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16th Feb '11 9:42:23 AM EddieAtTheGov
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He launched WreckFic, MultiformBalance, and a smattering of works pages under his old handle.


He launched WreckFic, MultiformBalance, Eddie is a {{Toku}} fan, and has a smattering of fondness for the Weird Tales Tradition,

Once annoyed WarrenEllis, and received a gentle but stern talking to. Now respects Warren and others in a [[AvertedTrope less]] [[FanDumb obnoxious way]].

Not one to add his own
works pages under his old handle.
to the wiki.

Coined the term TroperCriticalMass. Launched the MagicalForeignWords trope, as well as MultiformBalance and WreckFic.

He's dyslexic, but tries not to leave to many typos for {{@/Infinix}} and other [[strike:GrammarNazi]] wonderful cleanup editors to handle.

Blogs at http://thegovernance.com and http://eddieatthegov.tumblr.com
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