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12th Mar '11 12:35:21 PM Da_Nuke
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[[TroperTales/BavarianFireDrill I LOVE PRINGLES]]

21-year-old troper studying telecommunications engineering at the ITESO, hailing from the Instituto de Ciencias, the same high school from where the film director Guillermo del Toro came from :3

I was born in France and lived there for 3 years, but most of my life I've spent it in Guadalajara, Mexico; that's why I speak Spanish, English, French and German. Most of the TV I watch goes through my mostly Mexican eyes, with pretty interesting results. I don't watch much Western TV (mostly because I don't have satellite TV and because I live too far away from civilization and cable TV D:), but I'm addicted to computers, electronics, American videogames (not Japanese, they're all for console and I don't have much gold), anime, cats ([[MemeticMutation I can has cheezburgur?]]) and heavy metal, and like any good engineer, I also love girls, hard liquor, beer, cars, hard liquor, wrestling, hip-hop, [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment hard liquor, and beer.]] If you want to press my BerserkButton, say something against all the suffering I had with the Cisco Systems CCNA chapter 2 exams...

I think I first stumbled upon this place through the Wikipedia entry about DeusExMachina. I first thought this site was kinda meh, but then I saw all the mega massive plethora of tropes and I was like "WHOA!!!! These guys got everything!". And then, I got soaked in the breezy, fun spirit of this site, and it felt good especially after being soaked in all the academic, [[SpockSpeak Spock-grade stiffness]] of Wikipedia. Now I spend ''at the very least'' 2 hours every day in this site!

I suck hard at identifying tropes in TV, but I'm good at identifying them in RealLife. That, and the fact that Mexico and Guadalajara are my land, makes me the EntryPimp behind pretty much every single mention about Mexico, Guadalajara, ~25% of the TruthInTelevision list, and the videogames I absolutely love.

I'd write my name with an underscore ('''Da_Nuke''') because that's how it's always been, but [=PMWiki=] won't let me do it ¬¬

'''''News update!''''' I cited this wiki as an example of an awesome online community for a college assignment! In my paper, I describe you as a place that "seeks to be a relaxed, informal space", and as a placed ruled by WikiMagic ^^

Favorite series, both Western and anime:
# ''TengenToppaGurrenLagann''. "The paths of man and beast intertwine in a Spiral of Power! We will never back away, nor will we ever be stopped! Ours is the drill that will pierce the skies and lead us to our freedom! SPIRAL POWER, GURREN LAGANN!!!! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" The best way to describe it is "the most mighty motherfucking badass awesome series ever created by man".
# ''SerialExperimentsLain''. "The Wired is like an upper layer of our physical world, a world formed by our collective consciousness and by our brain's synapses. You can exist in the Wired just like you exist in the physical world. The barrier against both of them is diffuse"... You just don't find such a deeply intellectual series about computers and the Internet, and well, intellectual about anything.
# ''BandOfBrothers''. "The Nazis are willing to spare our lives if we surrender and retreat from France. Here's what General McAuliffe of the 101 Airborne Division said: 'Nuts!'. Then, after requesting what he meant with this, he wrote: 'Go to hell!'". There's nothing like seeing a {{Nakama}} duking it out in the World War II against ThoseWackyNazis.
# ''DragonballZ''. Pretty much the biggest building block of my childhood; right now I'm downloading the entire Mexican dub.
# ''{{ER}}''. Yeah, ''HouseMD'' is good, but that doesn't compares with the thrill of taking care of rapidly dying people in an emergency room, at a gritty public hospital in downtown Chicago.
# ''BakuretsuTenshi''. This series runneth over with {{Badass}}itude, not as over-the-top as ''Gurren Lagann'', but more of the ''Matrix'' style.
# ''CSILasVegas''. Crime and punishment in the Sin City, that's one hell of a Good Thing.
# ''Heroes''. All these stories about recently born superheroes are awesome.
# ''AzumangaDaioh''. Funniest. Series. Ever. XDDD
# ''NeonGenesisEvangelion''. I seem to be the only one in this wiki who understood more than 60% of the ending, the only one who liked the ''End of Evangelion'' OVA, and I'm damn proud of it. Used to watch it on Locomotion; now I have the series downloaded with Bittorrent.
# ''BinbouShimaiMonogatari''. My most recent favorite. You people were right: Kyou and Asu are the most heartwarming couple ever seen in anime.

I'm also the EntryPimp behind:
* ''{{Freelancer}}''
* ''{{SidMeiersAlphaCentauri}}''



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