggests a black hole as well, which is far more likely(black holes absorb matter and add it to their own; Kirby absorbs enemy matter and adds their power to his, allowing him to copy them). If he had a black hole in him, then it would constantly be stripping away his matter. It's been happening all his life, so Kirby doesn't notice. He inhales enemies to give the black hole something else to destroy. This explains his reaction to his cake getting stolen; he was probably at a critical state and was hanging on by a thread. Makes you "no-copy-abilities" players regret your play methods, doesn't it?
* So basically he's forced to devour innocents to save himself from default? That would explain the whole '[[DisproportionateRetribution get in my way, I eat you]]' thing in the games. What happens if the black hole destroys him, or someone finally ''actually'' defeats him? Does it continue with the rest around it? Meaning, any land Kirby decides to live in is screwed whether he lives or dies, via residents being constantly eaten to satiate the literal black hole or via the black hole getting out of hand... Crap, that's scary. Wouldn't explain Meta Knight, though.
** Most likely, Meta Knight's use of Galaxia keeps the black hole under control. Maybe that's why he keeps trying to stop Kirby; he's trying to keep Dreamland safe. Also, black holes dissipate if small enough.
*** Also, the black hole can be destroyed, but only when Kirby gains access to every ability at once. Cue Milky Way Wishes. This may also explain Kirby going on a rampage after a cake got stolen...

[[WMG: Galacta Knight wasn't immediately at full power when he was unsealed]]
He was weakened from his time spent in his crystal prison. Maybe he'll be a major antagonist later when he finally gets back to full power.
* Semi-confirmed. It's at least been confirmed that he's still alive, as of Return to Dreamland, but whether he will ever be more than a miniboss like [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime a certain dark side of a legendary hero]] remains to be seen.

[[WMG: Meta Knight's mask is his equivalent of Kirby's copy hats.]]

He flees when you break it because you just knocked his copy ability away. Since Kirby doesn't summon enemies or stars or anything to inhale, the fight is now unwinnable for him, and so he retreats.

[[WMG: Bandana Waddle Dee is the same Waddle Dee from 64.]]

Because why not?
* That could be his origin as a stand-out of his kind, actually. He would have had more adventure time with Dedede than a normal Waddle Dee by then.

[[WMG: Kirby is actually [[spoiler: a piece of Dark Matter]].]]

Probably just me thinking too much but it really makes sense in a way. First off in the first Kirby game (and in Spring Breeze) it's implied that Kirby apparently came out of nowhere. The game literally says that he's the hero of Dreamland and that some residents call him Kirby. Note the fact that "some" residents call him Kirby. As if no one knew about Kirby and only know him as the 'Hero of Dreamland'. Seems like a normal hero with unknown story, right?

That is until the Eldritch Abominations show up. For such a cute-looking game, why would monsters like Zero/Zero-Two, Nightmare, and Drawcia show up? And according to the Japanese manuals it seems that apparently nearly all the other villians of the Kirby series were involved with Zero/Zero-Two somehow and Zero/Zero-Two is the main Big Bad. Now think about how it seems that Zero/Zero-Two has a personal vendetta with Kirby as the villians that were involved with Dark Matter/Zero seem to try to kill Kirby themselves, as if trying to avenge their leader. Now what would a giant eyeball demon have against a cute pink alien?

The answer is simple. Kirby [[spoiler: was created by Zero/Zero-Two and is techinically a Dark Matter agent]]. Zero/Zero-Two used a race that was unknown to the rest of the galaxy and [[spoiler: based Kirby on that race piece]]. Kirby [[spoiler: was created to trick planets into thinking that Kirby was a nice harmless alien while he secretly conquering the planet for Zero/Zero-Two]]. However, this backfired as Kirby, either not interested [[spoiler: in conquering planets]] or liked [[spoiler: his target planet]], which, in this case, is Pop Star, [[spoiler: so much that he didn't want to have it under Zero/Zero-Two's rule]]. Zero/Zero-Two didn't react well when learning that one of his creations had disobeyed him and actually saved the target planet from Dark Matter.

After Zero/Zero-Two's defeat, Kirby, [[spoiler: betraying his original purpose]], is Dreamland's, and extently Pop Star's, main source of protection, as if to show [[spoiler: that he will never give in to Zero/Zero-Two's control]].

