History Recap / RegularShowS02Ep20ReallyRealWrestling

31st Dec '16 11:58:09 AM Drgyen
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Mordecai and Rigby sneak into a wrestling event. Meanwhile, Pops is mistaken for an up and coming wrestler.

!! Tropes

*TheEndOrIsIt: Huge Head is not happy about Pops unintentionally stealing his place and plans to steal Pops's identity as revenge.
*MistakenIdentity: The plot kicks off when Pops gets mistaken for the wrestler Huge Head.
*ProWrestlingIsReal: Mordecai and Rigby's comments on wrestling being fake comes to bite them when this infuriates the ''real'' wrestlers, who then forced the two in a ladder match. This leads to Pops saving them and winning the golden championship belt.
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