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* Zenon selfishly snapping at her parents when she is caught taking a "middle-of-the-night spacewalk".
--> '''Zenon''': You guys are constantly begging me to take a greater interest in science. Then, tonight when I finally do, everyone gets all gaseous on me!
--> '''Astrid''': Taking off on an unauthorized, middle of the night space walk is hardly what we had in mind!
--> '''Mark''': Sweetheart, what if your tether broke while you were out there? What if we got bombarded by a sudden meteor shower?
--> '''Zenon''': I can handle myself, I'm 13!
--> '''Mark''': Then you better start ACTING like it.
* When Zenon has to be sent to Earth for being in a class four zone (the databanks) after spying on Lutz.
--> '''Zenon''': I honestly think if you put these [stress helmets] on, it'll help all of us...or maybe not.
--> '''Astrid''': You have put us in a very difficult position, Zenon. You can't imagine how much I don't want to do what I have to do now. But you haven't left us any choice.
--> '''Zenon''': What?
--> '''Mark''': I'm sorry, Z. Your mother an-and I, have contacted your Aunt Judy.
--> '''Zenon''': Aunt Judy? She hates space. She hates to travel. And you want to bring her up here to be my keeper?
--> '''Mark''': You don't get it, Z. We're grounding you.
--> '''Zenon''': I understand that.
--> '''Mark''': No Z, I mean we're really GROUNDING you.
--> '''Zenon''': What? No! No, this... You can't... Mom? Mom?
--> '''Astrid''': I'm sorry, honey.
--> '''Zenon''': Dad?
* When Zenon sees that all hope is lost for the space station after missing her shuttle.
--> '''Greg''': What now?
--> '''Andrew''': Think we oughta go to the cops.
--> '''Zenon''': Yeah right! My own parents didn't believe me, why should they?! It's over! When those nanoviruses chew through all the systems, everyone up there will be...finished.
* The scene with the aliens and their spaceship in Z2.
* In Z3, Protozoa realizing that [[EndOfAnAge he's lost his popularity]]. During his performance, the girls try to be enthusiastic fans, but the rest of the audience is utterly dead. When the next band sings, they are wildly popular with the audience, and Protozoa is off-stage, makes eye contact with Zenon. There are no words, but the defeated look on his face makes it clear that he knows his time is up.
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