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Ragnarok is a freeware {{Roguelike}} DOS game. Like VideoGame/NetHack, it has an item-heavy focus though luck still plays an important role, particularly early on in the game. How much luck comes into things also depends partly on your playing style. As with most Roguelikes, it has a very steep learning curve and [[TheManyDeathsOfYou many, many ways in which you can die]]. There are six classes to choose from, which you can change every 10 levels: * Alchemist -- A master potioneer, able to create magical brews to empower yourself with. * Blacksmith -- A melee class able to forge various types of weapons and equipment. * Conjurer -- A wizard who uses spells to trick and defeat his enemies. * Sage -- A scholar capable of writing all manner of magical scrolls. * Viking -- A melee class and master of weaponry. * Woodsman -- A ranged class that focuses on attacking with bows and tamed monsters. The game can be downloaded [[http://www.download-central.ws/DOS/Games/R/Ragnarok/ here]], though you may also need to download a MS-DOS emulator such as {{Dosbox}} to get it to run. ---- @@Look where? (type ? for help)@@ @@You see a tropes page and the following tropes: (press any key to view)@@ !!Ragnarok contains examples of: * AcquiredPoisonImmunity: You can become immune to poison by eating certain monsters, albeit at the risk of death and other debuffs. Also applies to several other immunities as well, though there are other less dangerous methods of gaining resistances . * AllThereInTheManual: Averted. The manual contains some information on various items and monsters, but misses out a lot of information, and deliberately provides some inaccurate details. * AllYourPowersCombined: The player character can gain almost every power, skill, and resistance in the game at the same time. * AnachronismStew: Apparently the Norse had Katana-wielding foes running around. * AndIMustScream: See FateWorseThanDeath. * AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence: ** What happens if you help the gods win the battle of Ragnarok. ** Also what happens with the power of dimension travel which is stated to be located above the normal planes of existence. * AnyoneCanDie: Including the gods. And especially you. * AntiMagic: A silver mantle makes the player immune to most wands. A player can gain resistences against most magical attacks in the game. * ArtifactOfDeath: Several evil artifacts that can only be gained by being greedy of the [[MakeAWish wand of wishing]]. As with VideoGame/NetHack, wielding a dead cockatrice as a weapon comes fairly close to this. * AutoRevive: What happens after drinking the aptly named potion of second life. Only works once though... * BagOfHolding: Red bags, which allow you to store 127 items within. Thankfully items are weightless while inside the bag, and they're also protected from damage. * BalefulPolymorph: Can possibly happen to anything that gets hit by a polymorph ray, including yourself. Averted if it transforms them into a powerful monster which instantly tears you to pieces instead. * BearsAreBadNews: At least at the start of the game where they're a frequent cause of death for new characters. * TheBeastmaster: The woodsman class can tame monsters. * BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: If you have sufficient luck, then with the exception of most unique items you can wish for powerful items with no ill effects. If you're excessively greedy however then you will get an evil facsimile, or a cursed item instead. * BlindfoldedVision: Not vision per se, and the game doesn't actually have a blindfold, but you can see monsters whilst blind with a certain skill, or if you're telepathic. * BlobMonster: Red ooze, which eats your weapon if you try attacking it. Then your gauntlets. [[SwallowedWhole Then you]]. * BodyHorror: In addition to having eyes and limbs grown or ripped off, players can be turned into actual monsters such as a corpse through polymorphing. Then there's what [[ChestBurster gorms do to you]]... * BoltOfDivineRetribution: Possible if you act extremely immorally, but this is extremely hard to achieve unless you're deliberately going for it. * BossInMookClothing: Several, many of which are actually harder than most bosses. * BreakableWeapons: Projectile weapons break if you use them enough. * CannibalismSuperPower: You can't gain every ability or resistance in this way, but several can be obtained by eating the corpses of dead monsters. * {{Cap}}: Mostly averted. Only luck and constitution have a hard