History Recap / JusticeLeagueS2E15-16TheTerrorBeyond

28th Nov '13 4:16:12 PM Drgyen
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Doctor Fate and Aquaman rescue Solomon Grundy, intent on using him to help battle an ancient evil. !!Tropes: *BrokeYourArmPunchingOutCthulhu: The heroes do end up doing by killing Ichthultu... but Solomon Grundy dies in the process. *CastingGag: RobZombie voicing the evil god Ichthultu. *DefiantToTheEnd: Hawkgirl to Ichthultu. *EldritchAbomination: Ichthultu. *FireForgedFriends: Solomon Grundy fights against the EldritchAbominations alongside the League, and strikes up a friendship with Hawkgirl in particular. He gets mortally wounded fighting Ichthultu and indirectly rescuing Hawkgirl. She comforted him in his final moments. Hawkgirl still considers him a friend in the much later episode "Wake the Dead". -->'''Solomon Grundy''': Bird-nose help Grundy? But Bird-nose and her friends hate Grundy. -->'''Hawkgirl''': Grundy help Bird-nose, Bird-nose help Grundy, okay? Excuse me, Hawkgirl smash. *NayTheist: Hawkgirl, and Thanagarians in general, renounced Ichthultu and no longer bow down to any higher power. She believes in Ichthultu, though—enough to smash his brain in with her energy mace. *NiceJobBreakingItHero: Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkgirl find Dr. Fate and Aquaman seemingly torturing Solomon Grundy. Fate [[PoorCommunicationKills doesn't even try to explain what he's doing]], so [[LetsYouAndHimFight the Leaguers stop him by roundly kicking his and his friends' butts]]. At which point [[EldritchAbomination Ichthultu]] rips a hole between dimensions and starts wiggling its tentacles at the League. Quoth Dr. Fate: "I was trying to prevent ''that''." *NightmareFuel: Being an homage to the CthulhuMythos, "The Terror Beyond" is ''stuffed to the gills'' with it. ** Start with Ixhthultu himself, a piscine {{Expy}} of [[CthulhuMythos Cthulhu]], which appears as a monstrous skull-like apparition with flaming eyes and CombatTentacles. ** Then the Screamers, (oh god, the Screamers) which are headless horrors with screaming mouths in their palms. [[FromBadToWorse It only gets worse]] when you realize that the Screamers are basically servants of [[EldritchAbomination Y'golonac, Lovecraftian God]] of [[ErectionRejection Rape and Sexual perversion]]. ** The huge multitude of [[EliteMook Old Ones and Elder Things]] that attack Atlantis and try to defend Ichthultu from our heroes follow right behind. *UnwantedRevival: Solomon Grundy, upon learning his own origin and the fact that he has no soul, wants nothing more than to get his soul back. It was implied that his happened after he died fighting Ichthultu. However, he is later by Chaos Magic in "Wake the Dead", which he's really ticked off. *WritingAroundTrademarks: Interestingly when Justice League writers created Ichthultu, they only did this because they were unaware that Cthulhu was a PublicDomainCharacter.
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