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Nora's condition worsens on the journey to Philadelphia; the party must find antibiotics in order to save her life. They are forced to turn to a drug kingpin named Drexel, who provides medical treatment, but not without a price. In return for the medicine, Charlie is tasked to assassinate the head of a neighboring family who has burned down Drexel's fields. Miles escapes from Drexel's compound to rescue Charlie and stops her just before she completes the task. Drexel is furious and makes Nora and Aaron fight each other to the death, but Aaron comes up with a ruse which leaves Drexel dead instead. Miles, Nora, Charlie and Aaron reunite and continue on the trek to Philadelphia.

Flashbacks: Aaron recalls his experiences on the night of the blackout and in the months that followed. He and his wife succeeded in fleeing the city and joining up with another band of survivors. He leaves his wife with the rest of the group because he feels that he has nothing to contribute and cannot keep her safe.
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-> Directed by Steve Boyum
-> Written by David Rambo

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