cap of 100 and 1500 respectively. Most other values are limited only by how much memory the game uses to store them, though levelling up becomes progressively more difficult. * CherryTapping: Both the player and monsters can be killed in this way, if you weaken them enough and use certain weapons. * ChestBurster: Gorms. * ChestMonster: A variant. While treasure chests don't exist in the game, Chameleons pretend to be items until you try and pick them up. Even a telepath cannot detect them. * ColorCodedForYourConvenience: The colour of monsters on the mini-map is a good indicator of certain characteristics. * CombatPragmatist: You need to be one if you want to win. No one ever saved the world by playing fair. * CombinatorialExplosion: What can happen if you randomly mix potions. Rather bizarrely this can occur if you mix two of the same types of potion, leading to odd scenarios where adding [[MadeOfExplodium two glasses of water together]] can cause an explosion strong enough to kill you. * ConvectionShmonvection: Played straight with regular lava, but averted with fire giants which cause anything that gets near to burst into flames. * CrazyPrepared: You, if you want to achieve victory. * CriticalExistenceFailure: ** Fall in a pit with 1 HP and see where that gets you. ** Vanishers cause you to quite literally fade from existence. * CruelAndUnusualDeath: Several of the ways you can die are extremely painful. And unusual. * DamageDiscrimination: Averted. Certain attacks will damage every being in an area, friend and enemy alike. Monsters can also be hit by projectile attacks aimed at you from other monsters. Wands and rays can hit multiple monsters. * DeathBySex: Unlikely but potentially possible if a [[DistractedByTheSexy nymph]] seduces you and steals an item you needed to survive. * DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment: With a few in-game messages. Most apparent with drowning where the game helpfully tells you after drowning that you've died. * TheDevTeamThinksOfEverything: Try picking up a dead cockatrice. You die. But if you're wearing gauntlets, you can! And if you wield the corpse as a weapon, it will turn anything else to stone! * DiagonalSpeedBoost: As is standard for most Roguelikes. * DiscOneNuke: Potentially possible if you get extremely lucky and find powerful items on an early level. * DistractedByTheSexy: Nymphs seduce players and steal items before teleporting away. Male characters can also be lulled into a trance by an enchantress' song unless they've been deafened or wear a silver mantle. * DoNotDropYourWeapon: Averted, but only for you. Powerful monsters can disarm you by stealing your weapons, or mentally compel you to wield worthless ones. * DungeonBypass: Many ways, including digging through the ground, teleporting straight reading scrolls of travelling whilst confused, or dimension hopping. * DungeonShop: The bazaar is the biggest shop in the game (taking up an entire level), but getting to it requires getting lucky while dimension hopping, or finding a scroll of transport. Smaller shops can occasionally be found underground or on forest levels. * EarnYourHappyEnding: The result of winning the game. * EasilyAngeredShopkeeper: Granted, it's pretty understandable that they'll attack you if you try hurting them, but if you manage to steal a cursed item with a cost of a single gold piece, they'll hunt you to the death. * EverythingFades: Bodies rot away after a while, but any items a monster had on them remain until picked up. * EverythingsBetterWithSamurai: Several items of Japanese origin show up including Katanas and Shuriken. Averted with the closest thing the game has to a Samurai, Swordsmen, which are very dangerous opponents. * EverythingTryingtoKillYou: Well, almost everything. * EvilDetectingDog: Not literally for the most part, but friendly characters will attack invisible monsters that you might not be aware of. * ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: Several items. Hey, the wand of wishing grants you wishes. Shocking! * EyeScream: One monster has a nasty habit of ripping out your eyes. Ouch. * FastTunnelling: Averted if using physical means like a pick axe, which takes several turns. Magical ways such as using a wand of tunnelling, or potion of phasing work a lot faster. * FateWorseThanDeath: The result of [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor wishing for the amulet of eternal life]], which [[AndIMustScream freezes you as a living statue]], ending your game. * FetchQuest: Most of the quests play this one straight. Freeing