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!! The ''JewelQuest'' series provides examples of:


!! The ''JewelQuest'' ''Jewel Quest'' series provides examples of:
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MatchThreeGame as SeriousBusiness. iWin Games' ''Jewel Quest'' series follows AdventurerArchaeologist Rupert Pack, an Franchise/IndianaJones {{Expy}}, on his research as to why so many ancient cultures in the world are obsessed with match-three games. During his travels, Rupert is to meet his soulmate and eventual wife, anthropologist Emma Swimmingly, and repeatedly crosses paths with his professional and romantic rival, the arrogant GentlemanAdventurer Sebastian Grenard.

In ''Jewel Quest III'', Rupert and Emma's daughter Natalie is blinded by fungal spores that she unwittingly released from the unique artifact "[[MacGuffin Golden Jewelboard]]", and Rupert, following the clues left by a mysterious person, journeys all over the world for the cure. In the fourth game ''Jewel Quest Heritage'', to prove that he is the rightful owner of the Golden Jewelboard and prevent it from being awarded to Sebastian, Rupert has to trace his ancestry to ... Emperor Moctezuma of the Aztecs!

The basic rule of the game is simple: When you match up three identical jewels, the underlying squares turn gold. You have to turn the whole board gold before the timer runs out. Later games add secondary goals and challenges, such as capturing "monkeys" in cages, matching "clock" jewels to refill the super-fast timer, and playing against the computer.
!! The ''JewelQuest'' series provides examples of:

* TheAce: Rupert. Most of his ancestors are overarchievers as well.
* CoolOldGuy: Rupert's uncle, Percy Pack.
* HeelFaceTurn: Sebastian is moved by Natalie's kindness at the end of the third game, but by the fourth game, he goes back to his normal self.
* HighClassGlass: Sebastian's monocle.
* ItBelongsInAMuseum: The Golden Jewelboard's secret danger is the premise of the third game.
* LoveTriangle: Rupert-Emma-Sebastian.
* NintendoHard: All the games get very hard near the end, but ''Jewel's Quest II'' becomes frustrating by the one-third mark.
* SecretLevel: The Hawaiian Islands in ''Jewel Quest III'', unlocked after completing the game. Though, they are titled as "Super Hard" [[HarderThanHard for a reason]].
** If you play level 50 too many times on the version that comes with mobile phones they developers will eventually punish you for your arrogance by sending you to level 51 which cannot be beat. It. ''Cannot''. Be. Beat.
* SceneryPorn: Very nice paintings of historic landmarks.

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