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27th Nov '11 7:23:46 AM nabaduco
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nabaduco is just a guy that watches a lot of TV, also likes video games but not as much as before, now prefers to spend time programming.

'''Most favorite things'''

'''Western animation'''
* {{LooneyTunes}} : Spent a lot of his time from early child hood to adultdom watching this. Special fond memories come from the Road runner ones.
** {{TheLooneyTunesShow}}: This is actually a good innovation to be honest.
* {{Animaniacs}}
* GarfieldAndFriends
* SheepInTheBigCity
* PinkyAndTheBrain : Amazing humor.
* TheSimpsons : Is a great fan of seasons from 3 to 10ish (Which this troper believes are better than the first ones). And also liked most of the rest seasons , specially the most recent ones with the exception of some episodes from early 200X time.
* PhineasAndFerb: My current favorite show. It is just too good.

Things the following Anime are absolute essentials, but does not like Anime as a whole, these are the exceptions to the rule. He does like other Anime series , but these are his most favorite ones.

* DragonBall
** DragonBallAbridged : It is awesomesauce.
* GundamWing
* SamuraiX
* FullMetalAlchemist
* {{Naruto}}

'''Live Action (Comedy)'''
* TheFreshPrinceOfBelair
* {{Seinfeld}}
* {{Scrubs}} : I even loved the last season.
* ThirtyRock
* {{Community}}
* ParksAndRecreation
* BetterOffTed

'''Live Action (Other)'''
They are shows he likes but does not really look forward to watch, he prefers comedies and animation most of the time.
* CSI : Any of them
* LawAndOrder : Criminal intent only.
* BreakingBad
* {{Bones}}

* {{DooM}}: Grew up playing this. And still do.
* {{Warcraft}} : NOT WoW.
* {{Starcraft}}
* GrandTheftAuto : ''Only'' San Andreas and Vice City, great sandboxes.
* SuperMarioBrothers
* {{Lemmings}}
* {{Kye}} : Seriously. Even started the page.

'''Tropes that may apply'''
* BerserkButton : Do not spread antivax pseudo science near him.
* BunnyEarsLawyer: He wishes, but although he has the Bunny ears part , the lawyer is still a work in progress.
* ChaoticNeutral
* PerverseSexualLust: Going by the definition, this troper had to endure many Crushes with female characters over the time. They are still too embarrassing for him to share directly.
* WallOfText: I usually write very long things when doing stuff in the internet and only after some time figure out the thing is incredibly long. Just compare this page with other troper pages.

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