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* The whole fact that [[spoiler:Raleigh was linked to Yancy as he was killed by the Kaiju, making the experience all the more traumatic though experiencing all of his pain and despair in that moment.]]
-->'''Yancy:''' Raleigh listen to me. Raleigh listen to -- [[spoiler: (''ripped out of the Conn-pod by Knifehead'')]]
** [[spoiler: Worse is when Raleigh forces himself to pilot his Jaegar to shore and stumbles out of the cockpit. He just walks around dazedly, repeating Yancy's name before collapsing]].
** Look at it from the perspective of the old man and his grandson who saved Raleigh. They just watched a Jaeger, the pinnacle of human engineering, a walking god-like warrior just stumble and fall to pieces before them, and out of the Jaeger [[spoiler: walks a single wounded, delirious pilot, when everyone knows that pilots are paired]]. When the old man falls to his knees beside Raleigh, you can see how horrified and crushed he is just by the implications of Gypsy Danger falling dead in front of him. The Jaegers, humanity's last hope, ''aren't good enough''.
* The demise of [[spoiler:Cherno]]. While [[spoiler: both Typhoon and Striker's pilots were killed quickly]], the [[spoiler: Kaidonovskys]] got to enjoy a Rasputinian death until the kaiju found the cockpit. The HopeSpot didn't help.
* Herc and Chuck Hansen's goodbyes to each other.
-->'''Herc:''' Stacker, that's my son you've got there. ''My son.''
** The worst part is how it all plays out. Pentecost and Chuck [[spoiler: ''know'' they are going to die, and they've already accepted it.]]
** Really, Herc's lot in life in general. He loses his wife, [[spoiler: his young son, his closest friend, numerous family members, and several of his fellow pilots and is left with nothing but his dog, Max.]]
** The fact that Chuck took the time to say goodbye to Max, and that he's going to miss him.
--->'''Chuck:''' Hey, handsome. Oh, I'm gonna miss you. You look after him for me.
** Everyone knows how much love a dog has for their owner. Now imagine how much sadness that Max would feel seeing Chuck go away and not understanding why when he doesn't come back.
* Mako's flashback, revealing [[spoiler: a scared little girl bawling her eyes out after losing her parents in the middle of a devastated Tokyo.]]
** Made even worse in the novelization, which reveals that [[spoiler: Onibaba's attack coincided with Mako's first visit to Tokyo. [[AdultFear She's alone, in a strange city, being chased by a giant alien, not long after her father promised her that 'the monsters aren't real' and that he would find her again. Guess what doesn't happen...]]]]
*** Even worse -- [[spoiler:the reason that Mako and her parents had to visit Tokyo in the first place was because her father needed treatment for cancer.]]
* [[spoiler: The last few moments of Stacker and Chuck before their HeroicSacrifice]].
** Perhaps even worse on Stacker's end. He's essentially taking his closest friend's son to an [[spoiler: inevitable death]]. Considering how close and long Stacker and Herc have worked together, it's very likely that Stacker has known Chuck since he was a little boy, or at least a young teenager. Just imagine taking someone who you've mentored since they still had ''baby teeth'' into such a terrible situation.
* Mako's [[spoiler: final]] words to [[spoiler: Pentecost are "I love you"]]. Doubles as a super-sad BilingualBonus since she says it in Japanese with no subtitles. [[spoiler: This was intentionally left untranslated, because her words were only for him]].
* Very briefly, among the scattering of images/memories that show up when [[spoiler:[[GeniusCripple Gottlieb]] and Newton]] drift together interspersed with the shots of the Kaiju is... a young boy crying and hugging his knees. Judging from the clothes and setting, it's [[spoiler:a very young Gottlieb. What happened to him?]]
** The novelization states he was bullied as a result of being a ChildProdigy.
* The fear Mako shows when she thinks that [[spoiler:Raleigh died.]]
** This deserves further mention. [[spoiler:Think of who Mako has already lost at that point: her entire family when she was a child, several Jaeger pilots (Chuck, the Wei triplets, etc.) who she has likely known for many years, and, mere moments earlier, her adopted father. Now imagine her thinking she lost someone who she shared a strong mental connection with. It's not hard to imagine her thinking she's cursed to lose everyone close in her life at that moment.]]
* The novelization, and likely cut scenes, show why Chuck has a chip on his shoulder towards his father. Hercules could only guess as to where his wife and son were with only an hour before the fourth Kaiju, Scissure, would be nuked. Herc picked his son to save and would never know if his wife died by the Kaiju or nuke. Every time father and son drift Herc knows his son begrudges him but they still love each other. Despite any decent parent preferring their child be saved instead of them, Chuck still has unresolved anger. Drifting somehow makes it better and worse.
** [[spoiler: And then, in spite of everything, Chuck ends up being killed by a Kaiju, anyways.]]
** One of the deleted scenes included on the DVD had him calling out that Herc never raised Chuck to be anything, and that the only reason they're still together after all this time is because they're Drift-compatible, so they don't even need to talk to each other outside the Conn Pod. The look on Herc's face is heartbreaking.
--->'''Chuck:''' After Mum died, I spent more time with these machines than I ever did with you.
** Honestly, Chuck's whole life in general. He's been raised since early childhood to be the perfect Jaeger pilot, has an extremely strained relationship with his father, displays many of the unhealthy habits and emotional issues that are commonly attributed to [[ChildSoldier Child Soldiers]], and [[spoiler:willingly sacrifices himself without a second thought to his own future]]. In the books, Chuck's greatest wish was to be able to live his own life and make decisions for himself, instead of always having the fate of humanity pressing down on him. [[spoiler:He never gets to experience this.]]
* "Well, my father always said, he said if you have the shot, you take it. So let's do this."
** This was the first and only time Chuck referred to Herc as his father, not the derisive "Old Man/Dad". Herc's reaction as he closes his eyes, his expression a mix of pride and grief, makes this scene all the more heartbreaking.
* When Pentecost reveals he'll be [[spoiler: Chuck's copilot, he and Mako have a quick heart to heart about her protecting him. The look on her face is heartbreaking, since she already lost one father, and she's about to lose another.]]
* A more subtle one: when meeting Raleigh for the first time, Newt says that "only his mother calls him 'Doctor.'" This becomes much sadder after finding out that Newt was an illegitimate child from an affair his dad had with a married woman, and was raised solely by his father's side of the family; his mom probably calls him Doctor because they don't have a close relationship, supposing they have one at all.
* A brief moment in the prologue is when you see the outline of an entire ''group'' of people holding hands on top of a ledge above the wreckage of a city. Combined with Raleigh's monologue that there was nothing humanity could do to stop the Kaiju, [[DrivenToSuicide it's heavily implied they're all going to jump]] [[TogetherInDeath together.]]
* When we first see Raleigh after Yancy's death, he's working building the Wall in Alaska... And then comes in the news that the Wall at Sidney was breached and the city was saved by Striker Eureka, a Jaeger that was about to be moved at Hong Kong, and the workers realize that [[AllForNothing what they're doing is useless]].
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