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9th Dec '11 10:21:00 PM poppylitus
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Youngish female troper in training. I'm a [[strike: Grammar Nazi]] Very strict grammarian. I apologize If I accidentally "fix" anything I wasn't supposed to. Generally I don't consider myself overly sensitive, and have some difficulty empathizing with others. Can be found on many other sites using the exact same handle as this one. Years of internet usage have jaded me, and I now look shamefully back on years of trolling and sock puppets.

Tropes that apply to me:

BigEater: Earned me the nickname '"The bottomless pit"' in high school.

BrainyBrunette: In a very roundabout sort of way.

TheLadette: Perhaps this trope's anthropomorphic personification.

LadyDrunk: A slightly younger example.

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