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** His XBOX Live tag is [=BTLovesYourMom=].


** His XBOX Live tag is [=BTLovesYourMom=].[=BTLovesYourMom=].
* TechnologyMarchesOn: As BT is a full-fledged technologist who writes his own software and builds his own hardware, this is bound to happen. Most of his music has held up over the years, but there are definitely sections of ''Emotional Technology''  like the time-corrected but heavily artifacting horse clops in "P A R I S" and the ...interestingly {{AutoTune}}d vocals in "Animals"  that have not stood the test of time.
19th Apr '12 2:12:13 PM ElectrumZephyr
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* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: His first two albums, ''Ima'' and ''ESCM'', their respective singles, as well as his greatest hits compilation ''10 Years in the Life'', have yet to be rereleased digitally (or at all), due to legal conflicts between record companies or because his former label (Kinetic Records) went under.
** The Coolaid mix of "Quark" was originally only released on the DJ-only vinyl promo, and wasn't publically released until ''10 Years in the Life'' in 2002, and even then only as part of the nonstop-mixed second CD.
* OneOfUs: Whenever BT hasn't been able to make a certain sound or sequence, he's written a program to do it. One such program allowed him to create stutter edits (the signature, hyperactive split-second edits in his songs) ''in surround-sound.''
** His XBOX Live tag is [=BTLovesYourMom=].
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