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* CompletelyDifferentTitle:
** This flick is known in Mexico as ''Halcon'', being that the literal translation of the protagonist lastname.
** In Brazil, it's known as ''Falcão - O Campeão dos Campeões'', which translates as "Hawk - the Champion of the Champions''.
** In Portugal, it's known as ''The Lutador'', which can be translated as either "The Fighter" or "The Wrestler".
* CreatorBacklash:
** Creator/SylvesterStallone was reportedly unhappy with the final film. In an interview with the Ain't It Cool News website, he said that if he had directed the film he would have made it with a darker tone - changing the setting to an urban environment, using scored music instead of rock songs, and making the Las Vegas finale more ominous.
** Writer David Engelbach was appalled at the changes made to his script. He remarked that his original draft wasn't nearly as dumb as the final film and that it was more about truck driving and arm-wrestling than it should have been. He recalled having tears in his eyes upon seeing the film.
* MoneyDearBoy: Creator/SylvesterStallone explained why he agreed to appear in this movie:
--> "(Producer) Menahem Golan kept offering me more and more money, until I finally thought, 'What the hell - no one will see it!'"
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