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12th Oct '11 7:33:28 PM gabelaneg
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Disaster Report is 2002 survival "horror" game for the PS2. It's unique in that it nixes the monsters and blood for an earthquake scenario, thus, helping establish the Disaster Survival subgenre. The game has several quirks that make it seem more like an experimental DreamCast, or even PSone game then a typical PS2 title of the time. The thing just screams budget, with cheap sound effects, unintentionally campy voice acting, mediocre graphics, etc. Also had an amount of westernization and cultural censorship that seems strange by today's standards, for example, a handful of characters had their hair died blond for the sole purpose of looking White.

The story concerns Keith, a newspaper reporter who while commuting to work on Stiver Island, a deadly Earthquake hits. Stranded on the island, he teams up with a girl and together they explore the wreckage to find supplies and a way to be rescued. Over the course of the game, it is reveled that not everything is the way it seems.

The gameplay is typical survival horror fare. With heavy empathizes on exploration and actual survival. You have a thirst meter that drains based on physical activity (if you run with a heavy backpack on, it goes faster). You have to keep your self hydrated by finding drinkable water or juice. Puzzles are simple disguised lock and key fair, and basic platforming is common. The game has a simple item assembly system which allows you to make more advanced items like a lamp helmet or a water purifier.

The game had enough of a cult following to warrant 3 sequels. Unfortunately only one made it to the states in the form of Raw Danger, and one was flat out canceled due to the recent quake in japan.
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