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19th Aug '10 4:17:18 AM gwr2004
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Click GWR. What does it mean? Well, it means precisely nothing. I've just used it for upwards of seven years.


[[folder:Music I Listen To]]
* [[LambOfGod Lamb of God]]
* [[RobZombie Rob Zombie]]
* [[JeanMichelJarre Jean-Michel Jarre]]
* [[TheatresDesVampires Theatres des Vampires]]
* [[InkubusSukkubus Inkubus Sukkubus]]
* {{Slayer}}
* DimmuBorgir
* Old Man's Child
* Wolves in
the edit button Throne Room
* [[ChronoCross Various]] [[FinalFantasyIX game]] [[{{Chiptune}} music]]

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