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28th Aug '10 11:37:25 PM mystolnaut
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(sorry about the awkward wording there. . . .)


(sorry about the awkward wording there.So, er. . . .)
well, I'm female. And I'm American; not necessarily Caucasian, but not necessarily not Caucasian. Sorry about the ambiguity. You can never be too careful (TAKE WITH A GRAIN OF SALT).

I am an example of

* DeadpanSnarker. A failed version; I have a very hard time keeping a straight face and I don't come up with retorts on the spot; I think of comebacks hours, days, months, and sometimes years later.
* FakeBrit. Kind of but not really. I greatly appreciate British culture, and regularly use British spelling and colloquiums (i.e. I'm an anglophile), but would never EVER be able to actually pass for one in real life.
* ShrinkingViolet. With people I'm not familiar with.
* frequent user of Understatement.
* CloudCuckooLander. Somewhat. Well, not really. I'm quite normal, albeit awkward; but my lack of social competence makes me appear this way.
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