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* [[spoiler: The [[DownerEnding non-canonical ending]] of Lili's Scenario-A path. In the end of this path, she thrusts herself into the core of the final boss, which at that point she already lost it and succumbed to her SplitPersonality. After blinding flash of light, Lili and her Brinstä were never seen or heard from again. After a week-long and fruitless search for Lili, Mika and Fabian came across a farewell recording Lili made prior to those events. In the recording, she knew all about her unstable personality and how it would be the end of her. The sorrowful look on Mika's and Fabian's face as they mourn for Lili, knowing that she is probably dead thanks to the experiments done to her in the first place, also makes this ending even more depressing.]]
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