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25th Mar '12 6:32:57 PM HibernoBrony
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Umm... hi? A troper here. I don't do much here other than lurk around or post on the forums, mostly on Forum Games. By the way, I'm a girl in case you didn't know. I just like to pretend I'm not. Ha, ha! Just a teen girl who slacks around too much and loves food.

[[folder:A profile of meself]]
Name: Barnes. Though my real first name is Victoria.

Nationality: Chinese Laotian American. I have Thai and Hmong blood too.

Age: Legal..barely legal.

Birthdate: 199X. That's all you need to know.

Location: Some place in California.

[[folder:Has examples of]]
* AttentionDeficitOohShiny
* BigEater : There's a reason I talk a lot about food.
* ChinesePeople
* TheQuietOne
* SillyWalk
* {{Asian Airhead}} : You could call me that.
* {{Asian and Nerdy}} : Or this.
* {{Beige Prose}} : Something I tend to do.
* {{Brown Eyes}}
* {{Celibate Heroine}} or {{Celibate Hero}} if you like to call me a dude: Yup. I'm that type of person.
* {{GIRL}} : Inverted.
* {{Bifauxnen}}
* {{The Slacker}} Of course. Why do you think I spend a lot of time on the internet?
* {{Hypocritical Humor}} I guess so.
* {{Accentuate The Negative}}
* {{Troll}} I can be like this too.
* {{Apologizes a lot}} Sorry.
* {{The Southpaw}}
* {{Shut In}} Nearly.
* {{The Eeyore}} Sadly.
* {{I Just Want To Have Friends}}

