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* TheDanza: "Joanna" (her real middle name) in ''Film/OfficeSpace''
* OldShame: Don't mention ''Leprechaun,'' and while we're at it, she despised the "Rachel cut."
* PlayingAgainstType: Worked in ''The Good Girl'' as a down-on-her-luck woman in a failing marriage. Trying to go femme fatale in ''Derailed'' didn't fare so well. Now going the raunchy comedic route as one of the titular ''Film/HorribleBosses'' in the film of the same name.
-->'''Dale''': ''[sees pics of him unconscious posed in sexual positions with Julia]'' [[BlackComedyRape YOU RAPED ME!]]
-->'''Julia''': Oh calm down, [[Film/TheAccused Jodie Foster]]. Besides, [[CrossesTheLineTwice your dick wasn't even hard!]]"
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