History Recap / PhineasAndFerbBullyBromanceBreakup

7th Mar '18 12:09:19 PM SymBionicFan
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After Baljeet announces that he is no longer Buford's nerd, a heartbroken Buford accepts Dr. Doofenshmirtz's proposal to help win over the Tri-State Area. The new partnership causes a problem for Perry since he can't reveal himself as Agent P to Doofenshmirtz without Buford seeing him.

Meanwhile, over at the Flynn-Fletcher house, Baljeet is thrilled with the freedom to live his own life. With all his new-found energy, he enlists the boys to help him climb Danville Mountain...without building anything.

!! This episode contains examples of:
* AbsenteeActor: This is the first episode of the series where Candace does not appear at all, nor is she mentioned.
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