Balder is mostly inverted as you start with the required item, and the vast majority of the quest revolves around travelling to Niflheim. * FighterMageThief: The viking and conjurer class play the first two fairly straight. There's no thief class as such, though the woodsman class probably comes closest with its emphasis on ranged combat. * FinalBattle: You spend most of the game preparing for this, but your main role is to [[FetchQuest retrieve the gods' items]] so they can win it. * FinalDeath: You can play this one straight if you wish, but the game won't force you to by deleting saved games upon death. * FishingForMooks: A useful tactic against more powerful monsters is to aggro a few at a given time, and/or force them to fight you in a corridor one-on-one. * GenderBender: A potential side-effect of polymorphing or encountering weird fumes. * GetBackHereBoss: Some bosses and monsters can teleport straight to your position, see YouWillNotEvadeMe below. {{Inverted|Trope}} with another boss, which instead sends you away to another dangerous location. * GuideDangIt: Good luck beating the game without reading one. * HaveANiceDeath: The game will tell you how you died. Some are... interesting... * HealingFactor: Trolls regenerate hitpoints very quickly. The player can also achieve this with a very high constitution, or by wearing several rings of regeneration. Draugr can also regenerate after being killed unless you quickly destroy the body. * HitPoints: It's a Roguelike after all. * HoistByHisOwnPetard: Monsters can sometimes kill themselves by triggering a trap trying to attack you, but more often than not you'll be the one pulling this off instead. * HollywoodAcid: Played straight and averted. Acid attacks can partially corrode items that have numerical bonuses, but it can also instantly destroy some items. If the player or a monster is hit by an acid attack when low on heath then they get completely melted. * ImAHumanitarian: Eating your own species is considered immoral. The gods can strike you down for your unethical behaviour if you do it enough, but that means ''a lot'' of cannibalism. * ImprovisedWeapon: Almost every item in the game can be wielded as a weapon, from clay lumps and corpses to anvils. Not that this practice is recommended... * InfinityPlusOneSword: Several divine weapons. A normal weapon with a spectacularly high bonus modifier also becomes this. * InstrumentOfMurder: The disruption horn can kill enemies by collapsing rubble on their heads when used underground. Be careful to avoid suffering a similar fate. * InvisibilityCloak: Available in ring or potion form. It makes you more difficult to track and improves your armour. Some monsters are also invisible as well, unless you wear a ring of third sight, or gain the ability of telepathy. * JustAddWater: Some alchemical mixtures can require you to add water. * KarlMarxHatesYourGuts: Items always sell for half their cost. The exception to this is with unidentified items, which you can potentially make a profit on if you buy it, and sell it back after identifying it. * KarmaMeter: A variant. There's no reward for good actions like saving an ally, but the game does keep track of the number of evil actions you perform and will kill you if you perform enough, though it requires a lot of effort. Several other items will also work better for those with a higher morality score. * KatanasAreJustBetter: Being one of the best weapons in the game. * KickTheDog: You can attack friendly characters if you want, even if there's no good reason to do so. * KillItWithFire: Wands of fire, the breath of a fire dragon, fire vision. * KillItWithIce: Wands of ice. * LethalJokeItem: Literally with the wand of amusement, which does any number of bad things. The player can also use some very unusual weapons to lethal effect. * LethalLavaLand: The wasteland. If you're not quick enough or you can't terraform then eventually the entire area is flooded with lava. * LevelGrinding: There are a few ways to do this, but require a bit of preparation if you want to survive. * LevelScaling: Averted. The level of the monsters you face is area-dependent. * LifeEnergy: Vampires can kill you by stealing yours. Players can also improve their Hitpoints by stealing it from others by using black gems. * LinearWarriorsQuadraticWizards: {{Inverted|Trope}}. Magical attacks don't scale well, whereas you can get access to far better weapons and armour, and become much physically stronger as the game progresses. * LogicalWeakness: Played straight with some monsters like cold-based