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30th Jan '15 7:14:29 PM TheGreenHerring
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Things I did on this wiki:

* Created a new version of the ''ExterminatusNow'' article after TheGreatCrash.
* Added stuff to articles like SpaceFillingPath, EverythingTryingToKillYou, {{Unwinnable}}, SuperDrowningSkills, TeamPet, RyuAndKen, TheJimmyHartVersion, GameMod, SequenceBreaking, and more stuff that he doesn't remember off the top of his head.
Things I like (in no particular order):
* VideoGames
** {{Action Game}}s
*** {{Platform Game}}s
**** ''[[SonicTheHedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog]]'' (the 2D stuff, mainly; the 3D stuff, not so much)
*** {{First Person Shooter}}s
**** ''{{Doom}}'' (the classic games; made stuff for them, admins for the [[http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Entryway Doom Wiki]], added quite a few of the tropes on that article)
**** ''[[HalfLife Half-Life]]'' (including ''{{Portal}}'')
** [[SpeedRun Speedrunning]]
** ''{{Tetris}}'' and its many clones
** ''{{Pokemon}}''
** ''Audiosurf''
** {{Fighting Game}}s
** {{Beat Em Up}}s
** {{Emulation}}
* [[WolfMan Werewolves]]
* ScienceFiction
* Metal music of various kinds (from Black Sabbath to Sonata Arctica to Rrrrrrrrrrrrammstein to etc. etc. etc.)
* NineInchNails
* Electronic music, including [=MIDIs=] and tracker modules

And more he's probably forgotten about and may add here when he remembers them.
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