* That's roughly the same as my theory on why Gooey a friendly Dark Matter, and why he vanished after Dreamland 3.

[[WMG:PETA will complain about how Kirby]]
They've already done it to [[SuperMarioBros Mario]] and Franchise/{{Pokemon}}. They're probably gonna start complaining about how Kirby encourages kids to eat animals.

[[WMG: Kirby is an alternate Galactus.]]
Like Galactus, Kirby is a God of Hunger that came into being when the last survivor of the previous universe merged with it. Unlike Galactus, however, this survivor was a candy-loving child. Much like Galactus, Kirby has an unimaginable hunger, but the SugarBowl provides more than enough candy to prevent him eating the planet(of course [[NiceJobBreakingItHero Kirby could've eaten planets before going to Popstar]]). Both of their true apperances are hinted to be a star, which explains why Kirby and stars are associated with them. It also goes to explain why Kirby [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu pwns cosmic horrors on a daily basis]]-[[CosmicEntity he's one himself.]]

[[WMG:Miracle Matter is the RandomNumberGod.]]

* It's a giant evil d20 and [[NintendoHard stupidly]] [[ThatOneBoss difficult]], what do YOU think?

** Of course, the die is a common symbol of the RandomNumberGod.

** If there is a particular power you want, [[MurphysLaw you will not get it because the RandomNumberGod saw what you were thinking.]]

[[WMG: Every final/Secret boss is Marx in some shape or form.]]
Think about it. Marx's wish to NOVA was that they became the Ruler of Popstar. This carrys out and is cemented through time and space until the wish is For-filled. Each re-incarnation eventually shatters more and more of him until he becomes the trope of Andimustscream.

Marx: Obvious first stage.
Marx Soul: Obvious second stage. Body destroyed.
Necrodeus: Third incarnation. Body destroyed.
Nightmare: Fourth incarnation. Body destroyed.
Magolor: Fifth incarnation. Split into two entities, original destroyed.


[[WMG: Stupid timeline hypothesis (current/spoilers as of Triple Deluxe)]]
I decided to do this, yeah, because why not? Non-platformers will not be included since they usually have really no plot with King Dedede as the villain, which doesn't fit in with the other games at ''all''. Reasons for placement in the timeline will also be listed.

''Amazing Mirror'': Earliest in the timeline. Kirby meets Meta Knight for the first time and doesn't really know who he is yet, which is why he's so easily tricked (presumably) by Dark Meta Knight. Additionally, Dark Mete Knight's sword slash at the beginning of the game is how the other three colored Kirbies in later multiplayer games are created in the first place. Kirby has not met King Dedede yet. Also, Meta Knight does not yet have the Meta-Knights by his side, and begins to gather them after this.

''Triple Deluxe'': Kirby meets Dedede for the first time in this game, and has not yet come into conflict with him. He sees an innocent life, and wants to protect it because he's such a friendly guy. Later, King Dedede returns to explore Floarald and accidentally meets Dark Meta Knight, who was not actually destroyed at the end of ''Amazing Mirror''. Since Dark Mind was defeated in ''Amazing Mirror'', the evil was purged from the Mirror World, so Dark Meta Knight decided to conquer Dream Land instead, but is defeated. Since Dark Meta Knight was badly injured in ''Amazing Mirror'', he is bloody in this game. Additionally, Dedede destroys the mirror at the end, permanently cutting off contact with the Mirror World.

''Dream Land 2'': The Dark Matter in this game is a scout, who has come to Pop Star to see how hard it would be to conquer. It possesses King Dedede, who is still allied with Kirby, in a bid to take over Dream Land. It fails, reporting back to the Hyper Zone (the central Dark Matter cloud) and 0 about the status of the planet. Additionally, Kirby becomes acquainted with the Animal Friends and Gooey, who informs him about Dark Matter, here.

''Dream Land 3'': Since one Dark Matter proved too weak to conquer the planet, the entire Hyper Zone comes to Pop Star and covers it in darkness, and also possesses many residents of the planet. Kirby defeats them with the power of love, and then confronts 0, who reveals /itself for the first time. It is killed as well, being a fully mortal and independent being, unlike Dark Matter. After 0 is killed, the Hyper Zone begins to dissipate without a leader and Dark Matter is not heard from for a while.