creatures which are vulnerable to fire. Averted with others which do not have any particular weakness to their opposing element. * LuckBasedMission: Oh so much. Prepare to sacrifice your first born to the Random Number God if you want to win. * LudicrousGibs: Read a scroll of recall in the wrong place, and watch as you get torn into chunks and teleported throughout the universe. Being ripped apart by a cloud of rocks or a gale probably counts too. And try terraforming a square a monster is standing on into a mountain... * {{Macrogame}}: Ghost files allow you to run into the ghosts of your past characters. You can also find their loot too, minus any extremely powerful items, unless you [[GoodBadBugs take advantage of a bug]]. * MagicPants: Averted. If you polymorph while wearing armour and rings then you can get crushed by your armour, or lose fingers. * MagicWand: Lots of different types, and the primary offensive weapon of magical classes. * MakeAWish: The wand of wishing. * MagikarpPower: Writing probably fits the bill at first if you manage to acquire it at a low level, but it eventually turns into one of the most powerful skills in the game. * TheManyDeathsOfYou: There are a huge number of ways to die, but some require extensive effort. * {{Metagame}}: Players can engage in dangerous or risky acts during the first few levels of the game hoping that the RNG works out. YMMV on the practice. * MindOverMatter: Psionics, which allow you to mentally crush enemies with your mind. Just don't try using your own abilities on yourself. * MoneyForNothing: What happens when you kill every shopkeeper in the game. I guess you could always animate it? * MonstersEverywhere: Bar a few locations in the game. Several more start off devoid of monsters and have them appear later. You can actually see them spawn out of thin air potentially if you're in the right place, or if you're telepathic. * MushroomSamba: In addition to potions of hallucination, several mushrooms cause you to go insane and hallucinate. * MySignificanceSenseIsTingling: Using the skill of precognition on unknown items can result in this. * NewGamePlus: Not officially an option, but it is possible to deliberately sacrifice a high level character on an early level to allow a new character to access his possessions. * NintendoHard: Even as an experienced player, the game is very hard. Like VideoGame/NetHack, it's also possible to die without taking a single turn, but only if you're extremely unlucky. * NoBodyLeftBehind: Several monsters, particularly undead do not leave any body behind when they die. The player can also suffer such a fate under certain circumstances. * NonHumanUndead: And lots of them too. * NoSell: All over the place, in varying amounts. However, you can do this yourself, if you play the game right. * NonStandardGameOver: The amulet of eternal life. Also a possibility if you polymorph yourself into a plant. * NoHoldsBarredBeatdown: What you can do to monsters, if you put them to sleep or if you use a scroll of time stop. Expect the same treatment if you get stunned. * TheNudifier: A cursed scroll of pure evil will destroy all your possessions. Kiss that armor goodbye. Nymphs can also steal items you're wearing. * OneHitKill: The player can do this to almost every monster in the game if you become powerful enough. * PowerFloats: Invoked. Reading a scroll of knowledge can teach you the ability of levitation, which is very useful for avoiding traps or difficult terrain. Several monsters play this one straight. * PressStartToGameOver: Only if you're extremely unlucky and spawn on a stun gas trap. * PublicDomainArtifact: It's based around Norse mythology. You didn't expect weapons like Mjollnir to not be in the public domain, right? * RandomlyGeneratedLevels: As with most {{Roguelikes}}. * RandomNumberGod: It's everywhere. * RareCandy: Several, including potions of strength, scaling, holy water, constitution, and experience. Certain corpses and food items will also increase stats. * RetGone: ** Scrolls of extinction. If you genocide a certain monster then it won't make the corpse disappear, but it will stop you from polymorphing into one, unless you bring the race back to life. ** Archmages do this to items, making them a popular target for scrolls of extinction. If you can nullify their ability to do this however, then fighting them is very profitable. * SaveGameLimits: Averted for the most part. Ragnarok allows you to save every 200 turns and you can use as many slots as you want. * SaveScumming: Unlike various other roguelikes, Ragnarok