[[folder: Other tropers views of me]]
* AbusiveParents -@/{{deathpigeon}}
* ActionGirl ~@/{{Theindefiniteone}}
* {{Adorkable}}: ...What? =P -@/{{MegaMagikarp}}
* AnIcePerson - {{@/Junfez}}
* AwesomeMcCoolname "Dracosketch" does sound kinda cool - @/{{Silveratus}}
* {{Badass}} --Don't even deny it. You know you are. --@/{{Quarterman}}
** BadassAdorable: I'm sorry....I had to say it at some point.~ [[@/VoidsEmpathy The Chaotic Void]]
* BrainsAndBondage ~ @/{{deathpigeon}}
* BreakTheCutie- How I view your trip to the hospital and the attempted suicide before that. - @/{{deathpigeon}}
* BrilliantButLazy ~ @/{{deathpigeon}}
* BrokenBird- Especially with the above. - @/{{deathpigeon}}
* BewareTheNiceOnes: I believe that people would fear the day you snapped. ~@/{{Theindefiniteone}}
* BewareTheQuietOnes: Only because Anyone who is TheQuietOne is actually a {{Ninja}} - [[@/VoidsEmpathy The Void]]
* BewareTheSillyOnes: Yes... - ''[[@/VoidsEmpathy The Void has been here.]]''
* BigBeautifulWoman ~ @/{{deathpigeon}}
* CarFu: If you drove a car, of course. You'd be the coolest superhero ever. {{@/Junfez}}
* CasualKink: Apparently bondage. - @/StolenByFaeries
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: But of course. - @/{{Mort08}}
* {{Cool Big Sis}} - Definitely come off as one / maybe are one in {{real life}} :D -- @/{{Dark Confidant}}
* [[YaoiFangirl Comic Fangirl]] - You seem to be quite the fan of comics. Or comicky things. -{{@/Junfez}}
* TheChick = @/CommanderObvious
** TheDarkChick: Join a FiveBadBand and you're in. ~@/{{Theindefiniteone}}
* CovertPervert: I didn't realize how perverted you were till you started posting on the Fetish thread, which you were reluctant to do. -@/{{deathpigeon}}
* CoolBigSis: What you are to me. @/InhopelessGuy
* CrazyAwesome - @/LiberatedLiberater
* TheCynic: I feel like you would be a bit like this... -@/{{deathpigeon}}
** Oh, much more than a bit. Very much so!
* {{Dandere}} ~ @/{{risingdreams}}
* DeadpanSnarker...somehow I can see you as this in RealLife. - @/{{Tropers/Darkclaw}}
* DeathIsCheap: Dying almost every other posts sometimes... -@/{{deathpigeon}}
* DefrostingIceQueen: You've been getting nicer and more open for awhile now... ~@/{{deathpigeon}}
* {{Driven to Suicide}} - Your MO on the 'Kissed by the person above' / 'Married to the person above' games. - @/{{Dark Confidant}}
* DroppedABridgetOnHim ~@/{{Enzeru}}
* FistofTheNorthStar: Born in 199X? We're so sorry: Wannabeotaku
* FridgeLogic, provider of ~ If you don't want us to know your birth year, why give up your age? ~ @/RainehDaze
* FunnyAneurysmMoment: [[SuicideAsComedy It was kind of funny when you would pretend to kill yourself in the Forum Games sections]], but when you actually tried it... - @/{{deathpigeon}}
* GallowsHumor: You sound like you would enjoy this. - @/{{Mort08}}
* HeartIsAnAwesomePower = @/CommanderObvious
* {{Hellfire}}: If she ever gets her hands on this stuff, chaos will ensue. -Tropers/TestYourMight
* HighschoolHustler ~ {{@/Junfez}}
* {{Good Name For A Rock Band}}: Dracosketch is a pretty awesome name. --@/{{Quarterman}}
* IfItsYouItsOkay: You seem to have gotten over a couple of people kissing you on the 'Kissed by the person above' thread, but you still act about the same with everyone else... ~@/{{deathpigeon}}
* JailBait: Because I thought it was funny, even if you're maybe older than me :p ~@/DhanaRagnarok
* KillItWithFire - Your modus operandi. - @/LiberatedLiberater
* KnightInSourArmor: I believe you to be this on some days. -{{@/Junfez}}
* Kuudere ~ @/{{deathpigeon}}
* LadyOfWar: A grand prospect...-[[@/VoidsEmpathy The Void]]
* NiceGirl...meets the above trope. Although you are sometimes sarcastic, I don't think you would ever do anything really bad. - @/{{Tropers/Darkclaw}}
* NietzscheWannabe...? --@/ShadowBender
* NightmareFetishist - I assume so... - @/{{deathpigeon}}
* NewMeat ~ @/{{betterthanstrawberry}}
* OneOfTheBoys: If you decide to pretend to be one...? ~@/{{Theindefiniteone}}
* OtakuGirl ~ @/{{GearLeader}}
* PlayingWithFire ~@/DhanaRagnarok
* {{Pyromaniac}} ~ You might turn into one if you hang out near certain people enough :P -- @/LiberatedLiberater
** ...Why do I feel like you're speaking of me ? :p ~@/DhanaRagnarok
* SelfDeprecation - You unfortunately do this... ~ @/{{deathpigeon}}
* {{Seme}}: You seem to have a pretty dominating personality to me.--@/{{Quarterman}}
* TheSmartGirl ~ @/{{betterthanstrawberry}}
* TheStoic - You give off this impression, at least. --@/{{risingdreams}}
** NotSoStoic - And this one. --@/{{risingdreams}}
* ScreamingAtSquick: Mostly seen in the kissing above poster thread. = @/CommanderObvious
* SugarAndIcePersonality -- @/LiberatedLiberater
* SuicideAsComedy - @/{{deathpigeon}}
* SweetPollyOliver: ? ~@/{{Theindefiniteone}}
* TeamMom: Only if you want to, of course. {{@/Junfez}}
* TearJerker: Everything you've been going through is this trope. ~@/{{deathpigeon}}
* TheTrickster: Tricking people about [[InvertedTrope your]] [[{{GIRL}} gender]] on the forums...seems kind of fun to do. - @/{{Darkclaw}}
* TheWoobie: Everything that you have to put up makes me feel like you're this... -@/{{deathpigeon}}
** StoicWoobie: It took me forever to figure it out, though, because you rarely give off that sort of vibe. -@/{{deathpigeon}}
** IronWoobie: I also get this feel off of you... ~@/{{deathpigeon}}
*** Seconding IronWoobie. ~@/{{Theindefiniteone}}
* TheyKilledKenny: Dies constantly. -@/{{deathpigeon}}
* {{Tomboy}}: Somehow, I think you might have been one of these when you were little. -@/{{risingdreams}}
* TropeOverdosed: For someone that's new here, you have an impressive collection of tropes. ~@/{{thiefoftime}}
* {{Tsundere}}: You don't like tsunderes but in reality, you are one. That's how tsunderes work. = @/CommanderObvious
* ViewerGenderConfusion: No kidding. -@/{{Jimmmyman10}}
* WiseBeyoundTheirYears -@/{{risingdreams}}
* YearX: When you were born - @/{{Balmung}}
* YoungerThanTheyLook - I didn't think you were as young as you are. - @/{{Premonition45}}
* YuriFan ~ @/{{deathpigeon}}