''Crystal Shards'': Dark Matter reappears, now led by the mysteriously resurrected 02 in Dark Star, a new Hyper Zone even larger than before due to the undead 02's more powerful creation capability. It avoids invading Pop Star, realizing now that such a thing would be impossible, and invades Ripple Star instead. However, Ribbon escapes, chased to Pop Star by Dark Matter. The two team up with several others (including King Dedede, still allied with Kirby), and Dark Matter has a limited presence on Pop Star this time. Kirby eventually travels to Dark Star and destroys 02 (possibly resurrected by some method involving Gooey, considering Gooey's disappearance and 02's face upon appearing), preventing the Hyper Zone from ever returning as a coherent entity.

''Kirby vs. Sectonia Soul Phase 1'': Queen Sectonia, grasping for any chance to stay alive, eats four Miracle Fruits to get one last chance to defeat Kirby. Of course, she fails, sending her into a coma until after the events of the New Challenge Stages.

''Dyna Blade'': Not a lot to say here. Honestly, this could be any time before Revenge of Meta Knight. Kirby becomes friends with Dyna Blade at the end of this.

''The Great Cave Offensive'': Kirby falls into a cave with TREASURE! Oh boy. Really story driven, yeah.

''Gourmet Race'': King Dedede challenges Kirby to a friendly race. However, upon losing, the greedy bastard starts to get angry and plots revenge against Kirby.

''Dream Land/Spring Breeze'': It's safe to assume that these two represent the same events. King Dedede, using his nebulous and undefined political power, steals all the food from the citizens of Dream Land in an attempt to get back at Kirby for beating him in Gourmet Race. Kirby goes to defeat Dedede and succeeds, sparking a continual distrust between the two that affects all future encounters.

''Revenge of the King'': Angry again at being beaten by Kirby, Dedede plots revenge against Kirby, first by poisoning the plants of Green Greens (where Kirby lives, presumably), transforming it into Purple Plants. Kirby goes to defeat him again. As seen in the final stage, Dedede still holds a lot of respect for Kirby even when greedy and irrational. He has also appointed the Bandanna Waddle Dee as his senior advisor (or something like that) by this point, and now employs the EX mini-bosses.

''Adventure/Nightmare in Dream Land'': Obviously the same events. The Star Rod is gone, and King Dedede has stolen it. After being antagonized by Dedede repeatedly, Kirby assumes that this is another of Dedede's revenge plots. Of course, it turns out to be a measure against Nightmare taking over Dream Land. Kirby handily defeats Nightmare and saves Dream Land again. Additionally, Meta Knight appears in this game and appears to be training Kirby in some way. Fed up with Dedede's ridiculous revenge antics, and now sporting a personal army, he becomes close enough to the king to be given a Star Rod piece, which of course brings him into conflict with Kirby and gives them a reason to fight. He does this to ensure that Dedede is finally defeated by Kirby for real, to the point that Meta Knight can instate a more stable government.

''Revenge of Meta Knight'': This is Meta Knight's revenge against Dedede, not Kirby, despite what one might assume. After Kirby fails to depose King Dedede in Nightmare in Dream Land, Meta Knight decides to take matters into his own hands. However, Kirby misinterprets this as a threat against Dream Land in general and destroys the Halberd. Meta Knight, stoic as ever, knows that he cannot defeat Kirby but also knows that Kirby is not evil, so he does not hold any sort of grudge. After being defeated, the remaining Meta-Knights disband and spread across Pop Star's system, thereby appearing in Milky Way Wishes.

''Canvas Curse'': Drawcia, who may or may not be related to Dark Matter in some way, takes over Dream Land. After being killed, her soul immediately takes revenge against Kirby, completely transforming Dream Land into a world of paint. However, Kirby defeats her and restores peace… again.

''Epic Yarn'': Patch Land may or may not be the future state of the Mirror World after it was taken over by Yin-Yarn. If so, Prince Fluff is Shadow Kirby under a different name and Yin-Yarn is the Mirror version of Drawcia. Kirby defeats Yin-Yarn and restores peace to both worlds, as usual.

''Milky Way Wishes'': Marx is probably from Halcandra (Magolor's planet), not Pop Star. He is already familiar from Kirby, who has become well-known around the galaxy for being a badass. As such, he knows that Kirby will be willing to help him if peace in the galaxy is on the line, so he gets the sun and moon to fight and then sends Kirby to wake up NOVA. Citizens of Pop Star are unfamiliar with NOVA and the other Fountains of Dreams, but Marx knows about all of them since they were ''probably'' build on Halcandra. Kirby successfully summons NOVA, who he is forced to destroy after being betrayed by Marx. He then defeats Marx, and the resulting impact completely obliterates NOVA.