doesn't erase your saved games upon dying making this process even easier. * SaveTheWorldClimax: The FinalBattle of Ragnarok decides on whether the world is saved or destroyed. * SdrawkcabName: A side-effect of turning yourself dyslexic is that all items you discover from then on become this. * SealedRoomintheMiddleofNowhere: A certain type of trap will teleport you to these. Unlike other games however, the only way you're getting out is if you figure out a way yourself. * ShopliftAndDie: A very likely result if you steal early on in the game and are unable to escape. Later on regular shopkeepers are quite an easy target if you feel like taking their gold. The ones in the bazaar however are some of the hardest opponents in the game and require a powerful character if you want to slay them. * {{Sidequest}}: Technically all the main quests can be considered sidequests, as they're not required for victory, and the good gods can still win Ragnarok without you doing anything. It's just very unlikely... * ShockAndAwe: One of the few abilities you can't get in the game, unless you wield Mjollnir. * SpikesOfDoom: Spike traps, which in addition to being poisoned, are above all, spiky. * SquishyWizard: Initially played straight as conjurers start as the physically weakest class, but nothing stops you from drinking potions of strength and wearing powerful armour as one. You'll definitely need to avert this to survive later on. * StandardStatusEffects: Most of them appear in some form. * StatDeath: Can occur if a vampire drains your level to zero, or if your ''maximum'' hitpoints get reduced to zero. * StuckItems: Cursed armour and 'evil' items suffer from this. Thankfully there are several ways you can get rid of them. * SuperDrowningSkills: ** You, unless you've learned the ability to swim. Even then, if you're carrying too much then you'll drown. And you'll always drown in quicksand if you can't escape in time. This is also played straight for most monsters. ** Inverted with aquatic monsters. If you force them onto land then they'll suffocate. * SuperWeight: You start off low down, but the chances are by the end of the game you'll be one of the most powerful beings in the universe, save for the gods. * SwallowedWhole: You, if you get eaten by red ooze. * TakenForGranite: Just one of the many, many ways you can die. * TakeYourTime: Averted, you only have so many turns before the FinalBattle starts anyway. * ThrowTheBookAtThem: Well not books, but scrolls. Not likely to do much, but it could possibly save you if you're in a really bad situation. You can also throw pretty much any item in the game as well, in addition to wielding it as a weapon. * ToHellandBack: Niflheim, specifically. At least, you'll need to go there if you want to complete one of the six quests. * TooDumbToLive: You, potentially. Go on, feel free to genocide your race, walk off the edge of the universe, drink that potion of venom, blast yourself with the wand of death... * TrialAndErrorGameplay: Emphasis on the error part. * UnexplainedRecovery: Mostly explained away by the potion of second life, but rather amazingly this even works after being struck down by the gods for unethical behaviour, walking off the edge of the universe, having faded from existence, or even after having genocided your own species. * UselessUsefulNonCombatAbilities: Writing utterly averts this by being one of the most powerful skills in the game. There are several other skills that play this one straight however. * VideogameCrueltyPotential: You can kill and even genocide friendly beings for no reason whatsoever. * VideogameCrueltyPunishment: Commit too many evil acts and eventually the gods will strike you down for it. You really have to be trying for this one though. * WaferThinMint: Averted, even when full you can eat as much as you want. Unless you eat something poisonous, or are [[ChestBurster impregnated by a gorm]]. * WeakButSkilled: Several classes start off this way. Like VideoGame/NetHack, this is a good mindset to adopt at the start of new games. * WeBuyAnything: Literally anything you pick up can be sold, except for gold itself. * WizardNeedsFoodBadly: If you don't eat, you'll eventually starve to death after growing progressively weaker from hunger. * YetAnotherStupidDeath: Just some of the many ways you can die. * YouWillNotEvadeMe: Several bosses in Niflheim can teleport straight to you, as can hel dragons. ---- @@You finish reading the Ragnarok TV Tropes page! You die. Press space to continue...@@
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