!!Running gags and overused running gags (Must not laugh at this.) on the forum about me or that I tend to do (This might apply to the previous section too):
{{Heh Heh You Said X}} Gagged or something related to that. Must have something to do with my interest of it. Strange, isn't it? Yeah..you're so not gonna get the joke. Whatever.

* Being some {{Pyromaniac}}.

** FIRE!

*** -insert another fire related joke here-

**** -gets fire extinguisher-

* Getting called {{Bucky Barnes}}.
** -Died in WII-

!!Stuff I like:
* {{Captain America}} Comics and the 2011 movie.
* {{Batman}}
* {{The Unwritten}}
* {{Alice in Wonderland}}
* {{V for Vendetta}}
* {{Spider-Man}}
* {{Phineas and Ferb}}
* {{Regular Show}}
* {{Watchmen}}
* {{Hello Kitty}} Don't look at me!
* {{Empowered}}
* {{Chew}}
* {{Marvel VS Capcom 2}}
* {{Wonder Woman}}
* {{Kick-Ass}} I'm a fan of the movie, not the comic.
* {{Fire Emblem}}
* {{Pokemon}} Up to Hoenn.
* {{Call Of Duty}}
* {{The Sims}}
* {{Sin And Punishment}}
* {{This Troper}} Yup..
* {{Imageboards}} It's not all about /B/.
* {{Encyclopedia Dramatica}} Don't. Even. Ask.
* {{Something Awful}}
* {{Super Mario 64}}
* {{Tangled}} Few of the princess Disney movies that I love.
* {{The Cinema Snob}}
!!Tropes I enjoy:
* {{Action Girl}} Nothing better than a chick kicking butt!
* {{Deadpan Snarker}}
* {{Lamarck Was Right}}
* {{Heart Is An Awesome Power}}
* {{Bound And Gagged}} Ha ha, you would've known about this right? Sure you do!
* {{Rule Of Funny}} You can never have enough humor!
* {{Girls With Guns}}
* {{Catgirl}}
* {{Black Comedy}}
* {{Dead Baby Comedy}} The best kind of comedy for me.
* {{Made Of Plasticine}}
* {{Anyone Can Die}}
* {{Deader Than Dead}}
* {{Death As Comedy}}
* {{Kill Them All}}
* {{True Art Is Offensive}}
* {{True Art Sticks It To The Man}}
* {{Talkative Loon}}
* {{Blue And Orange Morality}}
* {{Black And Black Morality}}
* {{Silly Rabbit Idealism Is For Kids}}
* {{Silly Rabbit Romance Is For Kids}}
* {{Anti-Hero}}
* {{Sliding Scale Of Anti Heroes}} Type IV and V.
* {{Soundtrack Dissonance}}

Wow...if I kept listing a lot of things on this section, it'll be like a long, creepy {{Fetish Fuel}} profile page of mine if I had one. I'd better stop here. It just scares me to go on. Or I can just list something isn't a fetish? I can try..really.