Kirby vs. Marx Soul: Soon after being defeated, Marx uses the last of his power to draw in the remaining pieces of NOVA using an ancient Halcandran magic technique and becomes Marx Soul. Marx Soul is much more powerful than his original form and he transports himself and Kirby to a pocket universe of his own creation where no one will hear Kirby's screams. Kirby defeats Marx Soul, and, ironically, no one hears Marx Soul's ear-piercing scream as he dies. The pocket universe collapses and Kirby goes home. (It's safe to assume that all other Arena events are non-canon except possibly Triple Deluxe's True Arena final boss, Sectonia Soul).

''Squeak Squad'': Kirby and Dedede are still not on good terms, so when Kirby gets ''really'' hungry and his cake is stolen, he assumes that Dedede did it in his blind fury. Kirby beats up Dedede, who is not heard from for the rest of the game, as the Squeaks appear with what Kirby believes to be his cake. Kirby follows the Squeaks and defeats them, but the chest is suddenly stolen by Meta Knight, who believes it contains the ruler of the underworld, and now takes residence in the sunken Halberd. After Kirby reclaims the chest, the Squeaks steal it again and release Dark Nebula, who is not actually the ruler of the underworld, but rather one of the last remaining Dark Matter entities, which Meta Knight is completely unfamiliar with. Kirby defeats Dark Nebula, likely eliminating Dark Matter completely, and becomes friends with the Squeaks. The cake is also returned to him by the Squeaks.

''Meta Knightmare Ultra'': This is a rigorous training session undertaken by Meta Knight. After training all across Pop Star, including building a replica of the Halberd using the help of his few remaining henchmen, he decides to revive NOVA and gathers the stars from the Fountains of Dream, successfully summoning NOVA. He wishes for a fight with the greatest warrior in the galaxy, and gets Galacta Knight. Meta Knight successfully defeats him. His lifelong dreams fulfilled, Meta Knights settles down in Cookie Country with a good book.

''Return to Dream Land'': ''Immediately'' follows Squeak Squad. While Kirby is trying to find a good place to eat his cake, King Dedede and Bandanna Waddle Dee appear and attempt to take it from him out of revenge for randomly beating up Dedede last time. At that moment, the Lor Starcutter crashes on Pop Star. Kirby and Dedede temporarily reconcile their differences to go figure out what's happening. Meta Knight joins the group as well. Magolor heard about Kirby from Marx and crashed there on purpose in attempt to martyr himself and gain ultimate power. Eventually, Kirby repairs the Starcutter and travels with Magolor to Halcandra, where Kirby defeats Landia. Magolor then obtains the Master Crown, which begins to take control of him using its malevolent power. Kirby and friends defeat Magolor with the help of Landia. When Magolor is defeated, however, the Crown takes complete control of Magolor's soul and fights Kirby again. Kirby, however, takes out Magolor Soul and restores peace to the galaxy once again.

''Kirby vs. Sectonia Soul Phase 2'': Sectonia, waking up from her coma, went insane after having to re-live her death over and over again, tries a last ditch attempt to kill Kirby once and for all by ripping her head and wings off of the Dreamstalk for one last battle. Sectonia loses, and is now dead for good.

Please comment with any criticism or inconsistencies you notice.
** probably a lot of inconsistencies but i would put kirby vs sectonia part 2 near part one wear it's kirby runs around and eats people [[ForTheEvulz for]] [[RonTheDeathEater shits and giggles.]] and checks on sectonia

[[WMG: Kirby Mass Attack is a DolledUpInstallment.]]
''Mass Attack,'' similar to ''Epic Yarn,'' played very differently from other Kirby games, in the sense that they did not involve Kirby copying powers, or flying. Now, which of Nintendo's franchises would normally involve a lot of teamwork?

''Pikmin''. What if ''Mass Attack'' was originally an attempt at a handheld ''Pikmin'' game?

