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!!This game contains examples of:
* ChildhoodFriends: Minoru and Kyoka are these.
* MultipleEndings
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Kyoka is the tomboy, and Kasumi is the girly girl.
25th Feb '13 1:07:04 PM TiggersAreGreat
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Added DiffLines:

''Snow Drop'' is a VisualNovel developed by Sweet Basil and published by Peach Princess in 2001.

Minoru Sasazuka is a handsome 19 year old Japanese boy who goes on a ski trip with his family and some friends. However, his parents leave on a "second honeymoon" and Minoru is left with his young sister Honami and his childhood friends Kyoka and her older sister Kasumi.

Minoru experiences odd "memories" at the ski lodge, that apparently involve past experiences with Kyoka, Shizuka (a servant of the ski lodge) and a flower called the Snow Drop. He must get to the bottom of these "memories".


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