History TearJerker / Onimusha

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* As Jubei and Oyu attempt to leap off the falling Genma airship [[spoiler:Oyu stumbles and falls inside as it goes down and all Jubei can do is scream her name.]]
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!! Onimusha: Warlords

* During the ending narration, we learn that [[spoiler:Kaede died in a war]] years after the game's events.


* Nobunaga [[spoiler:springing back to life and stabbing Past!Samanosuke.]] And all Jacques can do is yell his name helplessly.
10th Feb '13 7:27:24 PM BearyScary
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* The scene where [[spoiler: Ekei freaks out after rescuing a baby and refuses to hand it over to his comrades, because it reminds him of the child and wife he lost]].
12th Jun '12 2:13:05 PM Ryuuma
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* Poor, poor [[spoiler:Heihachi.]]


* Poor, poor [[spoiler:Heihachi.]]]]

!! Onimusha 4: Dawn of Dreams

* The two bossfight against [[spoiler: Ohatsu]] can be this, expecially the second, where she's [[spoiler: possessed by the Genma Insects]]. The music is very sad too.
* [[spoiler: Minokichi's (apparent) death]] is quite a low blow, but is how [[BreakTheCutie Jubei takes it]] that really sells it.
* [[spoiler: Soki's final sacrifice.]] And again, Jubei's reaction to it.
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