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* DidntSeeThatComing: The Question didn't count on Luthor's presidential campaign being a fake or that he suddenly developed superpowers. However this doesn't stop him from fearing similar events to the Justice Lord's Earth will happen anyway.
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* BatmanColdOpen: Superman and Captain Atom taking on Mantis.
* BrokenPedestal: Hamilton explains that he joined Cadmus to protect the world from people like Superman.
-->'''Superman:''' Humanity doesn't need protection from us.\\
'''Hamilton:''' I used to believe that. I thought you were a guardian angel come to answer our prayers, but Lucifer was an angel, too, wasn't he?
* CallBack:
** Lois reminds Superman of how his reputation was damaged after [[Recap/SupermanTheAnimatedSeriesS3E12E13Legacy he fell under Darkseid's control]]--saying not everyone has forgotten. Hamilton later recalls this same storyline, specifically when Superman manhandled him to get Supergirl's operation.
** Debating Superman over whether he can hold onto his ideals better than his Justice Lord counterpart, the Question reminds him of [[Recap/JusticeLeagueUnlimitedS2E3TheDoomsdaySanction his recent attempt to lobotomize Doomsday]].
** The Question discovers the whole truth about the Justice Lords and confronts Superman about it.
* CloseEnoughTimeline: The Question discusses this trope when expressing his warnings to Superman.
-->"It's the same. A heavily armed Watchtower with an army of pro-active heroes, Luthor running for president--if it's not quite the same, it soon will be."
* ElectricTorture: What the Question is subjected to. It shows him the Flash being killed by Luthor leading to the end of the world.
* TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt: The Question fears that if Superman kills Luthor, it will lead to a conflict between the League and Cadmus that will destroy the world.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Luthor's cancer is gone, and he suddenly has super-strength.
* SadisticChoice: Eiling tells Captain Atom that his Air Force commission has been reactivated and has a decision to make. In the end, he follows orders and tries to prevent the heroes from saving the Question.
* ShootingSuperman: Doctor Moon pulls a gun on Superman, who shouts, "Don't be stupid! Drop it." Moon meekly drops the gun.
* SuperStrength: Luthor, much to the Question's surprise.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: Doctor Moon stands in for Hugo Strange, who appeared earlier in the season but was later declared off-limits due to the infamous Bat-Embargo.
* WhamShot: Luthor effortlessly knocking the Question away.
* WhatTheHeckIsAnAglet: According to the Question, their true purpose is sinster.
* WhoShotJFK: According to the Question, the Illuminati forged a magic bullet.
* YouCantFightFate: The Question reasons that what happened in the Justice Lords universe is inevitable here, even if some of the details are slightly off.
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The rogue New God Mantis is rampaging through Metropolis. He proves a handful for the combined powers of Superman and Captain Atom, but Superman manages to open a boom tube and a blast from Captain Atom sends him hurtling back to Apokolips. No sooner has the dust settled than Lois Lane arrives and reminds Superman that they have a date. As Superman flies away with her, Captain Atom is surprised to be hailed by General Eiling, in full dress uniform. Eiling informs the captain that his commission in the U.S. Air Force has been reinstated, and it is time for Atom to make a choice between his country and the League.

Superman and Lois fly toward their date, Lois voices her thoughts to Superman, revealing it seems like she doesn't see him anymore. While Superman admits it has been some time, he reveals his desire to make today special, revealing his plans for a romantic picnic for them. Over the picnic, Lois gently tells Superman that the Justice League's recent heavy-handed behavior is making some people, including herself nervous. She also reminds Superman that people haven't forgotten the time when he was under Darkseid's control.

While Superman admits it the Justice League comes on a little strong, he assures her it's for the public's own good. Lois admits that is something Lex would say. Superman then becomes firm and says he is nothing like Lex, Lois assures Superman of the thought, but also says that he needs to assure the public's trust. She gives him a tender kiss and they continue to enjoy their date.

With Huntress's help, the Question steals a series of high-security files from a government terminal, hoping that it will finally provide proof of a link between Lex Luthor and Project Cadmus. When he's finished, Huntress suggests a date. However, Question says it will take him days to crack the data, to which Huntress then snatches the USB drive from his hands, glaring at him. Question then suggests a date with dinner and a movie, much to her approval.

Inside Cadmus, Luthor is examined by Professor Hamilton and is shocked to be told that his Kryptonite-induced cancer has disappeared entirely, as if it was never there. Amanda Waller arrives and informs them of the theft.

In his apartment, Question finally cracks the files and begins to review them. He finds the footage of the Justice Lord Superman assassinating President Luthor in the Justice Lords' alternate dimension and is shocked.[1] After days of poring over the data, he becomes unhinged, believing that the same thing is fated to happen in their world: Luthor will become President, Flash will be killed, and Superman will attack the government in retaliation – Except that, according to Cadmus simulations, the resulting war between all the metahumans of the Justice League and humans will destroy the planet. Huntress walks in, demanding to know what he's been up to, but Question runs out, determined to put a stop to it all. Huntress views the tape and appears just as shocked.

Question confronts Superman, who assures him that he would never do what the his Justice Lord counterpart did, even if Luthor does become President. Question is unconvinced, and decides that the only way to prevent Armageddon is to kill Luthor before he takes office. He goes to LexCorp to do so, but Luthor swats him away with a display of inhuman strength that surprises both of them. He confesses that his entire presidential campaign is nothing but a ruse, “a small part of a much grander scheme”. Question is taken to Cadmus and tortured by Dr. Moon for details on the files he stole. Question blathers about random conspiracy theories during the interrogation, but he doesn't give up any important information.

After Question disappears, Huntress kidnaps Jimmy Olsen and uses his special watch to call Superman. Telling him about the tape (which she assumes is a fake), they track Question's comlink to a garbage dump. Huntress fears the worst, but Superman points out that they just dumped his comlink, not his body. They conclude that Question has been taken alive by Cadmus. Superman initially refuses to help her, insisting that the League cannot act without legal grounds. But when Huntress points out that Cadmus is interrogating Question under the government's authority, Superman agrees to help, but states they're doing it off the books.

They smash into Cadmus and as Huntress fends off the guards, Superman looks through a wall and sees Professor Hamilton. Realizing his role in the conspiracy, Superman confronts him, and Hamilton doesn't deny or regret what he's done, insisting that the world needs protection from Superman and his kind. He reminds Superman of how he himself once threatened Hamilton personally. Superman leaves in anger, but then Hamilton sags, as though exhausted, with a concerned and regretful look on his face.

Superman and Huntress break into the cell where Question is being tortured. As they are leaving, they are confronted by Captain Atom, who says that he is now following orders from the government to stop them.

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