[[WMG: King Dedede stole Dream Land's food for political power.]]
In Kirby's Dream Land, King Dedede steals all of Dream Land's food, along with the Sparkling Star that is needed to harvest food. If he did this solely out of greed, why would King Dedede need to prevent them from harvesting more food? Perhaps because he didn't have any real political authority, and he needed some leverage to force the inhabitants of Dream Land to submit to his rule, or else they would all starve. That's why this act is so out of character for the otherwise well-meaning king; he just wanted to have more power to effectively run Dream Land.

[[WMG: Kirby is such a bad singer because when he sings...]]
He's actually EXHALING. [[RunningGag Not because he's an]] EldritchAbomination [[RunningGag or anything like that.]]

[[WMG:Every villain represents a phobia.]]
As seen in [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNunXhyRu00 this]] video. Makes sense, because the heroes represent dreams and the villains represent nightmares. Here are some villains and the phobias they embody:
* Dark Matter: Achluophobia (fear of darkness)
* Marx: Coulrophobia (fear of clowns), Chiroptophobia (fear of bats), Xenophobia (fear of strangers)
* Necrodeus: Thanatophobia (fear of death), Coulrophobia
* [[spoiler:Magolor]]: Xenophobia
* Nightmare: Oneirophobia (fear of dreams)
* Drawcia: Chromatophobia (fear of colors), Wiccaphobia (fear of witchcraft), Phasmophobia (fear of ghosts)
To add a few more to the original WMG:
* Queen Sectonia: Entomophobia (fear of bugs), more specifically Spheksophobia (fear of wasps), or [[spoiler: Anthophobia (Fear of Flowers)]]
* Haltmann: Mechanophobia (fear of machines), Plutophobia (fear of wealth), or [[spoiler: Thanatophobia (fear of death)]]

[[WMG: Shiver Star is the result of the Haltmann Works Company experimenting.]]

* Shiver Star in ''Kirby 64'' is a frozen, desolate wasteland populated only by strange creatures, robots and the infamous factory and it's commonly held that Shiver Star is in fact, a post-apocalypse Earth in the future explaining the lack of humans. As the Haltmann Works Company mechanises Dream Land and its inhabitants in ''VideoGame/KirbyPlanetRobobot'', might they just be repeating what they did to Shiver Star as part of their business plans? Except Shiver Star didn't have a hero to save them...
** As it is stated in ''VideoGame/KirbyPlanetRobobot'' how the Haltmann Works Company have analysed the universe's most advanced civilisations for their business plans, it doesn't seem a far stretch to say that they also visited Rock Star and took ideas from there from the big spaceship-like setting in one level to Pix, which they then redesigned as the Holo Defence API. Unless of course, they created Pix first...

[[WMG: There will be a SpinOff where you live in Kirby's [[StomachOfHolding Stomach]] [[PocketDimension Dimension]] from Anime/KirbyRightBackAtYa ]]
Come on, who wouldn't want to play as a Waddle Dee surviving in the dimension?

[[WMG: ''VideoGame/KirbySuperStar'' was AllJustADream of Kirby's ]]
I mean, how else would you explain Meta Knight being [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness OOC]] in ''Revenge of Meta Knight'', and ''Spring Breeze'' being a shorter version of ''VideoGame/KirbysDreamLand''? Not to mention the ending to ''Milky Way Wishes'' shows Kirby sleeping in his bed, snoring.

[[WMG: Dedede stole all of the food in Dreamland to have a [[GoKartingWithBowser Gourmet Race with Kirby.]]]]
Dedede never really wanted to fight Kirby in the beginning, just have a friendly eating contest. Stealing all the food in Dreamland was too evil though, and Kirby had to stop Dedede and get the food back. Realizing his actions were too harsh, he toned down on the crazy plots, with the worst thing since the first game (Not counting the Anime) is hold a grudge match with Kirby in Revenge Of the King. He later got to have his friendly contest, and continues to have a (Mostly) sporting rivalry with the Pink Puff.

[[WMG: Everyone on Dreamland is MadeOfExplodium.]]
Whenever anybody dies, they explode in some way, shape, or form. The Waddle Dees/Doos, The bosses, even Kirby.

[[WMG: The next game will have a mode where you can play as a Helper or Bandana Dee and play through the story. ]]
Come on! There were extra modes for [[VideoGame/KirbyTripleDeluxe Dedede]] and [[VideoGame/KirbyPlanetRobobot Meta Knight]]. He's the last playable character from KirbysReturnToDreamland. It makes so much sense!
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