!!Stuff that I think is overrated:
{{Naruto}} UGH!

!!Tropes I can't stand/hatred of a billion burning suns:
* {{Clark Kenting}} No, you're not fooling anyone with that.
* {{Rousseau Was Right}} Maybe because I'm just a crazy cynical person. I don't believe in that point of view. I just don't.
* {{Bondage Is Bad}} What's with people thinking bondage is something wrong?
* {{Black And White Morality}} Only two sides? Oh, come on!
* {{Tsundere}} They don't make good characters.
* {{Digital Piracy Is Evil}} Why does anyone think that anyway?
* {{Paper Thin Disguise}} It's okay when it's not serious but if it was..that's just idiotic.
* {{No Bisexuals}} This doesn't make sense at all.
* {{Trans Equals Gay}} They're completely different!
* {{Death Is Cheap}} It only makes sense when done well. Otherwise, it's pathetic.
* {{Love Redeems}} No way. Don't you get it? {{Love Hurts}}?
* {{Thou Shall Not Kill}} What if the guy was a mass murderer? What do you do then? Just let them go?

!!Feel free to vandalize here:
* Welcome to the site, new person! I fixed up your page to give you an idea of what we expect on this wiki -- we generally [[{{Understatement}} do not like it]] when contributors are guilty of RougeAnglesOfSatin and/or WantonCrueltyToTheCommonComma. --@/FuschlatzOReilly

* Oh, hello little troper page! Have some vandalism! - @/{{Phoenixor}}

* Hello there! (huggles) ~ @/{{betterthanstrawberry}}

* The faeries were here. - @/StolenByFaeries

* Hey there. I had nothing else to do, so : VANDALIZED ! ~ @/DhanaRagnarok
** [[color:red: FIRE FIRE FIRE ''FIIIIRE !'']] ~ @/DhanaRagnarok

* I see. Well, if I like you enough, you get POETRY. @/{{Inhopelessguy}}

* Everything's better with Yakety Sax. Even [[http://bennyhillifier.com/?id=RtSFd9AhodY Anakin Skywalker burning half to death.]] - @/{{Mort08}}

* I just go around randomly vandalizing other troper's pages cause that's how I roll - @/{{Silveratus}}

* Sorry if the trope I added to your userpage offended you. X_X - @/{{risingdreams}}
* No, I'm okay with that. @/{{Tropers/Dracosketch}}

* Vandalism wrote in letters of FIRE ! (Somehow, I feel honored that you kept the fire theme after I said it was awesome, even if I probably have nothing to do with it ^^) ~@/DhanaRagnarok

* This page has been officially tagged. @/{{Deadbeatloser22}}

* Vandalism tastes good. Do more vandalism! - @/{{Mort08}}
* You know, you're pretty awesome, so I'm always happy to see you posting. Keep up the good work! -- @/{{Dark Confidant}}
** And since no one else has vandalized recently, have some more on the house! -- [[@/{{Dark Confidant}} me again]]
* My name is @/{{Jimmmyman10}}. You killed my father. Prepare to [[CoolandUnusualPunishment do the macarena]]

* -huggle- Keep on keeping on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on~ STRANGERS. WAITING. Up and down the boulevard! ~[[{{@/Bellacide}} Bella]]
** [[color:dodgerblue:No song this time... enjoy this pretty blue color!! ~[[{{@/Bellacide}} Bella]] ]]

* The vandalism never sleeps. The vandalism will live on. You can't stop the vandalism!!! Janitors tried to stop the vandalism. But they were stricken down! - @/{{Dark Confidant}}

* [[color:darkgray:I'm fa]][[color:gray:ding a]][[color:white:way...]] ~@/{{Theindefiniteone}}


* AMERICA FUCK YEAH! ~@/{{raigakuren}}

* Rejoice! For I have graced this page with my presence! -- @/{{Quarterman}}
** Draco, do I have to get my pimp hand out? --@/{{Quarterman}}

* I have re-vandalized your page, in reaction to you vandalizing mine. Now we are almost even.

