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* CreatorBacklash: [[http://fiskblack.livejournal.com/96465.html?page=2 Looking back,]] Naylor has the following to say:
--> "''Better Days'' was created when I was a very different person. I had very different views, values, and priorities, and I evolved as a person as I was doing ''Better Days'' over the course of six years. There's a lot in BetterDays that I wouldn't include if I was doing it today. There's a lot of things that I wrote that I wouldn't have written that way, now. I don't like looking at the old pages. I don't like looking at the old art. It's embarrassing and bad in my eyes. I don't like lingering on the past. It's enough that I've left the archive in place, and find myself having to explain some of the themes and events depicted in ''Better Days'', by a much younger, less mature creator, compared to who I am today."
** Rachel. Created to be Tommy's original, [[ReallyGetsAround completely unfaithful]] girlfriend and a further example of GoodAdulteryBadAdultery, Jay was highly disturbed by her popularity despite her never being portrayed in a sympathetic light. Tommy broke up with her in the comic, which could have been the end of her, but then Naylor decided to give some closure by having her marry an emotionally masochistic gay boy with a plan to live BabiesEverAfter with his more butch brother. Continued attention by fans caused Naylor to draw a TakeThat image of Rachel, pregnant and living in obvious poverty with a bunch of [[MixedAncestry hybrid]] kids. When that failed to turn people off he drew her [[spoiler:[[{{Squick}} naked, pregnant, with a heroin needle in her arm, bound in a public restroom stall with a bloody nose and at very least passed out]]]] with a comment saying that Rachel is dead and please stop asking about her.
*** Of course, this didn't stop him from drawing a [[MoneyDearBoy commissioned sketch]] of her. Because "[[ItsWhatIDo I'm Jay Naylor.]]"
*** Curiously, [[SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute he's since introduced a similarly... "liberated" woman named Sissy to fill the hole Rachel left behind]]. Time will tell if something similar happens with her.
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