History Recap / TheSimpsonsS14E12ImSpellingAsFastAsICan

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* BreadEggsBreadedEggs: Averted:
--> '''Kent Brockman''': In business news, [=3M=] and [=M&M=] have merged to form, get this: Ultradyne Systems!
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* OldShame: The KBBL Booberella show ''Matine of Blood and Comercials'' shows ''Frankenstein and the Harlem Globetrotters Meet the Mummy and the Washington Generals'' stating a young [[Series/EverybodyLovesRaymond Ray Romano]]. The broadcast stops as Booberella warns that Romano sued for a temporary injunction for stopping them from showing the movie, and that they will fight the injunction as they show something else.
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Airdate - February 16, 2003

Lisa gets involved in the seedy world of spelling bees while Homer follows around fans of Krusty's latest sandwich.

!!Tropes featured:
* GRatedDrug: Homer becomes addicted to the Ribwich. It's no coincidence that the scene where he eats his first one is a ShoutOut to ''Film/RequiemForADream.''
* InstantFanClub: Marge is impressed that Lisa has her own cheering section. Homer notes he also has one, consisting of Lenny, Carl, and Moe.
* MysteryMeat: Krusty has to announce that they had to stop making the Ribwich since they drove the animal it came from to extinction. The meat didn't come from cows or pigs.
-->'''Krusty''': Think smaller, with more legs.
* NutritionalNightmare: The Ribwich is so unhealthy that there is a scene where we see barbecue sauce flowing in Homer's bloodstream. The Ribwich has a label with Krusty saying "Will Cause Early Death".
* SecondPlaceIsForLosers: Inverted. Lisa gets second place in the Spellympics and is hailed as a winner in Springfield - after all, second place makes her "the biggest winner this town's ever produced". Heck, because she lost honorably instead of taking a bribe to take a dive, they fashion a sign that says: "2 good 2 be #1."
* SpellingBee
* TheresNoBInMovie: Bart watches ''Frankenstein and the Harlem Globetrotters... Meet the Mummy and the Washington Generals''. Unfortunately, he doesn't get to see the full movie since Ray Romano sues to keep it from being shown.
* WorstNewsJudgmentEver: Kent Brockman reports on Lisa getting into the Spellympics before discussing the destruction of Paris.
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