* The above vandalism belongs to troper Quarterman. This vandalism belongs to troper Enzeru.

* -looks around- -picks at coat fluff- ~ @/{{Aralyn}}

* Ha! I semi-ninja'd the above troper. I'm the one two above.

* Yop ! How are you ? ^^ ~@/DhanaRagnarok

* Expecting a visit from me? ~Tropers/WolfMan16

* [[AdventureTime This page belongs to me!]] -@/{{raigakuren}}

* All praises to your page! - @/{{Mort08}}

* Wow. You're everywhere today. Even under forum games which make me need to say something here. -@/KatanaCat
** And now I'm doing it again. Hi! -@/KatanaCat
*** [[TokyoMewMew For the future of my fun, I will edit!]] -@/KatanaCat

* ''[[color:firebrickred: The past must be paid for.]] [[color:gray: The cost of forgetting is high.]] '' ~[[VideoGame/AliceMadnessReturns Dr Bumby]]

* Die chair, die. -- @/LiberatedLiberater

* HELLO MY NEWLY ADOPTED SISTER! @/InhopelessGuy I'm going to crash on your couch now.

* Polite vandalism from an AffablyEvil troper. Feel free to vandalize my page back. - @/{{Belfagor}}

* Trolls, trolls everywhere... @/LiberatedLiberater
** Fire, Fire everywhere....MOAR FIRE ! ''Yeah !'' @/DhanaRagnarok

* I am objectively better than the Troper Below Me, but not as cool as you! /@{{Jimmmyman10}} (I wonder who that person will be...)
** That's going to cost you in a certain game, Jimmy. @/{{Adannor}}

* still on the couch.

* Yay? @/GethKnight

* Hey, sis! Me again! Nice couch! @/InhopelessGuy

* What up, yo? @/SoberIrishman

* Iz in ur profile spreadin vandalizms. @/Prometheus136

* From trollingville, you say? YOU SAY? @/PantheraSapiensEllipsis

* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-6WCqppQbs -dances-]]-@/{{Vanthebaron}}

* You're [[@/{{deathpigeon}} Depy]]'s girlfriend? [[{{Warcraft}} Ahahahahahaha!]] -@/{{desdendelle}}

* Where were you born? China or Laos?... or America? (I hope it's not a too-personal question) - @/AmusedTroperGuy
4th Feb '12 10:59:33 AM AmusedTroperGuy
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* Where were you born? China or Laos?... or America? (I hope it's a too-personal question) - @/AmusedTroperGuy


* Where were you born? China or Laos?... or America? (I hope it's not a too-personal question) - @/AmusedTroperGuy
4th Feb '12 10:59:22 AM AmusedTroperGuy
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* You're [[@/{{deathpigeon}} Depy]]'s girlfriend? [[{{Warcraft}} Ahahahahahaha!]] -@/{{desdendelle}}


* You're [[@/{{deathpigeon}} Depy]]'s girlfriend? [[{{Warcraft}} Ahahahahahaha!]] -@/{{desdendelle}}-@/{{desdendelle}}

* Where were you born? China or Laos?... or America? (I hope it's a too-personal question) - @/AmusedTroperGuy
16th Dec '11 7:52:30 PM TestYourMight
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* BrilliantButLzy ~ @/{{deathpigeon}}


* BrilliantButLzy BrilliantButLazy ~ @/{{deathpigeon}}

Added DiffLines:

* {{Hellfire}}: If she ever gets her hands on this stuff, chaos will ensue. -Tropers/TestYourMight
24th Oct '11 1:44:09 AM desdendelle
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* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-6WCqppQbs -dances-]]-@/{{Vanthebaron}}


* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-6WCqppQbs -dances-]]-@/{{Vanthebaron}}-dances-]]-@/{{Vanthebaron}}

* You're [[@/{{deathpigeon}} Depy]]'s girlfriend? [[{{Warcraft}} Ahahahahahaha!]] -@/{{desdendelle}}
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