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* During the "Apply It Up" interviews, both of the girls' confessions. Basically, [=CeCe=] knows she won't ever be the best student in school, but she gets to be a genius on the dance floor. And Rocky reveals, after annoying the interviewer by talking about [=CeCe=], that when she hit her growth spurt she was constantly bullied, but it's only when she dances that she feels better about herself.
-->'''Rocky''': Call me names like "Giraffe" and "Tree". (paraphrasing)
* Cece's speech at the end of "Add It Up", about how [[spoiler: dyslexia]] makes things so scary for her.
* [[spoiler: Rocky not returning]] to Shake It Up Chicago at the end of "Ty It Up".
* Seeing the Shake It Up studio [[spoiler: in ruins after the fire]] was pretty depressing.
* Georgia talking to Flynn in "Heat it Up" about being a good parent.
* [=CeCe=] praying to God (or whoever's listening) when Rocky goes in for foot surgery... due to an injury incurred while performing one of [=CeCe=]'s dares.
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