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An RPG on Serebii Forums by Ysavvryl. This RPG takes place in an alternate universe, ten years after the events of Pokemon Black and White, and takes a look at what would've happened if Ghetis won. It is [[TheRemake a remake]] of an RPG with the same plot and by the same author, that stalled partway through but had a fairly dedicated fanbase. A group of ordinary citizens have been chosen by the Legendary Pokemon to link to their souls, and recieve divine powers, and bring Ghetis down, after being convinced to do so by a mysterious man named "Tao". Additionally, a group of Pokemon/human hybrids created by Team Plasma called Gijinkas have been discovered, and are also being recruited for the cause. ---- !! This RPG contains examples of: * ChosenOne * WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity ----
24th Jul '12 2:26:48 PM Mon1010
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An RPG on Serebiiforums by Ysavrryl. Takes place ten years after the Pokemon Black and White Video Games, showing what would happen if Ghetis won.
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