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8th Nov '15 8:28:26 PM rjd1922
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* CutSong: [[WordOfGod Word of Soundtrack Composer]] says that "Phear" was originally meant to play during an EasterEgg, but Terry Cavanagh didn't have the time to implement it. There's also a remix of "Predestined Fate" intended for the final level that doesn't kick in for some reason (the PC version plays the original version of the song, not the remix); the latter was fixed for the 3DS release.
18th Feb '15 7:25:56 AM crazyal02
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Changed to the new wiki after the old one shut down
* TheWikiRule: [[http://vvvvvv-wiki.wikispaces.com/ Present.]]
* TheWikiRule: [[http://vvvvvv-wiki.wikispaces.com/ [[http://spacestation.wikia.com/wiki/VVVVVV_Wiki Present.]]
11th Dec '12 5:19:39 AM GhostOfAGeek
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Line thingie. :U
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