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''Crossroads'' is a SoapOpera that aired on Creator/{{ITV}} from 1964 to 1988 and 2001 to 2003.


*MissingEpisode: Like many shows from the 1960s, a lot of episodes have been [[LostForever wiped]]. The last wiped episode is from as recently as 1981.
*NewSeasonNewName: Happened towards the end of the original run, as the show focussed more on the community and not just the motel. As such, it was renamed ''Crossroads: Kings Oak''. But only a few months later, it was {{cancelled}} to make room for ''Series/HomeAndAway''.
*TheEndingChangesEverything: The revival ended with an AllJustADream situation, wiping out the continuity of the revival and thus retconning away the death of a character from the original show.
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